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Who is Delfos
« on: November 24, 2012, 05:18:50 AM »
Many wonder who Delfos really is and what he has done. Why does Myroria hates him so much. Why should you care?

I don't intend to do a biography but my past in this region has very specific moments that portray my history in Taijitu. Maybe it'll serve as memory of the wrong things that can happen and I hope you learn to respect others, specially those different from you.

February of 2007 - Fertile Crescent

When I arrived here I found a society ruled by castes that practiced Endogamy. Having strong ideas against American Imperialism, and seeing some people were nationalists from the USofA, I soon began to question others for their views, sometimes having strong arguments with other members, such as Myroria.

Very quickly I engaged in the RP section of Taijitu. Using pictures and eloquent ideas, I began to make friends in RP, a section where we were somewhat all equal. I was part of the United Axis of Socialist States, founder member of the Aurorean Coalition, International Peace Organization, White Hearts (kind of red cross), and many more. RP was a good place, we had several interesting things going on, trying to counter what the original members played the most in RP which was military crap and wars, we began economical alliances, technology advancement and public investment, Research and Development projects, you name it. We were active and plenty. We realized that some things were influenced: In RP some posts got deleted, some private informations seemed to escape easily from being private, Fishy stuff...

October of 2007 - Taijitu v. Govindia

What Govindia has done wrong, found guilty or charged, was not exactly my concern. But as the picture suggests, the stoning of Govindia was carried by people disguised with fake beards. The trial was far from clean, there was a lot of discrimination against Govindia in and out of the trial, before and after. One deserves and fair trial, right? More to it in the Reservoir Dogs entry bellow.

Oct/Nov/December of 2007 - Centre of Investigation Laboratory of Taijitu

Following the trial of Govindia and seeing how things were going on got us careful. We stopped using the Forum Private Messages to use either MSN or a parallel forum for the Aurorean Coalition, and this "climate of fear" got some people pretty paranoid. I contacted the Chief Justice, told him the concerns and volunteered to gather information. The Chief Justice allowed in secrecy because we were dealing with the High Caste after all. After I gathered some relevant information, I released the bare facts I had to all justices in the Govindia trial. Wasn't much, just evidence of traffic of influence amongst the High Caste and also evidence of made-up testimonies in the Govindia Trial. I suggested that the justices should swap witnesses, allowing the defense attorneys to question prosecutors' witnesses. Some were done and concluded there was BS. But Gallipoli-China, the Chief Justice, feared that the information I sent him through Private Message could be seen by Admins. I gotta give it to him, he was right. There was a huge other chunk of information I had on admin abuse that wasn't for the Govindia case.

February of 2008 - Spartacus

In RolePlay some old timers had quit even coming to the forums and therefore the active "new" guys were taking over. This added tension for the creation of a reactionary faction to the Aurorean Coalition (new active guys), the Pax Imperium (included the surviving High Caste). It all culminated on big discussions for the future of RP, like: a world war. The big rivalry had to spark something: Myroria suggests invading New Delfos (without proper RP imho), he was pissed off outside of that RP, although he claimed he had reason in character too.

Since we were the most active, war wouldn't be much of a problem. And we though, why don't we join forces outside of RP as well? Ta-da! Osamafune runs for Delegate with the Greater Canadian Empire by his side, a project built and backed by most active and influential RPers. The opposition made up very dirty, bashful propaganda, a good example was Osamafune = Osama bin Laden. We were fine until people that haven't been active for months started to vote for the High Caste. The High Caste was part of Administration, Founder, Government, what could we do? Spartacus was hanged in public.

February/March of 2008 - All that work and no play...

Back in January there were some strong discussions, some considered flame wars, and they involved me and other members too. For that I was warned by an admin that I was disrupting the peace and flaming others, which I replied hot-headed:
Quote from: Delfos PM to admin warning
Oh wait, you're blaming me? I'm the inflamatory? lol f**k your "spam or flaming", I'm not the one being an ***hole. I'm being spammed and flamed all around and you can only think of your won group, f**k your group. Take me to court if you want, I'm entitled to show you my middle finger. If only it was fair, I would take it.

