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The North Pacific / The Northern Lights - Issue XXXIV
« Last post by The Federalist on January 07, 2021, 01:11:18 AM »
The North Pacific / TNP Endorsement Tool
« Last post by The Federalist on January 07, 2021, 12:53:46 AM »
Hello embassy friends! Recently, TNP released two tools to help nations everywhere endorse all the people they need to. Instead of manually checking every WA nation in your region, you can receive an auto-generated list of nations you haven’t yet endorsed. And that’s not all! Say you want a more specific list of WA nations. The Endotarting Query tool can easily narrow your list down to just the nations you need! We’re hoping that this tool can promote endorsements for all nations who want it.

You might be asking. Where can I find this tool? Check out this dispatch linked here:

It has all the information you need to go on an endorsing spree! Happy endorsing!

Your friends in The North Pacific
The North Pacific / Re: The North Star - Issue XXIII
« Last post by Eluvatar on December 14, 2020, 09:11:35 PM »
We, too, tried curing the Zombie plague. Not quite as successfully.
The North Pacific / The North Star - Issue XXIII
« Last post by The Federalist on December 14, 2020, 02:21:18 PM »
The Spotlight - Interview with BMWSurfer
by Comfed, Deputy Speaker
Comfed: Okay. First question: How did you start off in TNP?

BMWSurfer: Well I joined NationStates in early 2017, and founded in The South Pacific. After some region shopping, I decided the best way to learn about the game was to join the biggest region. I originally planned to only stay a few months then go make a name for myself in a UCR, but I loved it so much here that I ended up staying.

Comfed: I'm sure lots of people would be familiar with that story. You're currently a Colonel in the NPA, how did you get started in there?

BMWSurfer: Well, I read through all of my options in TNP government when I first joined, and military gameplay looked interesting to me. I wasn't sure at first if I really wanted to commit to being there during updates, so I joined the Auxiliary which at the time was essentially our piling service. I became close friends with the soldiers and officers, and over the next 9 months climbed my way up the ranks to Lieutenant (the first officer rank). I loved the culture of the NPA and the friendships I made there, so I stayed there and have been in the NPA through my entire NS career.

Comfed: That's great! What was your first position in the government and who gave it to you?

BMWSurfer: While I'm more well known in TNP for my role in Home Affairs, my first passion in NS was the World Assembly. My first leadership role was as a Deputy Minister of World Assembly Affairs, and I served under Deropia and alongside TlomzKrano, who is now Delegate.

Comfed: Very interesting. Could you go into a little more detail abut your role in TNP Home Affairs?

BMWSurfer: I served for a year as Minister of Home Affairs, for two terms under Siwale, and for one term under Pallaith. I also served this year as a deputy and advisor to current HA Minister Nimarya, where I created a system of recordkeeping for HA.
When I first joined TNP, I would've never believed I would become a Minister, especially in Home Affairs. However, over the years I've grown to love HA, and welcoming people into our great region.

Comfed: Home Affairs certainly is an overlooked but essential part of TNP. What was your favorite moment in TNP?

BMWSurfer: I took a break from NS for about a year, from the end of my last HA term until April of this year. When I refounded my nation, it was mere seconds before people here in TNP noticed. I hadn't even rejoined our Discord servers before I was pinged by people welcoming me back. Moments like that make everything worth it ":)".

Comfed: That's sweet. What’s your favorite thing about TNP?

BMWSurfer: I definitely think the community here is my favorite thing. If it weren't for the welcoming of the people here I probably wouldn't still be here

Comfed: If you could only pick one ministry to work in, which one would it be?

BMWSurfer: I would pick World Assembly Affairs. It has a little bit of everything, keeping new TNPers engaged, inter-regional cooperation, and plenty of stuff to do all the time. Although, both Home Affairs and Communications are very close seconds.

Comfed: Awesome! That's all the questions I have for now, thanks for being interviewed!

