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Author Topic: From Public View[1957]  (Read 1474 times)

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From Public View[1957]
« on: September 21, 2014, 07:59:59 PM »
   “...it was announced earlier today by the Ministry of Colonization that food rations will be decreased by 10% to prepare for the upcoming winter. The Ministry stressed that this was for the benefit of all Nova Letonna Subjects, and that the Ministry took into consideration everyone's well be-.”
The Driver of an old beat up pickup turned off the radio.

“Man they never play music anymore, it's always just 'Ministry this', 'Ministry that.'”

“Yeah, bunch of damn bullshit. There's no shortage, they just want to increase their profit margins, impress the crown back home. They're just a bunch of boot suckers if you ask me” A gravely voiced man said from the passenger seat.

“Straighten up, we're reaching the checkpoint.” the driver said.

The pickup, pulling a trailer brimming with hay, stopped at a military checkpoint. A couple of soldiers in olive green uniforms stood by a wooden gate. They had on orange sashes, signifying they were with the Ministry of Colonization. A Sargent waved down the truck, and walked up to the drivers window.

“Hey Veena, hot day isn't it?” The Sargent said.

“Sure is Berem.” Veena said while handing some wrinkled yellow forms to the Sargent.
 The Sargent quickly jotted down something on his clipboard, and handed it back to the woman.

“There you are Veena. Looks like you got a big haul this time.”

“I sure do!”

“Listen Veena” The Sargent leaned in close and whispered to the woman. “Do you want to grab a drink sometime in town? I know a nice little Ministry pub we can go to, drinks on me.”

“Oh uhh, I'm not sure Berem, you know, I'm not really looking for anyone at the moment, and I think we should just remain friends, you understand?

“Oh, well, right, of course. You can proceed.” The Sargent, visibly hurt, waved to his comrades, and they opened the gate.

The truck began to accelerate and drove through the gate.

“What a creep.” The man next to her said.

“Give him a break, he's a nice guy, for a ministry goon.”

“None of them are 'nice guys', they're all here for one thing: to squeeze as much money there is to squeeze out of this land. They might seem nice, but they're just the tools to a much larger evil.”

They had only made it about 500 feet and around a small hill, just out of view of the check point,  before a man in a torn blue uniform ran our from behind some bushes.

“Who's that? What's he doing?” the woman asked.

The man in the passenger seat didn't reply as he reached behind the seat and pulled out a small hunting rifle.

“Don't stop.” He said.

But it was too late. The man in the torn blue clothing pulled a pistol and ran into the middle of the road.
The truck stopped, and he walked up to the window. When he came closer it was clear he was wearing a torn Letonese Prison Uniform.

“Where are you folks traveling too?” he said in a calm voice, considering the situation.

“We're going into Fort Welfrum. We're dropping off this hay to the Ministry.”

“I suppose you wouldn't mind if I hitch a ride then.”

“No, you should head back down the road and catch a ride with those troops back there.” The gravely voice man said.

“No, you're truck looks just fine, I'll even ride in the back, I Insist.” The man said while cocking the gun.

The woman looked over to her passenger, who shrugged his shoulders.

“Fine.” She said.

The man gave a wink to the woman, and hopped in the back of the truck, burying himself under a tarp. He positioned himself so his head and his gun were still visible through the rear view mirror. He knocked on the back window, and the woman opened it.

“I'm watching you guys. Any funny stuff, and your friend here is going to end up all over the windshield.”

“Yeah, OK I get it. Would you just settle yourself in already?”

The man grunted.

“What are you names?” The armed man said through the back window.

The woman and her passenger exchanged looks, and both shrugged.

“I'm Veena, and this is Icksen, we're farmers.”

“A Pleasure. I'd give you my name, but I'm sure you understand it would just help them find me faster.”

“I'll just call you 82365-NL then.” The woman said in a snarky tone.

The man was confused, before he remembered his prisoner id number was on his sleeve. He held his hand over his eyes in embarrassment.

“Jansen” he said in a quiet tone.

“A pleasure.” The woman said.
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Re: From Public View[1957]
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2014, 02:58:29 AM »
It was still another half hour until they arrived in Fort Welfrum. It was apparent they were getting close. The foliage became sparse, the road dusty, and the air dry. This part of Nova Letonna was very dry, notorious for being a mostly useless stretch of land. It's sole attraction was the Fort, which served as a trading hub into the Ozian territory of Vazu'Vir.