By the end of February, I was shocked to discover my Private Messages in the forum were distributed. I was charged by Myroria for passing private chat to third parties. Like distributing other people's Private Messages from this Forum wasn't wrong, was possibly a common practice by the High Caste. Predicting the then Chief Justice, known now as Gulliver, could be influenced, I said: "I do not recognize this trial with the current justices to be a fair one, I would like a neutral justice member to attend this trial.". The Chief Justice denied and carried on saying he could deliver a fair judgment. Fortunately this was the case:
Quote from: Chief Justice Gulliver
(...) distribution to a Justice of the Court was warranted by that Justice in the pursuit of ruling on a case. Thus I find myself compelled to rule in favor of Delfos.
This also completely destroyed any chances of a real investigation on administration abuse. It was all very convenient, even if Myroria was pissed, abusers or influence trafficking High Caste had a big victory here.
Around this period, people involved in this traffic of influences started to spam all my topics and everywhere I was trying to have a proper discussion, they'd go completely off topic with a lot of replies in a row that had nothing to do with the topic.

March of 2008 - The Kool Aid Dictatorship

By the order of the Executive Delegate, the Senate of Taijitu is hereby disbanded.
All Senators will retain citizenship unless they actively engadge in revolutionary activities.
Thank You.  
Vice-Delegate I-S :tai:

I'm here, watching the whole thing behind a bullet proof glass. Sorry Nath, but this is far worse than it seems.
Oh Delfos, I wouldn't bet too much on that glass you're sportin'.
So, I wouldn't mind this to be RP, but served the purpose of disrupting anything anybody was doing against the Power. The whole thing was coldly planned, and this last quote from I-S says a lot. I had to fire back, I started protesting with pictures of angry mobs such as the one bellow on their topics:

May we urge to take fight against the oppressive regime installed in Taijitu, may this be our last stand, but we will win!

BTW, Delfos reported everyone who posted in this topic for spam.... Funny thing is, he's reporting posts BY ADMINS .... TO ADMINS.... kinna redundant, no?

So... SPAM AWAY!!!!!

I hereby rename this thread to SPAMALOT!!!

I then got warned by an admin that I was spamming. I got genuinely spammed, I'm just protesting with pictures, yet I get warned by the admin? You can't imagine how pissed off I was, and since it was all or nothing, I replied to the admin in the same manner things were being dealt on the flaming topics:
Quote from: Delfos' reply to admin on March 29th
they're not spam, on the contrary, if you want to impose rules, do it for everybody, otherwise you're just as c***s****r as they are.
I was challenging him to be a fair admin, but who am I kidding, he banned me on the spot, I even thought it was permanent.
Quote from: Limi on March 29th
As of yesterday Delfos was banned for a period of one week due to a second offense at harassing an admin following the issuance of a warning. The first warning was given by GMT 2 months ago for flaming. Following that warning Delfos sent multiple insulting PMs to GMT and another to G-C including multiple vulgarities directed at GMT.
The second warning was issued by myself for his posting of pointless pictures in gov't threads that were on topic. This warning was replied to by Delfos with another angry mob picture and a vulgarity directed at myself and others. Following that Delfos was banned from accessing the forum for a period of one week because of these incidents.

This also signifies a change in policy. From now on harassment of any member will dealt with swiftly and agressively by the admin team.

I ask the fair minded, as an admin coercing a member to stop his free speech against what this member feels being unjust is OK, but insulting them in private isn't? And even if this was for their power sake, it's too convenient who was trying a case against admin abuse gets banned like that. I reckon that if it was today I probably wouldn't have used bad language, but I'd still protest.
Quote from: SD
That's just it though, Xy, the admin system does not function as part of the government of Taijitu. To a degree, yes, the admins are above the "law" so to speak. But that will be the case on any forum in NS.
They're not only above the law, even if not part of the government, they can still coerce citizens.

April of 2008 to 2010 - The Grey March

Most in the High Caste disregarded the seriousness of this ban, saying I wasn't restricted because I could come back in a few days. In the aftermath, some members did ask questions and raised concerns. I want to highlight a few:
btw, delfos left the in game region and expressed doubts about returning to the forum when i told him the ban was only a week in length, do i say congratulations to all the douches who've worked so hard to piss on him and kick him out? frankly, if i were he, this region as is is inhospitable and elitist, people piss on each other when they don't like each other... sure it's the internet and it happens, but when it's to the degree that someone feels they are not liked enough to return to the forum then there is a problem with the forum and not the person

Delfos was an asshole with emotions. That was his downfall.