BMWSurfer: Thank you for interviewing me!
RA Highlights
by BMWSurfer, Minister of Communications
November was a relatively peaceful month for the Regional Assembly, a reprieve from the busyness of October and a clear transition into the holidays. There were four motions brought before the chamber this month, of which two were appointee confirmations and two were related to citizenship applications.

In October, Delegate TlomzKrano re-appointed Siwale to the Election Commission for another 6 month term pending a vote of the RA to confirm the appointment. Debate was short, and consensus in support of the confirmation was clear from the beginning. Siwale has served on the EC for its entire modern history, and is a well known and very trusted member of the TNP community. Voting on the confirmation ended at the very beginning of this month, with 47 in favor, 1 against, and 4 abstentions.

In a similarly non-controversial move, Lady Raven Wing was appointed as prosecutor in the court case The North Pacific vs. St. George. The court case involves speaker St. George (also known as MadJack) refusing to process a citizenship application, and is still ongoing. The confirmation of Lady Raven Wing also had broad consensus, and the confirmation was passed with 31 in favor, 2 against, and 15 abstentions.

In addition to these, two residents who applied for citizenship, Funkadelia and Aleister, were denied citizenship by Vice Delegate Dreadton. When this happens, according to the legal code, the RA votes to uphold the rejection of citizenship. Both rejections were upheld.

In addition to these motions which went to vote, Cretox State applied to join the Security Council and was accepted pending a confirmation by the RA. The confirmation is still in debate, where much of the discussion revolves around balancing the needs of activity and seniority within the SC. We look forward to seeing how this debate unfolds in the coming month.
News - Z-Day
by Arichia, Deputy Minister of Communications
Hello fellow survivor. I see that you’ve also survived the recent zombie apocalypse. Oh. So you survived it by hiding under your bed, hoping you won’t get the virus? And I suppose you’ll want the whole story to it, huh? Well then, here’s what happened during the 24 hours where brain-sucking zombies, infected by a virus invaded the world.

Before the actual disaster, TNP posted a regional poll to decide what TNP should do when the zombies strike the world. We chose to cure the zombies, rather than exterminating them or embracing them and sending them to infect other nations. (and also for nations to do whatever they want).

The zombies came on October 30th, and The Office of The Surgeon General released a public service announcement and instruction for curing other nations. Unfortunately, the game admins decided to stop curing research on all nations, meaning that nations had to begin researching a cure again. People were advised to join the regional discord and mask themselves to access the channels to coordinate with each other.

On the same day, Max Barry reassured the NS community that everything will be fine. All cure manufacturing ended all around the world. He said that “The real problem I want to discuss, though, is how some regions have closed their borders, and nations have redirected their resources into researching a "cure," or even exterminating zombie hordes with military force. I can't emphasize enough that this is a complete over-reaction. It is, in fact, this kind of needless fear that stokes division and prevents us from returning quickly to a regular lifestyle.”

The zombies kept coming and TNP saw a steady increase of zombies and decided to close its borders. Fortunately, the cures were being developed, and people began to send missiles to other nations, which drove down the number of zombies. Lists were created to show nations where to send their cures to make them do the most. Some people still decided to exterminate, and nations with zombies to exterminate were posted in a discord channel. Others decided to embrace the zombies, and sent hordes to other nations, infecting them. These nations were then kicked out of the region, preventing them from infecting others.

These border measures ended, and Max Barry created a news post declaring it. ”You can reimpose them if you really must. But why would you? Stop cowering in fear and embrace life again! “Get out and stretch your legs! Use your brains! Yes, especially those. Your soFt, deliciOus braiNs. Get tHem outsIde. Where wE cAn rEach them” he also said, creating some suspicion of him being infected. This was later confirmed when he announced that he was just struck by a cure missile, and to ignore his previous comments regarding the apocalypse.

The apocalypse ended soon after, and even after, through those combined efforts, TNP managed to decrease zombie numbers, and came out with the region with the most survivors. 23.7 trillion! While the rest of the world wasn’t so lucky, having 55.1% dead, TNP was mostly spared.