The man still clenched his gun tightly at he watched the road in front of them. He was expecting more trouble than than they were currently receiving. They had only stopped at one more check point, and the troops there gave them little hassle, though they did ask if they had seen anyone suspicious on the roads.

Veena wasn't to worried about the man in the back. She could tell he wasn't some criminal. His accent gave him away. He spoke like a well educated Letonese, well refined in his posture and mannerisms. He used to be someone of importance, and her curiosity was at it's peak.

“So what'd you do?”

“Excuese me?” the man said.

“What did you do to lose your posh position in the Empire?”

“How did you...?”

“Oh Pssssh, you Imperials. You act like you're so superior to everyone. You stick our like sore thumbs here. All high and mighty with your Letonnasburg accent and perfect posture. Ugh, the sight of one of you...”

She caught herself before she went further, remembering who had the gun in the situation. Jansen didn't appear very bothered by her assaults anyway. He just stared off into the distance with a blank stare.

“I was head of financial record keeping for one of the Ministries. But I was accused of espionage when I started digging through records that I shouldn't have been digging through. I was tried, and sent here.”

“Why not execute you?”

“The Empire doesn't believe in capital punishment of criminals proven guilty. However, their fate is often much worse. People fit to no longer be welcome in a Letonese society are sent to Nova Letonna to serve the Empire in hard labor, usually in the mines of Northern Nova Letonna.”

“Why haven't I seen any of them except you?”

“The Ministries don't want the public to see them, less they question their judgment, and feel bad for these people. The prisoners are kept from public view, forgotten and abandoned. Left to serve the Empire until they die. They are held in walled off communities in MOC mines. “

Veena thought about this for a moment. She was born and raised here, the long decedent of traders and settlers from Old Neustria. She never questioned the Empire when they rolled in because nothing changed in her life. She was still allowed to farm and make a living. Even if the Empire was a little 'father knows best' with her and her people, they still brought money and jobs into the land.

“Why are you going to Fort Welfrum?”Icksen asked. He had remained silent during this entire conversation, not taking eyes off the horizon.

“Let's just say I have a score to settle.”

“How were you even able to escape from a prison nobody knows about?” Veena asked.

“Because I had experiences with mathematics and office work, they put me to work in the prison record keeping office. I was able to steal a gun from a guards desk when nobody was around. They made the mistake of thinking I wasn't as much of a threat.”

Veena and Icksen quickly exchanged glances. The continued driving before approaching one more checkpoint on the outskirts of Fort Welfrum. Veena stopped the truck a few feet from the gate, and a guard approached the vehicle. It was a similar routine as last time, but when they were finished, the guard held up two photographs. One was a familiar looking man in a Letonnese Ministry of Internal Affairs Uniform, another was the same man in a Letonese Prison Uniform.

“Have you seen this man?” The guard said.

“I haven't. You folks are the first people I've seen in a while. Well, besides my partner Icksen here.”

“If you see him, do not approach him. He is presumed armed and dangerous. Alert a Ministry official.”

“Will do officer.”

The truck accelerated through the gate. When they were clear of the guards, Jansen poked his head through the tarp again.

“Thanks.” He said, only half sincere. 

The truck drove on and finally reached a a large sprawling town with a noticeable military instillation on the outskirts.

“Have you ever wondered why a town with no obvious strategic value needed a military force?” Jansen said.

“No. I thought about it, but never really asked. I didn't think the Empire would take to kindly to my prodding.” Veena said humorously.

“Part of the reason is to keep the Ozians that cross the border in line. The other however, is to keep you in line.”

“Keep us in line? But there's no rebellion or fighting going on.”

“The Empire has invested a lot in this colony, and wants to make sure it keeps a firm grasp on its assets.  Just another thing I picked up on in my snooping. They wouldn't want their workforce bidding for independence, now would they?”

Veena didn't reply, as she thought about what Jansen had said. They kept driving, stopping eventually behind a general store. Veena threw back a jacket to Jansen.

“I assume you'll need something to disguise you. A Torn prison uniform doesn't really blend in real well.”

“Uhh, thanks.”

Jansen put the jacket on, and reached into the pocket of his prison Jumper and pulled a wad of bills. He pulled about 50 Let from there and handed it to Veena.

