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Author Topic: April Update  (Read 1268 times)

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April Update
« on: April 21, 2014, 09:01:54 PM »
April 2014

Table of contents
  • The North Pacific ratifies alliance with Albion.
  • The North Pacific Army flexes its muscles.
  • March Judicial elections.
  • The view from the Speaker's Office.
  • The North Pacific in the World Assembly.
  • The North Pacific Government directory.
The North Pacific ratifies alliance with Albion

King Charles Cerebella (left), Delegate mcmasterdonia (middle), and Minister of Foreign Affairs r3naissanc3r take a break from negotiating the terms of the treaty. A paparazzi from The Rejected Times can be seen in the background.

On April 14th, 2014, the Regional Assembly of The North Pacific ratified The North Pacific and Albion Security Treaty. The treaty establishes a close alliance between the two regions, including provisions for non-aggression and mutual defense, as well as military, diplomatic, and intelligence cooperation.

The treaty is the product of negotiations between Delegate mcmasterdonia and Minister of Foreign Affairs r3naissanc3r for The North Pacific, and King Charles Cerebella for Albion. Presenting the treaty to the Regional Assembly, the Minister described Albion as a strategic partner, emphasized its military prowess and the associated security benefits for The North Pacific, and demonstrated the two regions’ diplomatic compatibility by enumerating their many shared principles and objectives.

The new treaty capitalizes on the pre-existing strong links between The North Pacific and Albion. Prior to becoming allies, the two regions had collaborated militarily on a number of occasions, most prominently during the campaigns against Milograd’s coup in The South Pacific in April 2013, and The Dourian Embassy’s coup in Osiris in July 2013. The governments of the two regions enjoyed excellent relations and frequently interacted diplomatically. It is the expectation of the Government of The North Pacific that the formal alliance will reinforce this productive collaboration.

The full text of the treaty is available here.
Written by r3naissanc3r.

The North Pacific Army flexes its muscles

Brigadier-General Gladio (shown) briefs General Blue Wolf II (not shown) on the precious bodily fluids progress of the training exercises.

The North Pacific Army ("NPA") has been a focus area for the Government of The North Pacific during this ongoing term. In an effort spearheaded by Minister of Defence Blue Wolf II and Acting Minister of Defence Gladio, the NPA has seen frequent deployments and intensive training, at the same time always closely adhering to the directives set out by The North Pacific Army Doctrine.

In late January, the NPA assisted the Osiris Delegacy transition to Lord Ravenclaw, in a sign of goodwill from the Government of The North Pacific that was shortly followed by a statement of recognition of the Osiris Fraternal Order. In late February, the NPA participated in the occupation of St Abbaddon lead by The Brotherhood of Malice, reciprocating the Brotherhood’s help in eliminating an internal threat to The North Pacific’s delegacy. In early March, the NPA received a request for support from General Hammond, Delegate of Stargate, a region allied to The North Pacific. The NPA immediately deployed, effectively securing Stargate against any external threats, and demonstrating yet again The North Pacific’s commitment to the defense of their allies.

Acting Minister Gladio has also implemented a rigorous program of military exercises, intended to enhance operational capability and maintain combat readiness during periods when the NPA is not engaged in formal military operations. During this term, the NPA has conducted on its own successful training exercises in East Pacific, Transilvania, and Atlantic, and more are planned for the remaining of the term. The NPA also executed in coordination with the United Imperialist Armed Forces ("UIAF") a large-scale joint military exercise in Scotland. The exercise preceded by a few days the ratification of The North Pacific and Albion Security Treaty, Albion being one of the constituent militaries of the UIAF. Together these two actions signal a future of closer cooperation between the two militaries.

The Government’s focus on the NPA has been a particularly gainful endeavor. The NPA now maintains capability of rapid response, consistent deployment of a minimum of ten units, and effectiveness in varying operating environments. The increased power and versatility of the NPA reinforce its role in serving the region and the objectives laid down by The North Pacific Army Doctrine.

Membership to the North Pacific Army is open to everyone with a nation in the region and a mobile World Assembly nation. You can apply to join here.
Written by r3naissanc3r.

March Judicial Elections

Newly-elected Associate Justice SillyString, after reading a multi-page brief submitted by newly-appointed Assistant Attorney General Gracius Maximus.

March saw the first regular election cycle of the year in The North Pacific. Elections were held for the Justices of the regional Court and the Attorney General.

The Justice election was highly contested, with six candidates competing for three positions. The results saw incumbent Romanoffia retain his seat, and Ator People and SillyString join the bench for the first time. Subsequent deliberations among the Justices resulted in Romanoffia being declared Chief Justice.

