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News: Let us become steel shields that defend the ideals of the Glorious Revolution and Taijituan democracy!

Author Topic: June Update  (Read 1375 times)

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June Update
« on: June 04, 2013, 04:47:01 AM »

4th June 2013

The Government of The North Pacific
Delegate: Jamie Anumia
Vice Delegate: KiwiTaicho

Minister for Foreign Affairs: McMasterdonia
Minister for Communications: Vacant
Minister for Defence: Kiwi
Minister for Culture and Entertainment: Alvino Castillion
Minister for World Assembly Affairs: Sanctaria

Speaker of the Regional Assembly: Crushing Our Enemies

Security Council:
Chairman: KiwiTaicho
Members: Great Bights Mum, BlackShear, Grosseschnauzer, Romanoffia, Former English Colony, Eluvatar, Blue Wolf II

The Court
Attorney General: Gaspo
Chief Justice: Vacant Associate Justice: PunkD

Forum: http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/topic/6903327/1
Map: http://map.thenorthpacific.org/
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/xMGxYi
IRC: http://cbe001.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.esper.net&channel=%23tnp
Laws: http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/pages/laws/

Delegacy Elections

The North Pacific has once again gone to the polls for General Elections for the position of Delegate, Vice Delegate and Speaker. Running for the office of Delegate is incumbent Jamie Anumia, Mall and Abstain. Jamie Anumia is running on a platform of the desire to complete his goals started in the previous term as having been elected at a special election he has only held office for a few months. Mall is campaigning on a platform of regional destruction and purges, and Abstain has no campaign at all. Jamie Anumia was solidly re-elected to the office of Delegate, and Crushing our Enemies had a strong win in the elections for Speaker.

Jamie Anumia celebrates election victory!

The Vice Delegacy was contested by Romanoffia, incumbent Blue Wolf II and current Minister for Defence KiwiTaicho. The elections had to be restarted after Romanoffia was left off the ballot by the election commissioners. KiwiTaicho was victorious in the election winning 56% of the vote.
Written by McMasterdonia

Changes to the Cabinet

Following the re-election of Jamie Anumia to the office of Delegate there have been some small changes in the cabinet. Mall has been removed from the position of Ministry for WA Affairs and replaced with Sanctaria.

From Left: McMasterdonia, Sanctaria, Kiwi and Jamie discuss policy

Mall responded to his dismissal, accusing the Delegate of demoting him because he contested the Delegacy elections.

Quote from: Mall
Then they came for me, and the voters will remember which person lived up to his campaign promises, and which person fired his election opponent immediately after the Court validated the elections results...

Delegate Jamie Anumia also dismissed Romanoffia as a Minister, to which Romanoffia gave him thanks for doing so. It is unclear who the new Minister for Communications will be.
Written by McMasterdonia

The South Pacific Liberation

The South Pacific is one of the closest allies of the North Pacific, and Delegate Jamie Anumia quickly took action in releasing a statement condemning the actions and declaring Milograd persona non grata. The Delegates statement is viewable here

The North Pacific Army was proud to serve in the liberation attempt with senior members McMasterdonia and Eluvatar serving on the Supreme Council that helped organize the liberation attempt. We are pleased to see the South Pacific free, and we are glad to have been there for them in their time of need.

Following the overthrow of Milograd there have been some concerns and questions raised about the persona non grata status of Milograd. Delegate Jamie Anumia released a statement concerning this, which can be viewed here.
Written by McMasterdonia

Court News

The Court of the North Pacific has had a busy few weeks. The Case of TNP v Ravania has come to a conclusion with a verdict of guilty for Espionage and not guilty for treason. This was following issues with the Administration team about the posting of IRC logs onto the regional forum, and the Attorney General calling off his involvement in cases until the issue was resolved. The new policy regarding IRC logs on our forum is that all logs regarding gameplay matters are fair game and may be posted. Logs relating to personal matters are not granted the same leniency and must have the consent of both members for them to be posted on our forum.

The Court was flooded with reviews during the general elections, due to Romanoffia's name being left off the ballot. The Court ruled that the Election Commissioners have the power to establish and enforce rules regarding the running of elections. The Election Commissioners chose to restart elections for the Vice Delegacy due to their mistake in not explicitly saying they required that at the beginning of the election. A full statement from the election commissioners is viewable here
Written by McMasterdonia

Regional Assembly Weekly Digest
(2013-05-24 - 2013-05-31)

Old Business: Please find below a list of proposals that have passed and failed this week.

1. Recall Eluvatar: Failed

New Business: Below can be found a list of proposals currently before the assembly.

1. Contempt of Court Bill: Under debate
2. Security Council Reform Bill: Under debate
3. Election Streamlining Bill: Under debate

Other Business: See below for other matters that may concern you as a member of the RA.

1. We extend a warm welcome to our newest Assembly members: Malashaan, The SCG, and Scumshire!

2. We bid a fond farewell to those who have left us: Ator People, Ndocciata, Freesoc, Richalpoaz, Windy, MahendoSat, Aikku, Matthex0, Markus Wolf, Malanasia, and Felasia. We're sorry to see them go.

3. The Speaker's procedure for proposal and voting is undergoing revision! If you'd like to have a say in it, post in the relevant thread in the main Regional Assembly forum. The new procedure will be finalized sometime next week - possibly as early as Monday!

4. The Honorable Chief Justice Abbey and the Honorable Justice Sanctaria have resigned, and nominations are underway for a Special Election to fill their seats on the bench. Details may be found in the Elections subforum of the Agora. In the meantime, Gracius Maximus and Hileville have been appointed as Temporary Hearing Officers in their places.

SillyString's Silly Advice
Justices are required to vote in every third proposal put before the Regional Assembly, excepting ones where the text contains a prime number. TJOs may freely vote FOR or AGAINST any proposal, but are prohibited from abstaining.

General COE's Cautionary Words
Strange times are at hand. Avoid the court when possible.
Written by Crushing Our Enemies

Court Shakeup!

"For REVENGE!" the words echoed around the chamber. "For CHAOS! For DESTRUCTION! For LEGIONS UPON LEGIONS of DISARRAY and CONFLICT for the Delegate and his godforsaken ELECTION COMMISSIONERS!"

These were the maledictions that flew after the breaking point of Chief Justice Abbey Anumia, who swore vengeance upon the throngs and masses that stormed the Court Filings offices every day, seeking innocent advice from the all-powerful sorcerer of justice, whom was rumored to have more power than the Delegate himself.

Chief Justice Abbey Anumia retires

The Wise One Sanctaria had apparently been convinced into the dark side as well. "The Chief Justice hath triggered the Special Election of the AGES!" shrieks came from inside the private halls in which no member of the AG's office dared enter. "I will add MASS upon MASS to this fire, and burn the infrastructure to the ground! From now on, I shall be known as SANCTICON, GOD OF THE DEEP!"

Protesters outside the halls of justice..

Remaining Justice Punk Daddy rushed to shield The North Pacific from the oncoming disaster. He promised swift and decisive wiccan control through temporary hearing officers, unorthodox maskings, and post cleanup, promising the Resigned would not stop the Court and its Region from chugging along and doing what it does best: more special elections.

Written by Iro

Thanks for reading our update!

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Re: June Update
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2013, 07:40:52 PM »
become evil again. plz.

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Re: June Update
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2013, 08:11:34 PM »
Just wait for that time of the month...they'll be evil alright...