I guess you could say that Z-Day this year was a blast! For those who didn’t join us this year, make sure you join next year! Whether you’re curing your fellow region mates, shooting down zombies, or shipping them out to your rival’s nation, Z-Day is surely a fun day for all! (Except for the zombies being shot down, of course.)
NPA Bulletin
by Westinor, Deputy Minister of World Assembly Affairs
(click to show/hide)

The NPA has been very busy prepping for the holiday season, starting off the month of November with a visit to everyone’s favorite admin friends over at  Testregionia ! They looked around for  Testlandia , but couldn’t seem to find them anywhere… hoping to leave a little surprise and feeling a bit naughty, a tag was left behind for them to enjoy!

However, the rest of Nationstates was not to be forgotten. NPA Officer COL BMWSurfer, as well as Minister and Deputy Minister of Defense COL Gorundu and GEN 9003 led several tag and detag runs throughout the month, whipping new recruits into shape and singing awfully premature yuletide carols along the way. Featured Region of the Day  Mikov Call  was also hit on minor update of November 15th, led by GEN Gladio on the trigger.

During one of these tag runs the North Pacific Army also unseated several delegates in approval of the proposal “Repeal: ‘Liberate Confederation Of Corrupt Dictators’”, contributing to the eventual failure and dropping of a proposal that sought to remove an offensive liberation from fascist region Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

The NPA also departed on two separate joint operations with members of ERN, looking to spread some Christmas cheer before Thanksgiving, ending at  Christmas , where Defense Minister  9003  declared Die Hard a Christmas movie and challenged others to prove otherwise. The second, held on Major of November 25th featured an ultimately unsuccessful attempt at invading the region of  Japan  as variance resulted in the target region updating earlier than expected. However, participating members had a fun time bonding with members of different organizations.

High Command also had something in store for the beginning of the holiday season. On Thanksgiving weekend, a total of nine soldiers from the North Pacific Army gathered with members of several other organizations, including Lily and The Grey Wardens in an effort to unseat delegate  Mikeswill  of the region  Nationstates . Soldiers were seen prepping for the op an hour before the jump, chatting with comrades and enjoying stories from times long past. The raid itself was successful, bringing King Zhaoxiang Of Qin up to the position of WA Delegate for a single update and ending Mikeswill’s 16-year long reign - the longest in Nationstates at the time.
World Assembly Digest
by Cretox State, Minister of WA Affairs
WA Digest

Fifteen WA proposals in total went to vote during the month of November, nearly double that of October. Of these fifteen, eight were GA proposals, with the remaining seven being in the SC. Only two proposals failed at vote, both of which were in the SC. These defeated proposals included “Commend Ariusgrad” and “Commend Twobagger”. Impressively, ten out of the fifteen voted-on proposals were submitted by members of the TNP WA Ministry; this is 67% of voted-on proposals and 77% of passed proposals during the month. A total of ten unique authors submitted the fifteen voted-on proposals this month. Three passed resolutions this month were sponsored Accelerator proposals. Former TNP WA Minister  Morover  was commended this month.

Most Supported
The most widely supported proposal during November was SC 332 “Commend Sierra Lyricalia”, which passed with 89.6% support and sought to commend a prominent antifascist military gameplayer, WA and issues contributor, and member of the WA General Secretariat. Overall, this was an incredibly uncontroversial commendation that faced no major opposition. This proposal was authored by  Cretox State  and co-authored by  Honeydewistania .

Most Opposed
The most widely opposed proposal to come to vote during November was another SC proposal, “Commend Ariusgrad”. Proposed by  Joan Darc , this proposal sought to recognize its nominee’s region-building efforts in the founderless region of  Philippines  and received 31.7% support. A large portion of the opposition to this proposal stemmed from concerns over the actual significance of the nominee’s accomplishments, along with strange construction; specifically, the proposal cited the region maintaining “warm relations” and creating government positions as commendable.

