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Author Topic: Re: Embassy Request: 10000 Islands  (Read 20117 times)

Offline Isles de Taylor

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Re: Re: Embassy Request: 10000 Islands
« Reply #15 on: July 19, 2016, 09:23:46 PM »
Here is the monthly report written by myself, I apologise for lateness. Louisistan's fault, not mine.  ;)

10000 Islands Emissary Update
Date: July 2016 
Population: 1,617
Delegate Endorsements: 521
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com 

The following is the Emissary Report for July 2016.

Note from the Delegate
"Liberate California" was defeated 8,424 votes to 6,154. We want to communicate our sincerest gratitude to all our friends who stuck by us and voted against the slander contained in that proposal. 10000 Islands and TITO thank you. Once again, I can assure you that the natives of California and their security was our paramount concern during all of this.

Unfortunately, the campaign against "Liberate California" took up so much of my time that I didn't get around to editing the Emissary Report. So here it is, once again delayed. It was all me, please don't whack the Emissaries or Senator Isles de Taylor with a huge, wooden stick. That would be uncalled for. Instead, have some delicious pineapple slices.


Regional Events
The current Council of Nine (government of 10000 Islands) is composed of:
-   Grub (Chief Executive/Founder)
-   Louisistan (WA Delegate)
-   Markanite (Minister of Education)
-   The Candy Lane (Minister of Immigration)
-   Cerb (Minister of Labor)
-   Dominion of Compassion (Senior Senator for New Republica South)
-   Barry (Senator for Himes West)
-   Ardreas (Senator for Lyonesse East)
-   Isles de Taylor (Senator for Blue Canaria North)

Political News
-   The Allied States Embassy Request was defeated 7-0.
-   Hogwarts Embassy Request was passed 7-1.
-   World Assembly Accord on Campaign Spam passed unanimously.
-   The Elections for the Lyonesse East and Himes West senate seats have begun and will conclude on 19th July.

TITO Command currently consists of:
-   Grub (Founder/Commander in Chief)
-   Klopstock (Field Commander)
-   Kanta Hame (Tactical Officer)
-   Witchcraft & Sorcery (Tactical Officer)
-   Woonsocket (Tactical Officer EF)
-   Barry (Executive Officer)

Around the Islands
-   USSR/Hahiha has been named Deputy Dean of the University! Congratulations!
-   XKI’s Central Bank have agreed to pay 2% APR interest on money kept in the bank by all nations on the XKI forums!
-   The sign-ups are now open for The Ingoldia Games, hosted by Isles de Taylor with help from Kortexia, Dominion of Compassion and Barry.

Written by Isles de Taylor with help from his deputy, Coromandall.
Your Emissary from 10000 Islands! :)

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Re: Re: Embassy Request: 10000 Islands
« Reply #16 on: July 27, 2016, 07:54:49 PM »
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Re: Re: Embassy Request: 10000 Islands
« Reply #17 on: July 31, 2016, 01:00:19 PM »
Construction of embassies with Taijitu has commenced. Completion expected in 3 days 3 hours.

Just sayin' ;)

I'm glad we got that settled.