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Author Topic: December Update  (Read 1066 times)

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December Update
« on: January 04, 2013, 03:18:11 AM »

THE NORTH PACIFIC Regional Update: December 2012

The Government of The North Pacific
Delegate: McMasterdonia
Vice Delegate: Blue Wolf II

Government Ministers
Communications: Romanoffia
Defence: Kiwi
Culture and Entertainment: Kingborough
World Assembly Affairs: Eluvatar
Foreign Affairs: Tim

The Regional Assembly
Speaker: Flemingovia

Security Council
Chairman: Blue Wolf II
Great Bights Mum, Pasargard, BlackShear, Grosseschnauzer, Romanoffia, Former English Colony, Eluvatar, Blue Wolf II

Attorney General: Punk D
Chief Justice: Hileville Associate Justices: Gaspo & Belschaft

Delegate Ejected from the World Assembly

The NPA holds off Insane Rioters calling for the Recall of McMasterdonia

In what ended up being a very strange turn of events, World Assembly Delegate McMasterdonia was Temporarily Ejected from the World Assembly.

In the time before McMasterdonia came online to figure out the situation, all hell broke loose across TNP. Our reporters even saw a Recall Thread go up, but it was quickly shot down by shouts of "Oh at least let him log in first!"

After McMasterdonia logged in, he talked to the Moderators and it turned out that the Mods dun goofed. A New system with WA applications had been set up earlier that day, and McMasterdonia for some reason got hit by it. After much heated argument and raised voices, McMasterdonia was restored to the Delegacy and everything was happy and sunshiny again. The Moderation team then apologized, which in itself is a lolwut: Dat Apology

Peace was restored to The North Pacific and all the people asking for the recall suddenly felt really stupid.

The End.
By Tim Stark

Executive Council Elections

Following Mcmasterdonia's ascension to the Delegacy of The North Pacific he promptly called elections for the cabinet positions, with some changes. Five seats were available instead of the usual four, the Delegate and Vice Delegate taking an additional non-ministerial two seats.

The elections also switched to a simpler system of voting and counting. Voters comprised of all regional assembly members and citizens, who numbered each candidate lowest to highest, in order of preference. Eluvatar, Tim, Kiwi, Kingborough and Romanoffia were elected to the executive council.

The new council set to work straight away. Culture and Entertainment, the newest ministry, has been trailblazing and doing a lot of good work for the region. The next elections will likely be held sometime in January.

Vice Delegates Resignation and Fresh Elections

The North Pacific was embroiled in drama after the Vice Delegate Tim, resigned his WA to take part in a liberation attempt of Eastern Islands of Dharma. A recall motion almost immediately was introduced to the Regional Assembly for vote, but was halted when members demanded to hear from Tim before they acted. Tim apologized for resigning his WA in such a way, and promplty handed his resignation in.

New elections were called immediately, with many members putting their names forward as candidates. After a slight hiccup when a candidates name was left off the ballot, elections were restarted with Blue Wolf II and Romanoffia emerging as the clear front runners. Blue Wolf II emerged the victor and took his oath of office promising to ban Ramaba from the region if he takes the Delegacy seat at any time. His oath has since been challenged in the court in usual Blue Wolf style.
Written by Mcmasterdonia

Emergency Judicial Elections

Judicial Elections also happened, here in The North Pacific, due to a lot of people stepping up and down and all around. More specifically, Former Associate Justice Blue Wolf II was Elected to Vice Delegate to replace Former Vice Delegate Tim. This Election Result left a gap in the Court of the North Pacific that caused another Emergency Election.

The Election happened and a clear winner emerged. Replacing Blue Wolf, as Associate Justice, is Gaspo. Gaspo is an older player with plenty of legal experience, and he has been very active in the Judiciary from the moment he was elected.

Good Luck to the new Associate Justice!

Written by Tim Stark

The Holiday Festival

The North Pacific has been hosting a Holiday Festival in joint cooperation with Osiris and The South Pacific. Administrator Eluvatar put a lot of work in creating a new Christmas skin for our forum, featuring falling snowflakes, bunnies, schnauzers and a variety of other animals and faces.

The festival has featured some new games such as "The most creative way to kill Blue Wolf II" and variations of the common spam games.

It has helped to generate some activity in what is usually a slow period, and has been a good way to start the festive season. The North Pacific wishes our friends and allies abroad a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.
Written by Mcmasterdonia

The Eternal Trial of JAL:
New Archaeological Evidence Points To The Early Origins Of JAL's Trial

(Magicality City, December 17, 2012) - Archaeologists from The North Pacific Ministry of Culture have unearthed evidence of the origin of JAL's ongoing trials believed to date from the Third Millennium, BCE.

