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Author Topic: WA Security Council Vote: Commend Benevolent Thomas  (Read 368 times)

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WA Security Council Vote: Commend Benevolent Thomas
« on: September 19, 2016, 02:55:26 AM »
Category: Commendation
Nominee: Benevolent Thomas
Proposed by: Stalker Queen
Onsite Topic

Description: The Security Council,

OBSERVING The First Warden of Benevolent Thomas as a prominent nation instrumental to the continuance of prevailing peace and goodwill throughout the world, having consistently championed and advanced such a cause for the past four years, with force when necessary;

ACKNOWLEDGING Benevolent Thomas is also the same administration behind that of The Hipster Republic of Rhine Ruhr: a nation that has held several positions within the government of European Union;

APPLAUDING the efforts of Rhine Ruhr in bringing European Union an absolutely unparalleled increase in its Foreign Affairs outreach, alongside the growing acceptance of new nations into its folds;

RECOGNISING Benevolent Thomas's involvement in a number of prominent defender regions of high standing and holding positions within them — past and present — such as:

- Acting Chief Executive of Renegade Islands Alliance: instrumental in spearheading in the revival and rebuilding of the defender military and resident native nations, Benevolent Thomas paved the way for a new golden age within the region, remastering the outdated constitution and empowering citizen nations through the formation of the Citizen's Congress;

- Colonel of 00000 A World Power: as a figure of the region and its defender military in the early days of its revival, Benevolent Thomas led liberations and defences against invader-led operations;

- Vice-Delegate and Interior Minister of Lazarus: further safeguarding the security of Lazarus, Benevolent Thomas greatly bolstered the morale and determination of Lazarene nations, helping to cultivate a new, stronger Lazarene identity from the ashes;

- First Warden and Founder of The Order of The Grey Wardens, going one step further than most defender regions by leading offensives to strike invader nations at their very hearts, mobilising it into the largest, most active defender force in the present era, and heralding a new age of defending to the world;

- Commander and Founder of Fort Triumph: alongside Deadeye Jack, Land Filled With People and Eist, Benevolent Thomas strove to ensure the sovereignty of native regions;

- Tactical Officer, Senator and WA Delegate of 10000 Islands: organised defensive operations alongside the enrichment of the region's islander culture;

- Vice Chancellor and Master Sergeant of The FRA: pushed for reforms to the Founderless Regions Alliance's structure that, once enacted, helped add renewed vitality into the FRA.

FURTHER RECOGNISING that Benevolent Thomas has defended regions numbering in their thousands, liberated regions numbering in their hundreds, and led defences numbering in their dozens;

INDEBTED to Benevolent Thomas' instrumental role in the liberation, refounding, and rebuilding of Australia and Hogwarts — despite being faced both times with mighteous, formidable, and often indomitable adversary — into thriving communities, and incumbent service in the latter as Deputy Headmaster, as the administration of The DADA Professor of Benevolent Aurors;

FURTHER INDEBTED to Benevolent Thomas for their work in repairing badly damaged relations between 10000 Islands and The Rejected Realms, which would not be possible without intervention;

LOOKING UP to Benevolent Thomas as an irreplaceable keystone of the world, which would not be the same if such an extraordinary force were absent;

Hereby Commends The First Warden of Benevolent Thomas.

Co-authored by The Illuminati Mastermind of Funkadelia.
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