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Author Topic: List of Ph. Dorks and their Specialties  (Read 600 times)

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List of Ph. Dorks and their Specialties
« on: February 17, 2015, 06:34:28 PM »
libertas non veritas facit legem

College of Creative Arts
Inspiring students to owe financial aid $100,000 to learn a hobby.

Dr. Myroria Farforthnovithshofth Ph. Dork of Creative Ethanology
College of History and Economics
Teaching students how to argue with that conservative grandfather or liberal sister.

Dr. Musitant Owlman Ph. Dork of Philosophical Bored Game Theory and Quoting Adam Smith Dr. Letonna Mainiac Ph. Dork of Natural Organic Gluten-free Nerdicides, Nerdlyon-B, and Nerdzis studies
College of Science
Enlightening students about how little we know and that we can't do anything to stop the inevitable heat death that will doom us all

Dr. Letonna Mainiac Ph. Dork of Analytical Cooties StudiesCollege of Gameplay
Reminding our students that our ideology of defenderism is right and everyone else is wrong. Period.

Dr. Musitant Owlman Ph. Dork of Throwing Bottles Out of Planes at Utopias
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