“Thanks, for your trouble, and to keep your mouth shut.” Jansen said nervously.

“I recommend going into that store and finding some proper clothing.” She said, taking the money and stuffing it in a front pocket. Jansen nodded, and hopped from the back of the truck. He walked to the street and turned into the shop.

“Well, that sure was something, eh Icksen?”

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Re: From Public View[1957]
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2014, 12:30:25 AM »
“Your payment comes to 200 Let, and your next scheduled delivery date is on the 24th.”

“Only 200 Let? Can't we negotiate? And the 26th? I have all this hay that I need to get rid of. Can't you people squeeze me in sooner? I have a business to run.”

“The Ministry's prices are firm, 200. And this years harvest was generous, and we already have an ampule supply. You take our appointments, or you go without.”

“But I heard on the radio that there's a shor-.”

“Mrs. Sansen, do you have furtur business with us?”

“No but-”

“Then you're dismissed.”

The Ministry official handed her a yellow piece of paper with “200L” scribbled down at the bottom in a box. Veena turned around to Icksen, who was staring down the Ministry official. They walked back to their truck.

“Well, this won't buy many supplies, and I still need to pay the farm hands...and you.”

“Don't worry about me, you can pay me double next month.”

“Thanks Icksen. Well, we'll need to swing my the Ministry Bank, then the store. I hope you and the farm hands like instant soup for the next month.”

Icksen slightly winced as he got into the truck. Veena turned on the radio. A rock and roll song was playing, some Myroria band. They began to drive towards down town Welfrum. As they drove, they could see soldiers on the street, stopping people and holding up pictures.

“I wonder if they're looking for our friend.” Icksen said in a dry tone.

“I'm sure they are. Let's just get what we need and get out of here before they start pulling travel records from the checkpoints.” Veena said, slightly worried.

They pulled in front of the bank, and jumped out. She walked through the door. There weren't any customers in there, and just one teller. Veena handed the yellow form to teller, she stamped it, and opened a drawer with assorted bills in it. Counting some, she handed a small stack to Veena, who began to count it.

“There's only 192 here.”

“The Ministry has begun charging a cashing fee for 32-D forms. It's 5 Let per transaction, plus 3 we charge for processing.”

“This....this...But you people are the ministry! You're all the ministry! This is madness!”

“Ma'am, I don't make the rule. If you would like, you can file a complaint, and I can forward it to the bank manager.”

“Ugh, fuck it. I'm tired and I want to go home, just give me my receipt.”

She snatched the receipt from the tellers hand. They walked out of the bank, slamming the door, and made their way a few shops down to a discount food store. They purchased various boxes of supplies with the funds. The store clerk was carrying it out when Veena noticed a long lump under the tarp in her truck.

“I uhh, can get it from here.” she said to the store clerk. He handed her the boxes. When he had gone back into the store, she dropped the boxes on the lump under the tarp.

“Shit.” said a muffled voice under the tarp.

“So I assume it didn't go as planned, eh Jansen?”

“Shhhhh, someone might here you.” it said.

Veena and Icksen exchanged annoyed looks, and got in the truck. They started the engine, and pulled into the street. As they drove through town, they could see military vehicles driving by, as well as more soldiers patrolling the streets, stopping citizens.

They were approaching the check point to leave the city. Where a large billboard stood, that had previously advertised 'Chester's Fine Antibacterial Soap', featured a MOC Official and a Farmer in stereotypical overalls and pitchfork shaking hands. In large red font, it read “The Ministry of Colonization, bringing Nova Letonna into the Modern World.” Veena frowned at the sign. As they became the next vehicle in line, another sign could be seen at the gate, reading “Empower your life, Join the Empire.”

Veena handed the guard her forms, and he signed them. Before handing them back, he gave a suspicious look into the back of the truck.

“What's under the tarp?” He asked

“Tools. Pitchforks, shovels, and rope.” she said calmly.

“Hmm, I see.” He said while nodding to another guard. He handed back the papers.

“Be careful driving back in the dark, some criminals have been lose in the area. We wouldn't want you...encountering them.”He said while giving a suspicious look to Veena.

“I'll keep an eye out.”

She grabbed the papers and drove through the gate. The gaze of the guards felt heavy on her back. Once they were 10 minutes out of the city, well beyond the sight of any houses or people, Veena yelled to the back of the truck.