Most Controversial
The most controversial proposal to come to vote in November 2020 was undoubtedly “Commend Twobagger”, proposed by  Jakker City . Narrowly failing with 46.9% support, this proposal aimed to recognize the contributions of its nominee to defending, a subset of military gameplay, and regional development. The proposal was the subject of intense opposition from the beginning, with  10000 Islands  being a primary voice of criticism. The proposal’s voting numbers shifted between slight support and opposition throughout the duration of the vote, and a single substantially powerful regional delegate had the power to flip the vote for most of it. The turning point arguably came after a highly publicized incident in which three members of  The Black Hawks  moved WA nations into  The South Pacific  and voted in favor of the proposal in an alleged violation of TSP sovereignty. Given the incredibly narrow final margin of the vote, there could very well be another attempt at this commendation in the future.
 [SIZE=14]November Justice Election[/size]
by Owen, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
The months of November brought us another Judicial election and this time all three justice positions were up for election. With it being a normal judicial election, there was a larger field than the special elections that have been held recently with 8 citizens declaring their candidacy. The citizens that ran in this election were: Comfed, Honeydewistan, Laeg, Lord Lore, Monkemafiatopia, saintpeter, Vivanco, and Yalkan.

Comfed ran in this election on the back of their successful defence in a recent Court case as one of the newest citizens in the field. Comfed also ran on their belief that they had sufficient experience to allow them to take on the role of Justice with an open mind and the ability to be a neutral and unbiased judge of issues. Whilst Comfed received some support, they were not elected.

Moving onto looking at Honeydewistan’s campaign, they had a much more informal campaign than some of their other competitors. They had a campaign thread, but did not post any campaign promises or reasons to vote for them until they were asked to. After being asked why they should be a good pick for Justice they said that their neutrality in TNP politics put them in a strong position to ensure their neutrality if they were elected as Justice. However, when it came to voting, Honeydewistan did not receive the support needed and therefore was not elected.

Laeg was the most inexperienced candidate in the election, having only joined TNP’s forum in October. Their campaign was a short one in which they promised to work to ensure that laws in the region remained fair and just, as well as ensuring cases were balanced and equal for both sides. In their campaign, they also endorsed Vivanco and Lord Lore as the other two justices that they liked to see elected alongside them. However, Laeg’s campaign was not successful and they were not elected.

Lord Lore
Lord Lore is a Security Councillor within TNP. They declared their candidacy in the election and then chose not to post a campaign thread. Despite not having a campaign thread, Lore was elected as Justice in the third tally of votes.

Monkemafiatopia is a new member of the TNP community and chose not to post a campaign thread. Likely due to the lack of a campaign thread, they received very little support and were not elected.

Saintpeter ran off of the back of an unsuccessful attempt to get elected as Justice in the August Special Election. In this campaign, they had more experience in this branch of government in TNP having argued in a request for review before the Court as well as being Temporary Hearing Officer for another case. In their campaign thread Saintpeter argued that it was important to protect the independence of the judiciary, and ensure this by not voting in any RA business during their tenure as Justice. As well as this, they stood on a promise to make the Judicial branch more accessible to new members of TNP by looking at implementing law clerks within the judiciary to allow new members to get experience within TNP’s Court. Saintpeter’s campaign proved to be popular and was the second elected Justice.

Vivanco was the only incumbent standing for re-election. Vivanco ran their campaign as a continuation of their time as Justice after their election in the August Special Election. They also ran on their experience of TNP law as a former Attorney General as well as their time as Justice last term. As well as this, one of Vivanco’s most important aspects was the need for stability and independence within the judiciary. Vivanco proved to be the most popular candidate in the election and was the first Justice to be elected.

Yalkan is a long-standing member of TNP and stood for election for the first time in a while. Yalkan did not post a campaign thread, which proved to be an issue when it came to voting. Due to the lack of a campaign, Yalkan was not very popular amongst voters and therefore was not elected as Justice.

