Author Topic: Citizens' Popular Front Inaugural Meeting  (Read 6969 times)

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Citizens' Popular Front Inaugural Meeting
« on: November 23, 2015, 04:59:00 AM »
Fellow citizens! The Citizens' Popular Front's inaugural meeting is now open. As promised, this meeting will be open to all concerned citizens who want to do their part to build upon the work of the Glorious Revolution and continue to develop and improve the region. Those participating should enter unafraid to speak their mind and unafraid to listen to their fellow citizens.

The focus of this meeting will be the organization of the party itself, and what policies it should advocate for within the region. So without any further delay, let the discussion begin!

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Re: Citizens' Popular Front Inaugural Meeting
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2015, 06:54:34 AM »
There are a few things that I believe should be central to the party.

Obviously, the egalitarianism and equality that was envisioned as part of the Revolution should be the root of the party. Of course, we need to have one head of state, on a "first among equals" basis, to be able to deal singularly with other foreign affairs ministers and heads of state.

I also believe that, in order to assure equality, we need to reaffirm, with zeal, our commitment to protecting free speech and equality, and keeping government in general to a minimum. Quite obviously, government is required at some level to help to take on major projects and spur work, but at our foundation, we should adhere to the idea that anyone can work on any activity they like, as is the free spirited manner of our revolution.

Having looked through the current index of laws, I think one of the worst pieces of legislation we have is the Advisory Council Act. This is a good example of something that goes against what the revolution had worked to prevent. In my view, we should not have instituted the group of elected offices into a formal "advisory council" that "advises the Ecclesia." As we should all understand, the Eccelsia is the ultimate body in Taijitu, and I believe it is inappropriate for such a small group to be dictating policy to the legislature. It also, in effect, creates a second, ruling class in Taijitu that meets exclusively under the auspices of government privilege that will, if they feel so generous, invite other "officials" to their deliberations. I believe strongly that this is the sort of legislation that works to destroy the fundamental equality we worked so hard to demolish in 2014.
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