“Damnit Jansen, you better fucking know where some buried treasure or some shit is because we almost got killed back there.”

“Sorry, but I had no choice. I didn't know they were going to let the barracks loose on the town. I was only able to grab some clothes before someone recognized me. The store keeper called the guards. I was dodging patrols when I saw your truck. It was my only chance. I just need a ride to-”

Veena slammed on the breaks. An Unsuspecting Icksen was lurched forward, his seat belt digging into his chest.

“No no. No more helping you Jansen. I looked the other way the last few times because I felt bad for you. But you're to much of a burden now. You're going to ruin my livelihood. Get out and walk, or con some other people.”

“But...But I got a g-”

“Oh yeah? Why haven't you been holding it like a scared child? I'm guessing you lost it like an idiot back in your scuffle at the store.”

Jansen was silent, looking down at the bed of the truck. A few second went by as he climbed out from under the tarp, and jumped out from the back of the truck. He held a scared look on his face. Veena looked at Icksen, who returned her angry gaze with a neutral expression he often held, saying he supported her decision no matter what she decided. She let the truck idle in neutral for a minute, before throwing it into first and speeding off, the tires throwing up dust and dirt in the process. She could see Jansen standing on the side of the road, watching her drive off.

Icksen remained silent.

“It bothers me when you don't say anything.” Veena said, still in an aggressive voice.

“It only bothers you because you want someone to assure you you made the right decision.”

“Well did I?”

“You made the decision you thought was right, which is as right as it need s to be for me.”

“Well, he should be fine as long as he doesn't hijack anymore cars.”

Icksen gave her a concerned look.

“Just don't loose sleep over it, and more importantly, don't tell anyone anything. Not even the farm hands. Everything we did today, except for the depot, the bank, and the store, stays between us.”

Veena nodded.

They drove through the night, arriving in the small farming community of Gremskel, the sun just peaking up over the horizon. Veena pulled into the long drive way of her ranch. Usually the farm hands would be out tending the animals and fields at this time, but nobody was out.

“Those idiots better not be sleeping.” Veena said.

“I think we might have bigger problems.” Icksen said, pointing to some military vehicles parked outside the main farm house.

Veena drove up and parked in front of the house. About 15 soldiers stood around, with one officer calmly standing with his hands behind his back, watching their approach. The farm hands were all in a tight group, being held at gunpoint.

Veena got out of the truck and slammed the door.

“Veena Sansen, I presume?” The Officer said with a calm tone, without moving from his stance.

“Yes, how man I assist the Empire this morning?” She said curiously.

“We are taking you in headquarters. The Governor wants a word.”

“And where is headquarters?”

“Regional headquarters is in Ulfrum's Fist to the south. We will arrive there tomorrow morning.”

“No no, I can't be away from the farm that long.”

“There's no need to worry, it's not your farm anymore. The Ministry has seized control, and will be overseeing it's operations until your proven innocent....or guilty.”

“But, but I didn't do anything!” Veena yelled.

“Mmhm.” The Officer said, guesting to some soldiers, who grabbed Veena and Icksen and placed them in handcuffs. Veena struggled against the men as she was dragged to a large truck. The officer remained still, turning his gaze to the house.

“Hmm, pity, such a quaint little place. Should fetch a nice price at auction though.”

The truck doors slammed shut, and began to accelerate down the drive way.

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Re: From Public View[1957]
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2014, 04:20:21 AM »
The cigars Ozian, the suit Myrorian, the car Novmiri, and the whiskey Prydainian. Brax Newfeuld lived life at the peak of luxury. The Letonese colony of Nova Letonna was all his, his private kingdom. The crown had basically given him the key to a whole sovereign nation, so long as it remained profitable.

He sat in the back seat of a long black Novmiri limousine, twirling a gold plated pen in his fingers, occasionally dragging off a Al' Khemish cigarette.  His two aides sat completely still and emotionless, staring out the windows at the dry country side passing by.

The Limo pulled through the gate of a large gated compound. The sign on the gate said “MOC-MI:43”[Ministry of Colonization-Ministry Instillation 43]. Brax put on some thin leather leather gloves, fastened his deep purple cloak around his neck, and grabbed his gold gilded walking cane. When his car came to a halt, a soldier in dress uniform opened the door and saluted. Brax stepped out and saluted all in one fluid movement.

