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The Fiqh Court
« on: November 15, 2012, 04:59:45 AM »
In the name of the one true God, Flemingovia.

Concerned at the paralysis gripping the courts of Taijitu, Flemingovia now introduces to the region the blessed Fiqh, or religious court.

The Fiqh shall be based on the Flemingovian mantra and constitution. The principles it shall uphold shall be that justice shall be swift, merciful and based on the twin pillars of divine wisdom and common sense.

And here shall be the Way of Fiqh:

All people may come to Fiqh for justice, be they Flemingovian or heathen; be they citizen of The North Pacific or not, for all may come to the light for justice. Even Govindia may come to the light.

Those coming to the Fiqh for justice shall agree voluntarily to abide by the decision of the court. This shall be a berith, a sacred oath.

On hearing the complaint, Flemingovia shall appoint up to three holy ones to deliver justice.

Complaint shall be heard, as shall rebuttal. The Holy ones shall listen and shall consider.

And in their consideration they shall use common sense. Secular documents and man made laws shall not apply. The Mother of Abominations that is called “Constitution” shall be irrelevant.

The one true God shall also consider, and shall guide the judges. And they shall give judgement.

And justice shall be swift and fair and sensible, and the Attorney General shall not prevent it and the Admin shall not stand in its way, for it is Mitzvah, the will of God.

If the secular justice of Taijitu is failing you, if the Chief Justice or Minister for Justice will not allow you access to the courts, come to the Fiqh and you shall be heard.

Bring your complaint and it will be heard.
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