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Author Topic: Elite: Dangerous  (Read 4380 times)

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Elite: Dangerous
« on: September 26, 2015, 01:28:49 PM »
So this has been long enough without talking strictly about this game. I haven't played it in a while because I haven't had time, but I used to play this with Letonna and it's in my honest and humble opinion, the best space-sim out there by far. If you compare this with Star Citizen you could, but Star Citizen is not only much more expensive, it's also much less developed and have way less content.


What does this game have?
  • Beautiful graphics and sound effects, you will definitely be emerged in the game, specially if you love good sound effects, this game has really good ones, I love to throttle up and down my ship just to hear it ROAR.
  • HUGE space, actually it's the actual space, there's the Solar System, Earth and all it comes with. There are explorers that are finding new planets and system every day! It's Trump's HUUUUUGE. Not only that, there's plenty of different planets systems and stations.
  • You are a StarTrek fan? StarWars maybe? Well you'll feel right at home with all the possibilities, there are tons of different things you can mount to your ship and different weapons, I use StarTrek-like laser-beams.
  • 2001 Space Odyssey reference ftw, I bought a Docking Computer and activated it near the station and it automatically docks you to the sound of the Blue Danube (go listen!link!)
  • Factions, politics, war, betrayal, love. There are 3 main factions: Federation, Empire and Alliance. Each faction have little factions inside with their nuances and even inside of those each station (there are literally millions of them) can have their own government and enacts their own laws. Even then there may be independent systems that do not pledge to any of those factions.
  • Ships, many many ships, and many of them beatiful. The most beautiful/exotic ones are with the Empire, the most straight edge ugly ones are with the Federation. The Alliance has no specific design, they are ad hoc hollistic mofos.
  • Traders, each station's economy interacts with whatever you buy or sell, you may help a station avoid starvation, you may help a station defend an outpost by selling weapons, you may profit from a mineral shortage, there's so many ways to profit in this game's economy, again you gotta image the immensity of this universe, the amount of different items that are manufactured here and there, it's just amazing.
  • Continuous Development, this is a british company that used Kickstarter to begin the works and quickly got it under way, I have bought the early beta version right before it became available to help out, they kept developing and their goal is to have a HUGE game where you can walk on stations and planets, have more interaction between players and instances. Right now they are almost done releasing the expansion that allows you to visit planets and drive vehicles there.
There's so much more to this game, you better ask about each feature and what you'd like me or others to explain. There is mining as well

My goal-favorite ship is the heavy fighter Fer-de-Lance made by Zorgon Peterson Manufacturer.

I now drive, if I'm not mistaken, a Vulture:

My alliance is with the Alliance, it's a sory, but large bunch of very different kinds of systems, there are a lot of monarchies actually, but they have succeeded from the Federation because it didn't protect their interests, it didn't protect them from the Empire neither helped them.

They are the "Outer-Rim" systems, furthest from the Solar System/Earth which is the capital of the Federation. It's like 100 system jumps away, probably around 4 real hours of travel at FTL speed.

Oh that's one of the cons of this game, it may take a long time. You really have to clear your schedule if you want to enjoy it, that's why I haven't played it. I usually played like 4 hours every time, a mission may take 2 hours to complete, between traveling to the system, collection or hunting or whatever it is, traveling back...yeah at least 1 hour. I often call this the EUROTRUCK SIMULATOR OF SPACE, bc you have to haul a lot of cargo all over the damn universe and take forever, and actually have to dock and displace your cargo. This game makes it's mission to not allow you take your eyes away from the "wheel", texting and driving can be DEADLY! I happened to die from texting! And so did Letonna! REMEMBER Don't text and drive! Or you will likely burn into a star or collide with the Docking Gate without even noticing! KABOOM!

My line of work was mainly smuggling (and...erm..."stealing", well I rather the name Scavenging) and bounty-hunting. Yeah, Scavenger and Bounty-Hunter sounds ok. I'd often smuggled while I bounty-hunted :P I kept running away from the police scans and station scans and sometimes I had to pay heavy fines because of my line of work, but sure was more profitable than trading. I use fast ships :D


Steam has the base game on sale for 22,49 €

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