As soon as he was in a large bland cement building, an aide was ready and waiting to take his cane and cloak. While the aide was undoing the buckle for the cloak, Brax looked up on the wall to see himself staring down. He had ordered portraits of himself to adorn main MOC offices.

He strode through the halls with aides and body guards in tow. He walked like a man who had it all, and wanted everyone to know it. His step stern, his appearance pristine, his gaze chilling and demanding.

He came to a locked door with guards on either side. Upon his approach, they unlocked it, and held it open for him. He stepped into a long hallway with jail cells on either side.

“Room 11 Sir.” an aide behind him said.

He walked down the hall way. Passing some cells that were empty, some that had their occupants slumped over and broken, and some that just looked up in fear. Stopping at room 11, Brax looked in to see two people leaning forward with their heads in their hands. Waiving a hand, a guard turned on a blinding light above them. They jumped, startled and coming out of a light sleep.

“My apologies friends, I didn't mean to wake you, but we have a few things that need to be discussed with much urgency.” The Governor said, behind a twisted grin.

“So, will there be a lawyer waiting for us when we get there?” Veena asked between loud crashes of the truck tires falling in pot holes.

“Mmhmm” An Officer said uncaring, picking some dirt out from under a finger nail.

“We're innocent until proven guilty right? So why the need for the handcuffs and the truck and the soldiers?”

“Listen lady, we got another two hours to go, I don't want to hear your god damn questions the whole trip OK? As long as the Governor gets what he wants you'll probably be fine.”

“Probably be fine?”

“Again, lady, the questions. Zip it or you're getting the night stick.”

Veena gave the Officer a mean look and leaned back in the bench. There was no padding on the seats and her back was killing her. The fact that Nova Letonnas infrastructure was still under developed didn't help. She leaned over to look at Icksen who had remained silent the past few hours.

“Hey, how you holding up?” she whispered in his ear.

He looked at her, smiled, and nodded.


The Officer created an unbearably loud bang as he smashed a night stick against the metal wall of the truck.

“One more time and it will be your head.”

Icksen shot him an angry look, but ultimately went back to slumping over in the bench. The next few hours were spent in silence in the back of the armored truck. Near sundown, it arrived at a fairly well staffed instillation in southern Ulfrum's Fist. A town named after the soon to be Emperor, as a way of the Governor to suck up to the crown.

When the truck finally stopped, the doors immediately flew open, and two soldiers grabbed them. They were hurried into a back door, and into a long hall way with cells, finally stopping at one with 11 painted above it. The soldiers shoved them in, slammed the barred door, and walked off.

“What are they going to do to us? We haven't even been read our rights. They didn't even tell us what we did.” Veena said, slightly panicked.

“It was that damn rat we picked up on the road. I bet they caught him and he's taking us down with him. That piece of shit.” Icksen said, gritting his teeth.

“Maybe it's something else. We are behind on the taxes. Or maybe they want to build a high way near by?”

“They wouldn't call the Governor in to ask us if they could build a high way, or to ask us to pay the damn taxes. This has to do with Jansen, I know it.”

“Ahh good, so you do know who we're after then.” Said a rather short man, stepping out of a blind spot on the right side of the hall way. He was wearing gray slacks, and a white collared shirt, but no uniform or insignia or rank. Only a sly “gotcha” look on his face.

“We just gave him a ride to town, nothing more.” Icksen quickly said.

“Now now now, there's nothing you can hide in these walls. You must have never been in custody before. You always keep your mouth shut when you think nobody's around, because chances are there will be, little tip for the future. I'm Mr. Newtrim by the way, head of intelligence for this instillation.”

“Mr.? Doesn't the MOC use military ranks?”

“They do, but they can be so artificial and inhuman. They make people think I'm above them. I want you folks to think I'm your friend, someone who wants to help you go back home to that little farm of yours.”

“You're nothing but some toad like the rest of these orange stiffs around here!”* Icksen yelled.

“Harsh words will get you out of here no faster Mr. Zelkren.”

“What exactly, do you people want? Nobody has read us our rights or charged us with a crime yet.” Veena said.

“When it's of utmost importance to the Empire, your rights can be waived, at least in Nova Letonna. And as for your crime, that's to be determined. You mentioned you picked up a man named Jansen. Tell me about that.”

