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Author Topic: Dumnezeu Păstrați Augustus împăratul(God Keep Augustus Emperor)  (Read 641 times)

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Ulata Province, Western Provincial District of the Imperium, 403 RR(Rizoshia Rising)

"Praised be Augustus, Emperor of the Rizoshian Imperium and High Protector of the Holy Three!" the bell ringer roared over his own clanging noises, screams echoing through the streets of the town as Imperial Guardsmen burst into the doors of frightened peasantry. "Rejoice Heathens; retribution! Retribution has come in the form of divine forgiveness, for he has received a vision!" The bell ringer falls to his knees and begins to cry whilst raising his arms to the heavens. "Your judgement has been decided! You will all ascend to the High Plains of Etrusia!"

The men weren't necessary, none were dragged out or received any official form of execution. They would die within the hovels of the filthy peasants with sword in their guts or a sliced through. Sometimes both. The women and children were dragged out at spearpoint and were pushed again'st the outside walls of their homes. "Stand you worthless traitors! All of you, stand!" An Imperial Commissariat stood in the middle of the street with a large baton. The man turned and lopsided a woman who was crying on the side of her jaw. His efforts were rewarded with a large crack and a screech as her jaw dislocated and hung slightly limp. "Silence you fucking whore!"

Before he could strike the child the Imperial Band that had been brought along to assist, as no mass execution in the name of God and the Emperor could go without a musical accompaniment, struck up the Imperial Anthem.

"Sing in the name of the Emperor, sing and ascend to Etrusia!"


God keep Augustus the Emperor,
Our holy Emperor Augustus!
Long live Augustus the Emperor,
In the brightest divine light!
May trees of fruit sprout for him
With an air of wonder and love!
Our holy Emperor Augustus!

From the tips of his sword
May victory and justice shine!
In his rule
May power, law, and enforcement prevail!
And with his Highness's Imperial Hand,
May justice do naught but prevail!
God keep Augustus the Emperor,
Our holy Emperor Augustus!

May the abundance of thy praise
Pour over him, his house and Empire!
Break the power of wickedness, and reveal
Every trick of heretics and traitors!
May thy Will always be his alone,
And may this be laws to us.
God keep Augustus the Emperor,
Our good Emperor Augustus!

May he rightfully experience the highest power
Of his land and of his loyal servile people!
May he see them, united by the bonds of master and servant,
Loom over all others!
And he shall hear at the edge
Of his late tomb his Grandchildren's chorus.
God keep Augustus the Emperor,
Our holy Emperor Augustus!


The citizenry are sobbing by the end of the song, for it's end signals their end as well. Whilst some utter others screech prayers and the name of the Emperor, most begging his forgiveness for their crime.

"For the crime of refusal to pay Imperial Taxes Sub-District Four, unanimously chosen by the Council of the Imperium to bear the brunt of the Provinces blame, is noted to be one of the few Sub-Districts that attempted to pay their taxes. For this the Emperor has shown his mercy and will allow you to ascend. Consider yourselves the lucky few."

The Imperial Guardsmen stand at the ready, swords and spears ready to strike the guilty peasants.

"The punishment for Treason, the lowest of crimes in the Imperium, is death.

"Praise the Emperor! Praise his Mercy! Praise the Imperium!"
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