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Author Topic: Westwind's High Council  (Read 1205 times)

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Westwind's High Council
« on: April 19, 2008, 09:00:37 PM »
Quote from: Flemingovia
It was cold and dark in the .info forum. A thin layer of dust coated every surface and a miasma choked the air with the mustiness of neglect.

In the High Council forum nothing had stirred for weeks. But now clouds of dust were thrown up as a shambling figure, clothed in mildewed robes, shuffled into the council chamber.

The Crimson King addresses the High Council

“I…I…” his voice coughed and faltered, as vocal cords unused for ages were called upon. “I call this High Council to order”.

One by one heads rose from where they had slumped on chests. The High Council of the Crimson Order awoke, and one of them spoke.

“who the fuck are you?” he said.

“I am Lewis and Clark, your King and Lord.” The old man said.

“Lewis and Clark!” scoffed another. “He is a child’s fable! Nobody has seen him in countless ages.”

But the oldest member of the council squinted at the figure through rheumy eyes. “My Lord!” he said “it is you! It has been …. so long! We thought you were…..”

“I have returned” Lewis and Clark croaked. “But daily I feel my power grow weaker and weaker. My endorsements are dropping and my virility is fading. The fair Great Bight’s Mum is even now marching on the palace on a wave of popular support. What say you, my High Council? How can we meet this threat?”

The High Council members thought for a moment. Then one by one they gave their verdict.

“We’re screwed”
“Yep. Screwed.”
“As screwed as a one armed man in a three legged race.”
“Utterly fucked”

Lewis and Clark sighed. He had expected more fight, more Support from his High Council. Maybe it was as Imhotep had said. Maybe his choice in High Council ministers had been “inadvisable”, but as all the good looks, brains and talent were supporting Great Bight’s Mum, he had appointed the best that were available.

Something of his old fire flashed into his eyes, as he spoke.

“We have yet one hope. I will call on the power of…”

He was interrupted by one of the council:

“Oh crapdoodle. He is going to say “Gatesville” again”

“…..Gatesville!” The Crimson King ploughed on, undeterred. “Prepare the signal.”

“My lord. The GatesSignal has long been broken. It will no longer shine in the night.”

Lewis and Clark sighed. “Then someone write something. Prepare a signal that is …. Suitable.

The order was given. As they had done so many times in the past, a message was sent asking for Gatesville’s help.

the sign put out calling for Gatesville help

Soon a cloud of black ravens appeared on the horizon. Lewis and Clark smiled. Help was on it’s way. There would be a price to pay, of course. There always was. But for now… for today … he still sat on the Crimson throne.
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Re: Westwind's High Council
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2012, 04:24:13 PM »
:o I wish I was around to see those days... the days the fabled GBM marched towards the palace of magicality city.... *sighs*
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