“All we did was give a hitch hiker a ride to town. He said his name was Jansen. He appeared nervous, so we weren't sure his intentions. We dropped him off behind Beltrin's Goods and Foods in down town Fort Welfrum. We never saw him again.”

“And that's all that happened? He didn't mention anything else?”

“No. He was quiet. We didn't care for him much, so we didn't make much conversation.”

Mr. Newtrim studied the two carefully, looking at them, showing no emotion in the process. He grabbed a clipboard off the wall, jotted something down, and hung it back up.

“Alright, that's all I needed to hear.”

“So...we're free to go?”

“Oh ha ha no. You also must have never told a lie to an officer before. Your eyes were shifting to the right and your feet shuffled, dead give aways. We still have a few hours before the Governor arrives. I'm scheduling you for some additional processing.”

“WHAT!? You can't do this! I want a Lawyer! We didn't do anything wrong!”

Veena kept screaming as Mr. Newtrim walked into the darkness down the hall way, turning off the light to her cell as he went.

* "Orange Stiffs" is slang for Ministry of Colonization officials, who often wear orange badges, arm bands, and sashes.
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Re: From Public View[1957]
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The screech and pitter patter of steel wheels on rails could be heard. Jansen sat on the edge of a box car, staring out into a dry, inhospitable wasteland that is northern Nova Letonna. He was starving, thirsty, and tired. He was unfortunate enough to pick the car carrying containers of salt.

He sat on the edge, primed to jump as soon as he was what he was looking for. A large abandoned barn on a hill. He waited another few minutes before he saw it, jumping and rolling on the ground. Getting up and dusting himself off, he walked up the hill, with the train still screeching in the back ground.

Upon reaching the barn. It looked like it hadn't seen a farmer in years. Rusted farm equipment, broken bottles, even a bull skull. He stepped into the barn. The setting sun projected amber beams through the slits in the wall. He stopped walking when his foot stepped on something hollow. He bent down, and was about to lay a hand on it when a pistol cocked behind him.

“Who are you?” A voice said in New Oxphorde accent.

“A Fallen man, looking for a drink.”

“Bullshit. Now try again. Who sent you?”

“I sent myself. I learned of this place long ago.”

A short, very sun burnt man stepped out from behind him, holding a pistol outstretched. He was wearing worn clothing and a flat cap.

“How do I know you're not with the Ministry, or some assassin?”

“I wouldn’t have come alone to bust a smuggler's den. And it should be apparent that I have no weapons.”

The man was silent. He lowered his pistol, but did not holster it.

“What are you doing here then?”

“I was hoping to trade some information, maybe take out a few favors.”

“No homeless bum has anything I want.”

The man spit on the ground, and raised his gun again.

“They’re going to start shooting on sight you know. The Imperials.”

“What? The Letonese?”

“Yeah, they’re going to start shooting you you know. You and your friends. No trial. No court. Just here in the middle of fucking nowhere.”

“Hah, you lie. How do you know? They can’t anyway, I’m Prydainian, the worst they can do is take my stuff and deport me.”

“A Treaty is about to go through with Letonnasburg and Beaconsfield. Anyone caught transporting questionable goods can be dealt with on sight. The Ministry is tired of your shit, and from what I’ve heard, you have no friends in Prydainia either.”

“What?! How do you know that? Who are you?”

“Let’s just say I have a lot of experience with the Letonese.”

The man appeared to be lost in thought. Jansen interrupted him.

“I know more. It’s not all bad news. The Imperials may be cracking down on illegal activity but they aren’t necessarily wise on how to stop it. I just need a few things from you.”

“What do you want then?”

“Water, food, a ride, and some intel of yours.”

The man holstered his pistol.

“We might be able to make a deal.”

Brax NewFeuld was reclining in a very posh leather chair. A grainy black and white Austrasian horse race was playing on a tv across the room. He stared at it uninterestingly while an aide tried to talk above it.

“They are being mostly uncooperative with questioning. We’ve confirmed their identity, and where they were on the questioned dates and times, however, they are clearly lying about Jansen.”

“Mmm” Brax said, still staring at the TV.

“What is your course of action Sir?”
A moment of silence passed until brax finally turned from the TV to face the aide.

“What one looks the weakest?”

“I would probably say the woman Sir.”

“Then you know what to do.”

The aide bowed, and walked, while Brax went back to staring at the TV.