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Author Topic: WA General Assembly Vote: Reducing Statelessness  (Read 6975 times)

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WA General Assembly Vote: Reducing Statelessness
« on: October 20, 2016, 05:37:36 PM »
    Category: Human Rights
    Strength: Mild
    Proposed by: [nation]Imperium Anglorum[/nation]

    Description: Aware that people have been deprived of their citizenship by unscrupulous states to prevent them from exercising their societally guaranteed political rights,

    Believing that this unjustly prevents people from exercising those rights to which they are rightfully entailed, and

    This august World Assembly hereby:

    • Prohibits nations from depriving a national of their nationality should such an action leave that national stateless; mandates that no national will be deprived of their nationality without the due process of law;
    • Expands the remit of the Global Emigration, Security, Travel And Passport Organisation, hereafter referred as the Passport Organisation, to include the issuance of World Assembly identification documents and passports to the former nationals of member states who have been deprived of their nationality by their government;
    • Determines that nations are to recognise passports verifiably and legitimately issued by both other member nations and by constituted World Assembly agencies as valid passports; reminds member nations that no mandates are here imposed on the nature of their border controls; and
    • Requires that these passports follow the Passport Organisation's international norms on the standards for security and identification in all internationally recognised passports.
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    Re: WA General Assembly Vote: Reducing Statelessness
    « Reply #1 on: October 20, 2016, 08:32:05 PM »
    Poorly written and poorly thought out.

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