Therefore, after an election that had a good turnout and had a large field, Vivanco, Saintpeter, and Lord Lore were elected as Justices.
[small]The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth
Publisher: TlomzKrano :: Executive Editor: BMWSurfer :: Managing Editor: Arichia(Forum) and Gorundu (Dispatch)

The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.[/small]

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Games / Re: Last to post wins
« Last post by Delfos on December 05, 2020, 03:20:09 PM »
You mean like all of Donald Trump's marriages?
I prefer Ronald McDonald
Games / Re: Last to post wins
« Last post by Red Mones on November 30, 2020, 06:58:00 PM »
You mean like all of Donald Trump's marriages?
Games / Re: Last to post wins
« Last post by Delfos on November 22, 2020, 09:59:43 AM »
Games / Re: Last to post wins
« Last post by Red Mones on November 20, 2020, 03:45:23 AM »
Well...I just did.
The North Pacific / The Northern Lights - Issue XXXIII
« Last post by The Federalist on November 19, 2020, 02:07:47 PM »
The North Pacific / The North Star - Issue XXII
« Last post by The Federalist on November 19, 2020, 01:40:33 PM »
[SIZE=14]The Spotlight - Interview With Gorundu [/size]
by Arichia, Deputy Minister of Communications
Arichia: Alright! I'll get started now, When and how did you get started in TNP?

Gorundu: I joined TNP in May 2019, about 10 months after I started playing NationStates. I was the WA Delegate of a region of 30-ish WA nations at the time, but some people in the region were opposed to my agenda, and I felt I wouldn't be able to do what I wanted even in that position. So I decided to try my luck in the biggest region in the game, TNP. (My feelings turned out to be right and I ended up getting banned by the founder within 2 months) When I joined TNP I applied for every ministry except for Culture, and that was how I got started.

Arichia: Wow! You have an eventful past before TNP. Have you ever been involved in the NPA or any other military organization?

Gorundu: After I left my previous region, I decided to devote my WA to the NPA, and I've been in the NPA ever since. Currently I'm an Officer and a Deputy Minister of Defence.

Arichia: What are some accomplishments you or you helped achieve during your time in TNP?

Gorundu: In my previous roles as Speaker and Minister of World Assembly Affairs, I mostly continued to execute the existing duties of those offices, which was no easy task considering that in both roles I succeeded a relatively long-serving and popular holder of those offices, though I wouldn't consider these accomplishments. I'd like to think that as Minister of Communications I made some progress in reviving a struggling ministry by recruiting new members and managed to restart the publication of The Northern Lights, which probably counts the most in terms of my accomplishments.

Arichia: From what I see you've done a lot in TNP. Who do you consider a mentor throughout your time in TNP?

Gorundu: I would say McMasterdonia and Tlomz (Kranostav) have been most like a mentor for me. McMasterdonia offered me my first position in government (a short tenure as a Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs) and was supportive of my run for Speaker. He also offered me my first cabinet position as Minister of World Assembly Affairs, and was very helpful in getting me settled into the position as the head of one of the most active ministries in the government. Tlomz was my predecessor as Minister of World Assembly Affairs and I served under him as Deputy Minister, during he helped me get a better understanding of the World Assembly and TNP's WA relationships, which enabled me to become his successor.

Arichia: What do you believe is TNP's best quality?

Gorundu: I would say the best quality that is unique to TNP is the depth and breadth of the discussions and debates in the Regional Assembly and in relation to the government. It points towards a citizenry that is committed to making TNP better in any way possible, but are unafraid to raise their own ideas or offer criticism for what isn't being done well. Another quality of TNP that I admire is that we are a pioneer in so many fields - for example, in the WA and in Trading Cards - and we have so many people dedicated to the success of these pioneering programs.

Arichia: I believe you had said before that you had run for speaker and you had been speaker as well. From your experiences then, would you run for speaker, or perhaps a different office in the future?

Gorundu: I don't see myself running for Speaker again for the near future. Serving as Speaker was an enlightening experience and taught me much about what people expect from a government official, but for now I'd like to focus on what I can do in the executive.

