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Author Topic: Release on TSP  (Read 11902 times)

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Release on TSP
« on: January 31, 2016, 07:01:48 PM »
The Elemental Republic of Spiritus
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Information

As is its duty under the Lampshade Accords, the government of Spiritus formally denounces the ongoing situation in The South Pacific.

Extralegal seizure of power on the part of certain actors within The South Pacific in defiance of established protocol and recent rulings is unacceptable.

The Elemental Republic of Spiritus urges those actors to restore the Coalition of The South Pacific and resume the normal operations of the regional government.

If the situation is not resolved with due haste, the government of Spiritus will rule that The South Pacific has abrogated its responsibilities under the aforementioned Lampshade Accords.

We invite other allies of democracy to likewise decry these disruptive activities.

President of Spiritus

Vice President of Spiritus

President of Spiritus
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Information