I don't feel bad for delfos, he was as much as an asshole to everyone, as everyone was to him.

But still, we need active forum members - with opinions - more so than ever. Tactically you've won by turfing out a member you do not like, strategically you've lost - another member has left. :/

とても幸せです。 (Translates: I'm so happy)

There was even more jokes. It's a coincidence when Taijitu's dying era really died 2 months after, decaying to oblivion, and it was revived by Eluvatar 2 years later. For over 2 years I watched discrimination being played by those in power, to ostracize, and I'm sure some of them did it unconsciously.

Also, for those that advocate a radical change in our system can bring new members, it can have the opposite effect too and this is an Historical evidence of it.

April to October of 2012 - the report of my death was an exaggeration - M.Twain

I come back and I see the same High Caste lasting today in ProP and all the old powers remain in their hands. Not all are evil and some are new members and very welcome, but I believe they should be reminded and understand my view and the reason I fight.
Remember Letonna's Call for Reorder. Those with power and responsibility were accused of being inactive and damaging the interests of Taijitu.
After such call was answered by some of the accused, Myroria, who was a Founder and elected Senator, posted an arrogant remark that he (Founders) came to work and fix problems, instead of bitching, but 8 days later we had no sign of him.
Yep, the founders came back and decided to work with the Delegate on a fix for the problems instead of sitting bitching like the "Active" members of Taijitu.

Prepared a board for the protest where you can read:
"I'd appreciate if you didn't do much noise to not
wake Myroria up for the situation of Taijitu. Thank you."

Citizens in protest of this incompetent government (OOC: actual protest in Portugal in 15th of September)

October of 2012 - Imagine

By October new elections came with under the shadow of inactivity. I gave voice to an idea that became a platform called Imagine, with the sole purpose to address the activity issues of Taijitu and reforms necessary to increase activity. The Nominations period had to be extended because there were barely any candidates, we desperately needed a Delegate. I found a willing Lt. Delegate and with no surprise we won. Awful conditions, the Senate wasn't complete, the Chief Justice went missing, tried to schedule meetings with the Senators and they didn't come. A Senator resigned and the WA Delegate status was only passed to me 18 days later I took office. This means Taijitu had no functional Legislative and Judicial branches, I couldn't do much and therefore I started asking to anyone that could help: Founders, Admins.

November of 2012 - Emergency Government

I couldn't wait for the Chief Justice to come back, a month had passed and I was not able to do anything and I had no help to remedy the situation. With the sole purpose of restoring the branches of government that were absent, I made a poorly written bill for referendum to give me the powers to run Elections through popular vote filling the vacant seats in the Senate. I recognized I did some shortcuts but desperate times required desperate actions. Against the uprise of the suddenly active High Caste, the bill passed. Soon after the Chief Justice reappeared out of the mist, ending the need for Emergency Government and running elections properly. Although I tried to do every step constructively, including the active citizens, I feel there was a boycott on my Delegacy, I also feel there were discussions that didn't include me to influence others against my Delegacy, I still feel there's discrimination. I accepted recalling the Emergency Government Act so it could be rewritten, I believe we can face a similar problem sooner or later therefore the issue needs to be addressed.


I'd like to highlight that this article does not intend to show anybody or any group as evil. I try to show facts and comment so you can understand my point of view, I don't want to impose it on others.
I want you to know the two main intentions of this article: I want people to start seeing why I do the things I do in Taijitu and therefore know me better, also we should not commit the same mistakes again, because I believe the best way to get more and new active people is to be open minded and with open arms.

I'm hard to be understood which can be a fault of character, I'm sorry for any trouble I've caused but, my actions were only in loyalty to Taijitu, against what I think harmful, always challenging and promoting Free Speech and Equality.

Thank you for your time.

(Working Title, might edit a few things too)
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Re: Who is Delfos
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A much better question is: "Why is Delfos?"

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Re: Who is Delfos
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Nothing wrong with existential topics during taijitu's existential crisis.