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Author Topic: The Great Guild (Virit I)  (Read 21197 times)

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The Great Guild (Virit I)
« on: November 04, 2016, 06:14:41 PM »
The Great Guild
( Virit I )

Father Jines - Oh you pretencious people, with your smartphones and internet, judge by an incomplete view, assume to know the whole lives and actions of any of us or them, vigorously claim to predict that one party is the root of all evil, the other the savior of mankind, are willing to risk everything in support of who you regard to achieve what is closest to your goals even if you're fully aware the goals you actually want can be achieved by an array of options you're willing to forget, you accept to be blinded by one option only. Even if you aknowledge your lack of information you believe too often that what happens is triggered by the faces you think you know, whatever happened that was evil was conceived or acted by those you regard to be evil and otherwise, when what seems to be pleasing must have been ordered by your hero or god himself! Whatever role any of these pawns took or will perform, history will never be fair, never be clear, never hold any glimpse of actual truth, of what these people said and did in private, the way they think, the way they respond to other actors or actions. You people, regard to know sides, the victor and the fallen, the living and the dead, the right and wrong, you fail to see you only know the faces on both sides of the same coin and willfully ignore that the roots are as many as the ramifications. The whole truth I can never give you, I'm not the player or the played, and even while I speak I can betray my own memory, but what I can assure you is that the basic common notions you people regard about any of these faces are completely different from what you can uncover by the time it takes to really know someone and avoid all the bullshit thrown by any party. You think you may favor a face for a certain value, what makes you think another will not do the same or worse? What makes you think what you think is good or right will be performed by those you favor, simply out of trust? What makes you think something you dislike will not be made true by those your support? What can possibly give you the idea that whoever you dislike will never do something that will make you pleasently surprised? How do you measure how much good and evil one must do to earn your support? Wether you regard War, even with all it's gruesome cruelty and injustice, to either be noble or a necessary evil, what gives you certainty that the party you support will not do worse than the other? You have to remember that how power was trusted before or wars that defined our world have been waged over nothing and even when we thought to know those that pushed them they turned out worse than we expected, someone expected to be the savior of mankind and unite all people under the prospect of better times, to ease the suffering, to raise mankind's spirit to the heavens, ended up being the worse tyrant in history and sent our world to disaray. This is why we're here again, this is why we're considering again to be blinded and support one party over any other.

Jines pauses and looks to the contract layed before him, two agents of the Great Guild were waiting for his signature while a third was on the corner of the room scribbling an encrypted report of that meeting.

One of them looked agitated, she had been listening to Father Jines for hours and was begining to lose her patience. - Listen, Father Jines, you know our great Family appreaciates your extenseful insight, they read all your reports, we've already explained why the Grand Council has requested you specifically and why they feel it's extremely important to spread the Family's influence over the Eastern Kingdoms. Not even the Grand Master suggests supporting any party, any person, anything about sides. This contract doesn't blind you or what you report to us, you are there to consolidate that they respect our influence. You're not selling your Family to the King, and I agree you ought to not sell His Highness to us either. I'm sure you've already considered the options and that you won't have much help over there.

Father Jines - I cannot give you an answer now, I need to travel, get someone to meet me in the Budham of Boyen and we can have a drink with our old friend.

The impatient agent wanted to reply abruptly but was stopped by the touch of the other more calm agent, the scribe stopped writing when he heard the noise of a blade being drawn. - We're supposed to give your final answer to the Grand Master uppon our return but, the Family's plans for the Eastern Kingdoms waited so far, they can wait some more. You will be contacted next month yet, I hope you do not disappear like the others when the Family asks you why you distrust our way. - he said while scratching the table with his seax.

Father Jines - I would sooner kiss you good bye than disappear. I will be waiting for the contact. This meeting is over.

Everyone stood up except for the scribe that was encoding in a rush to leave. Jines pushed the contract towards the agents and they rolled it and packed it neatly. The impatient agent sighed in disappointment and ran out of the door. Jines waited for them to leave the Inn by the back door, he could hear their steps walking fast towards the gates of Navirsk.