"This is an astounding discovery!" said The North Pacific's Resident Archaeologist Emeritus, Methuselah Fossilberg. "This early tomb painting depicting JAL, in the form of a deceased Pharoah, having his heart weighed by the judges of the underworld to see if he is worthy to pass through. This tomb painting is so old that it depicts former Associate Justice in his former incarnation, Anubis. One of JAL's advocates (to the right of JAL) turns in disgust at the length of the proceedings while being admonished for doing so by another Justice (out of the image to the right) who is upset by the line of questioning."

"Egyptology experts are in the process of deciphering the hieroglyphic writing as we speak. So far, the they can only make out the phrase 'here we go again' from the crumbling image," said Fossilberg.
Written by Romanoffia

Galt Conference

A recent development in The North Pacific has been the multilateral Galt Conference, which is taking place in Galt City, in the archipalego nation of the Almanianian Union. We dropped in on the national delegates in between their speeches to hear what they had to say about the conference. "Galt Conference is a means to strengthen unity, support, and relationships amongst nations that are in full accordance with benevolent governments that seek to place care and provision for the citizenry as its top priority," said the representative from the Democratic Republic of United Koryo.

The Malvad delegation had this to say: "Although the conference started out slow we have reached the point where we are discussing the formation of The North Pacific Community. It will connect nations of TNP economically, politically, culturally, and militarily. It will promote peace, stability, and democracy.

The NPC will also include a railway connecting the nations who form it. We hope this will improve relations between all nations of The North Pacific." Well, there was noticeably a buzz of excitement amongst the participants and we look foward to seeing where the RP will lead.

When we approached The North Pacific Government for a statement, Executive Councillor Kingborough gave us this response: "It is great to see some roleplay action taking place in The North Pacific, thanks to our very active new deputy Minister of Culture & Entertainment Mr. Alvino Castillion."

Latest from The North Pacific Army

As many have noted, this time of year marks a lower level of activity on the forums and I must admit that the availability of many members of the NPA has struggled too. As a result, I have been actively encouraging joint operations with the UDL, the Cat Burglars and the Medjai Guard in equal measure.

The NPA defended Anarchy against a slow-raid, meaning it wasn't so much a rush to the region at a given time but rather just ensuring the native had a higher endorsement count at update. It was also a fantastic opportunity to try out the NPAs new battleflag. Until now I have been unable to get any feedback on it so take a look at my main nation KiwiTaicho if you want to see it!

We have also been attempting to take over the warzones whenever possible. The most notable being that of warzone sandbox which we held successfully for a few days.

I would also like to note the hard work of the few NPA members who have made themselves available recently. Firstly, although McMasterdonia is Commander-in-Chef, I would like to give him the military rank of Major General for when he eventually is no longer delegate. His tireless work as MoD in a range of missions, should not be understated. Secondly, I would like to promote Eluvatar to the rank of Lieutenant. Recently his assistance, scripting expertise and experience have been incredibly useful to the NPA. Thirdly, I would like to promote Kingborough to the rank of Sergeant given his recent activity and assistance in NPA missions.

We also participated in a raid against The Greater German Reich with our friends from a variety of regions. We decided to take the opportunity when the Delegate of the GGR became an executive position due to LCG ceasing to exist and being refounded. The Delegate approved this mission immediately, and was backed by 3 members of his cabinet condoning the course of action that followed.

On top of all that, I would also like to welcome our newest member Alvino Castillon! His help and good spirit are a great addition to the NPA.

Summarily I wish everyone in TNP a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And if you're planning on drinking as much as I am, remember not to drive!

Minister of Defence

In Conclusion.....Violent for [Violet]

We've had some interesting times in these past few months. We would like to wish our friends and allies abroad a Happy New Year, may it always be more prosperous than the last.

Finally a shout out to [violet]. We hope that our friends and allies will join us in expressing our full, unwavering, and unequivocal support for a [violet] led coup of the site. No godly admin should be subject to the whims of underlings, and in this we are your staunchest fans.

Occupy the Mod Cave is a movement that will not end. Not even when bored. We will continue to support [violet] as the one true ruler of nationstates ruling with the divine right of god himself.

We support you fully and look forward to the violent crackdown against the mods that will follow.

Go Violent for [violet]!!

Thanks For Reading Our Update!