Arichia: And to finally close, would you take on more in the executive, or would you stay with what you are working on now?

Gorundu: I've been busy in real life recently, so I haven't taken on too much responsibility this term. I'm glad to have the opportunity to get involved in the NPA a little bit more as Deputy Minister of Defence, and I have continued advising the Ministry of Communications after departing as Minister. If I feel ready to take on more responsibilities, I will of course look for new opportunities.

Arichia: I believe those are all of my questions. I really appreciate all your time and answers here, and thanks again for the opportunity to interview you!

[SIZE=14]North Pacific Army Bulletin[/size]
by Jan Mackistan, Reporter for The Northern Star

NPA and Libcord forces in the midst of liberating Smol Fur Empire

(click to show/hide)
September ended with a bang (quite literally) as nuclear warfare consumed NationStates - including the NPA - for a brief but action-packed 24 hours. Soldiers put their puppets to good use as nuclear production machines, aiding the Potato Alliance in a hard-earned victory. Our generals helped all of us get on the Big Board, pushing the Horsemen to our former spot of last, and pushed us up to second place. As the quote goes, “I didn’t know doors opened up down there!” Our warriors collaborated with soldiers from a multitude of regions, including some of our closest allies, such as the Rejected Realms, the South Pacific and Europe, to take the horses down. Colonel Robespierre and General 9003 represented us as Potato Generals for N-Day, keeping all of the Potato Alliance in one piece. Sure, we were hit multiple times, but we were lifted from last all the way up to 2nd place. That is certainly a Cinderella story if I’ve ever heard one (which I haven’t). We completed the impossible task that no other faction could do.

After cleaning up the fallout, it was right back to work for our uniformed servicemen. If they weren’t saving The North Pacific from nukes they were helping out other regions in need, whether they requested or not :P

For ten straight days in early October, the North Pacific Army, along with friends and allies from Libcord, laid siege to Smol Fur Empire, which had been occupied by raider forces, presumably for the purpose of refounding as a jump point for later use. In total, 13 NPA soldiers joined the updater force at some point during the ten-day siege, contributing to one of the highest liberation forces ever, numbering over 100 towards the end. It makes me smile when support goes to those who need it. We certainly have generous men and women among our armed services, at least when they are kind and cute.

When not taking part in high-stakes confrontations, NPA Officers, including COL BMWSurfer, COL Rom, COL Gorundu and CPT Nimarya, continued to lead training operations in the form of tag and detag runs, attracting seasoned officers and new soldiers alike to hone their skills.

Finally, the NPA joined our friends in the South Pacific Special Forces and East Pacific Sovereign Army on October 11 for a special detag operation combined with chasing practice, where lots of fun were had as NPA soldiers work on a skill that has been seldom used recently while Phoenix from SPSF brings out her favourite R/D playlist for all to enjoy.

Aaaaand that’s it for the bulletin this month. It may not have been the most eventful month in the books, but no matter the stakes, our soldiers are always there, ready to give it their best. Now, I sure hope you all had a good Halloween and are looking forward to the rest of the holidays to come. Stay strong, TNPers!

[SIZE=14]Regional Assembly Highlights[/size]
by Comfed, Deputy Speaker

Regional Assembly Highlights
Current Business

Timing Amendment to Security Council Disclosure by Comfed

Summary: Timing Amendment to Security Council Disclosure is a bill that would remove the 14-day time limit on releasing private Security Council logs of over 1 year of age requested by a resident.

Confirmation of Siwale to the Election Commission

Summary: Delegate TlomzKrano/Kranostav appointed Siwale to the election commission.

Passed - Legislative
No legislative bills were passed by the Regional Assembly this month.

Passed - Non-Legislative
No non-legislative bills were passed by the Regional Assembly this month.

[SIZE=14] World Assembly Digest[/size]
by Nimarya, Minister of Home Affairs
WA Digest

The month of October saw four General Assembly resolutions passed, and the Security Council observed four proposals reach quorum, of which two were passed, one failed, and the last was quickly withdrawn. Of the Security Council proposals brought to vote during the month, two have stood out of particular interest.

