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« on: June 08, 2007, 10:36:13 PM »
The North Pacific Regional

21 May, 2007


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Government Officials

The The North Pacific had elections at the start of May, it was an exciting vote and congratulations to all who took part. We as a region, look forward to a good three months that the Cabinet will serve until the next elections in August.

Prime Minister- Upper Kirby
Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs- Gaspo
Minister of External Affairs- Emperor Matthuis
Minister of Defense- Ator People
Minister of Justice- Byardkuria
Minister of Communications- Monte Ozarka
Minister of Arts and Entertainment- Monumental Proportions
Minister of Culture and Education- Blue Wolf II

UN Regional Delegate- Dalimbar
Vice Delegate- Haor Chall

Speaker of the Regional Assembly- Eluvatar
Security Council- Emperor Matthuis, Ator People, Gaspo, Haor Chall, Grosseschnauzer, Monte Ozarka and Zemnaya Svoboda.

The Regional Assembly

There are currently three bills in formal discussion, Enumeration of Prohibited Acts, a proposal to solve the much controversial Defining Duality and a bill to set down some Holidays for The North Pacific to abide by. These are all being overseen by our new Speaker of the Regional Assembly Eluvatar, who has created a new FAQ to help the members of the Assembly.

Other News

The North Pacific thanked Grosseschnauzer for the hard work and great dedication that he has shown in his successful terms as Prime Minister of The North Pacific. His farewell address as Prime Minister can be seen here.

The following deputies have been appointed by their respective ministers:

Deputy Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs-Lord Valentine
Deputy Minister of External Affairs-The Duchess
Deputy Minister of Defence-Galapagos Isle
Deputy Minister of Justice- Falconkats
Deputy Minister of Communications-Soigacas
Deputy Minister of Arts and Entertainment-Korinna
Deputy Minister of Culture and Education-Joshua
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Re: Update
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Very much in Your debt for the update, Emperor. ;)
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