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News: Long live the Glorious Revolution!

Author Topic: Nation News  (Read 6557 times)

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Re: Nation News
« Reply #15 on: August 26, 2007, 04:23:47 PM »
*fancy news tv network music*

New Delfos - Nation News

Peace of Easteros

Fleet southwest of UFM and PRL.

"There is a naval and aerial blockade to secure the world from the evil UFM and PRL are spreading. It will only be lifted when Union of Free Men and People's Republic of Loyalist (right?) sign conditional absolute surrender to the Eastero Triad, Saletsia, Xyrael and PUR. Hereby, the United People's Council of New Delfos is officially defending the Peace in Easteros. Any threat to this peace will be eliminated." -ND Supreme Council.

Including aircraft and light carriers, the fleet on the other side of Llanydern is immense for the effect of the blockade. Seems the Supreme Council is supporting the 'Eastero Triad', this blockade is to help securing the peace long gone from Easteros from the Loyalists and Free Men, they shall submit to the will of Xyrael, Saletsia and PUR. This Easterans want to build an unified peace in Easteros, ideals defended by the delfians. They clearly take a defensive position, and it's a good opportunity to test the new Delfighter-Typhoon version and Meteor missile.

*** Esperan├ža will become an automate region. ** Refugees from Esperan├ža have been transported safely back, peace is secured. ** Supreme Council announces that will make a referendum of the Ardan constitution, due to the silence of this union, they seem to take the position of not modifying the constitution. ** Fighting focus in Mahara region were eliminated today in a huge operation, they will now focus in Muharraf. ** International Arms Fair advert will be displayed soon. ** QUARANTINE: near the border of Tacolicious, nearly a hundred already died, plague is stronger than initial thoughts, but it's secure in the area. ** Easteros is glowing, nuclear devices detonated in Easteros will have huge environmental impact, delfian scientists say there will be some desertification. ** Zabid Missile Industry of Kujsk announces anti-aircraft vehicle soon. ** Ambassador and diplomat representative of New Delfos has taken the power of UASS Council, expelled UFM from recent acts, and is now getting ready for dissolving the axis. ***