The first was a resolution that passed without much issue, and yet seemed to be surprisingly controversial among The North Pacific citizens. On October 16th, Morover, an accomplished World Assembly author and a former Minister of World Assembly Affairs for The North Pacific, submitted a proposal to the Security Council that aimed to commend the nation Kuriko, a highly influential player in NationStates. Kuriko is perhaps best known for her service to the region 10000 Islands as its longest-serving WA Delegate. She might also be more recently recognized as NationStates’s World Assembly Secretary-General, having won the position during the Secretary-General election event of last April.

While the proposal saw broad approval and ultimately passed at vote with 84.1% support, on The North Pacific forum voters seemed somewhat more divided. The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs issued a recommendation to vote “For” the proposal, stating that the proposal clearly makes an excellent case for why Kuriko is deserving of a commendation. The Ministry also indicated that this proposal would serve as a far superior replacement for the first commendation of Kuriko, which had been previously repealed due to criticisms of poor writing.

However, despite the Ministry’s recommendation, on The North Pacific’s forum voting thread a number of citizens voted against the proposal, with only a few stating why. Of those who chose to voice their reasoning, it was a mix between simply disliking the writing of the proposal itself and a more targeted dislike of 10000 Island’s actions abroad and of Kuriko’s alleged stance against condemning raiders in the Security Council.

Without hearing the thoughts of the others who voted against, much is still left to conjecture, although it is easy to deduce that the age-old tensions between raiding and defender ideologies are likely at play here. A look into the NationStates forum thread in which this proposal was debated shows a similar trend to what was observed in TNP’s forum- most were approving of the proposal, with the few who stood opposed stating criticisms of Liberate Syria, a recent defender operation in which Kuriko was involved. It is clear that in this case, the voting sample in The North Pacific forum thread reflects the same general voting patterns of the wider NationStates community. The vote we have seen for this proposal is, perhaps, a symptom of the fact that TNP houses citizens of all sorts of ideologies, including both raider and defender leaning individuals. 

The second notable Security Council proposal of October failed at vote, managing to gain only 23.6% support. On October 20th, Tinhampton submitted a proposal to condemn the nation Northern Borland. What made this proposal somewhat unique was that it aimed to condemn this nation based purely off of NationStates statistics, which is an oddity for the Security Council but not completely unprecedented, since the nation Kindjal has been commended for their impressive statistics back in March of this year. The North Pacific’s Ministry of World Assembly Affairs issued no recommendation for this vote, choosing instead to let others debate and decide for themselves. TNP voters seemed to be vocally divided on the issue, but ultimately the forum vote ended in favor of the proposal, with 18 votes “For” and 15 “Against.”

The arguments for and against were rather simple- Tinhampton, the proposal’s author, argued that Northern Borland had spent almost seventeen years answering issues in a manner dedicated to working towards these statistics, and that being able to pay close attention and religiously answer issues for that sheer length of time is worthy of a condemnation. However, others remained unconvinced, citing that Northern Borland was not even in first place for many of the statistics they were being condemned for. Additionally, both in The North Pacific voting thread and in the NationStates onsite discussion thread, there were many voters who were convinced that the mere act of answering issues for long enough is not commendable or condemnable on its own.

On the other hand, some players take the stance that issues answering and statistics planning is just as valid an area of the game as others, and therefore just as worthy of recognition. While the proposal to condemn Northern Borland was shot down tremendously at vote, there are likely many players who would support other stat-based proposals to commend or condemn exemplary nations, as evidenced by the words of support seen in the debate threads and by the nation Kindjal’s commend. It will be interesting to see if, in the future, stat-based Security Council proposals can succeed and become more prominent.

[small]The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth
Publisher: TlomzKrano :: Executive Editor: BMWSurfer:: Managing Editors: Arichia (Forumside) and Gorundu (Gameside)

The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.[/small]

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