In the Attorney General election, Chasmanthe won by a comfortable margin. After he took office, he proceeded to appoint Gracius Maximus and Treize_Dreizehn as his Assistants. The new Court and prosecutorial team have already had a busy first month in office, addressing several review and criminal cases that had been in the docket from prior to the election.

The North Pacific boasts one of the most developed Judiciaries in NationStates, with a jurisprudential tradition going back almost a decade. If you are interested in getting involved, apply to become a member here.
Written by r3naissanc3r.

The view from the Speaker's Office

"Motions to vote do not work that way!" ~Speaker Zyvetskistaahn informs the members on proper Regional Assembly procedure.

The Regional Assembly continues to perfect The North Pacific’s statute book, addressing during the last month issues relating to electoral regulations, court jurisdiction, and regional culture.

Regarding elections, Vice Delegate Democratic Donkeys proposed a constitutional amendment to remove term limits for the office of Delegate, where currently no person may serve for more than two consecutive terms. This would enable current Delegate mcmasterdonia to run again in the next general election. The proposal divided the Assembly during debate, and is currently at vote.

In terms of court legislation, Minister of Foreign Affairs r3naissanc3r introduced a bill removing the civil jurisdiction of The North Pacific’s Court. The bill followed a previous proposal by Justice Romanoffia for the addition of a civil code to the regional statute, which the Assembly rejected. The new bill successfully passed the Assembly and became law.

Finally, Minister of Culture Lord Ravenclaw, representing the Cabinet, submitted a bill establishing April 26th as an official regional holiday, commemorating the adoption of the Flag of The North Pacific. This comes just as the region is about to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this important event, which is considered synonymous with the establishment of constitutional government in The North Pacific. The bill was received positively and quickly ratified by the Assembly.

The Regional Assembly is The North Pacific’s legislative body, and one of the most active in NationStates. Everyone with a nation in the region can join it by applying here.
Written by r3naissanc3r.

The North Pacific in the World Assembly

An artist’s impression of Delegate mcmasterdonia voting on a WA resolution.

Delegate mcmasterdonia remains the most endorsed delegate in NationStates by a wide margin, with an endorsement count close to and at times exceeding the five hundreds. This places The North Pacific in a position of unsurpassed power in the World Assembly. Minister of World Assembly Affairs Abacathea works diligently to ensure this voting power is utilized to its full extent and in the best interests of the region.

In the Security Council, March saw a proposal by Ramaeus to Commend Blackbird, prominent member of the Alliance Defense Network, the Red Liberty Alliance, and the Meritocracy. More relevant in determining The North Pacific’s vote was the nominee’s involvement in three forum destruction operations conducted by the Red Liberty Alliance Intelligence operatives in 2005. The North Pacific, a signatory of the Convention on Off-site Property Security, unreservedly condemns all acts of forum terrorism, and accordingly helped defeat the commendation proposal by voting against it.

In the General Assembly, during the last two months there have been two prominent attempts to repeal "Rights and Duties of WA States". Minister Abacathea on both occasions published a comprehensive argument against the repeal, imploring the region to vote to defeat it. In the first case this proved unnecessary, as the proposal was eventually ruled illegal. In the second case, Minister Abacathea, along with Delegate of Monkey Island and Deputy to the Delegate of Europeia Mousebumples, also organised a wide campaign against the proposal. With an early vote against by Delegate mcmasterdonia, the proposal was soundly defeated.

The North Pacific vote is determined by an offsite poll, open to all Regional Assembly members with a World Assembly nation in the region. To be able to influence the strongest vote in the World Assembly, apply to join here.
Written by r3naissanc3r.

The North Pacific Government directory

Delegate: mcmasterdonia
Vice Delegate: Democratic Donkeys
Minister for Foreign Affairs: r3naissanc3r
Minister for Communications: Kiwi
Minister for Defence: Blue Wolf II (acting, Gladio)
Minister for Culture and Entertainment: Lord Ravenclaw (acting, Lennart)
Minister for World Assembly Affairs: Abacathea

Speaker of the Regional Assembly: Zyvetskistaahn
Deputy Speakers: Lord Nwahs, PaulWallLibertarian42

Chief Justice: Romanoffia
Associate Justices: Ator People, SillyString
Attorney General: Chasmanthe
Prosecutors: Gracius Maximus, Treize_Dreizehn

Security Council
Chairman: Democratic Donkeys
Members: Great Bights Mum, Former English Colony, Grosseschnauzer, Romanoffia, mcmasterdonia, Democratic Donkeys, Lennart, Lord Byron

The North Pacific April Update is produced and distributed by The North Pacific Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thank you for reading!

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Re: April Update
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