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Author Topic: Osiris Foreign Update  (Read 1639 times)

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Osiris Foreign Update
« on: March 01, 2015, 05:53:28 AM »

Osiris Fraternal Order Foreign Update
February Edition

Osiris Ratifies Non-Aggression Pact With The Rejected Realms

In a turn of events along the line of Pharaoh Tim Stark's Foreign Affairs Agenda of repairing the Osiran image and demonstrating independence, the Deshret of the Osiris Fraternal Order has ratified a non-aggression pact with The Rejected Realms. Though one did previously exist between the two regions, it was unfortunately severed due to what Pharaoh Tim Stark is still trying to make trend as the "Osiris/Lazarus Kerfuffle". With an interest in renewing the amiable relationship that existed before the kerfuffle, embassies were re-opened, and a new version of the non-aggression pact was drafted, debated, and ratified. Passed by the Deshret on February 23rd, and passed by the Assembly of The Rejected Realms on February 28th. The primary changes from the old version to this one are a preface stating the intent for renewal of positive relationships, and a six-month bar on termination of the pact from the day is put into force. The reasoning for the latter change was to avoid emotionally charged situations, such as the O/L Kerfuffle, which lasted only a few weeks yet significantly impacted foreign affairs without any benefit for Osiris and those it cut relations with, and it will hopefully ensure further stability within both the internal and the external state of the now relatively long-standing Osiris Fraternal Order.

The Osiris Pharaoh had this to say on the passage of the pact:
I'm very happy to see this passing the Deshret, as well as seeing it passing TRR's Assembly, as there was certainly plenty of tense debate on the topic and I at times had doubt if it would see fruition. Out of all the hurdles that faced my goal of renewing all the relations we ended up losing due to the conflict with Lazarus, this was certainly one of the largest ones, and it's certainly a relief to leap the hurdle successfully. I'm very confident that this non-aggression pact can be of benefit to Osiris, as well as to The Rejected Realms, and would like to thank all of the Deshret Councilors who voted in support of it, as well as any and all councilors who may have provided to the debate on it, whether in support of it or against.

As the Pharaoh says, hopefully this shall lead to positive things for Osiris, and allow for focus on other pertinent areas, both internal and external, now that the renewal of former relations is nearing completion. There have certainly already been plenty of visible changes in other areas, such as the Pharaoh's endorsement count moving up to over 125, the appointments of new Security Council members, and the implementation of weekly telegram updates to the region at large, which will hopefully keep the non-citizen nations informed and potentially interest them enough to join the Osiris Fraternal Order's forum. Finally, to avoid starting controversy in Gameplay, we'd like to clarify that the Osiris Administration has indeed checked with its allies that are in a state of war with the FRA, and is confident that the Non-Aggression Pact with The Rejected Realms will have no negative impact on its strong relations with those regions.

New Hedjet Scribes Appointed

In a long-awaited turn of events, two more Scribes have been appointed to the Hedjet of the Osiris Fraternal Order, therefore finally completing the entire intended Cabinet of Tim Stark's Administration. Proposed to the Deshret, and promptly confirmed, were Tomb, as Scribe of Culture, and Festavo, as Scribe of War. After a fairly lengthy application period, the Pharaoh selected these two as his preferred candidates, with what is reported as "full confidence" in both of his choices. Both Tomb and Festavo applied with fairly extensive amounts of experience, as well as very positive goals, making the Deshret hearings pretty easy. It is strongly believed that both will find great success and will lead their respective areas of the Osiris Fraternal Order towards greater prosperity.

When asked about his appointment, War Scribe Festavo provided these comments:

The Sekhmet Legion will be badass... I mean erm the Sekhmet Legion will begin a new era of efficiency and activity and I am glad I have been privileged to lead this.

Certainly a strong promise from the new Scribe, and one that will hopefully become true. Already, Osirans living near the Temple of Sekhmet have been lodging noise complaints about the sounds of military industry coming from inside. Taking a page out of the book of The People's Republic of Lazarus, OFO Administration reports that this is due to increased iron production, for weapons of glorious conflict do not come cheap. The Sekhmet Legion has already demonstrated it does indeed exist by deploying to assist The North Pacific in its Delegate Transfer. However, this certainly won't be the limit for its activity, and there's a certainty that Festavo can take it to bigger and better heights!

On the flip side, Culture Scribe Tomb illustrated goals such as regional interviews, contests, and a greater promotion of Roleplay in Osiris, as well as utilization of the Egyptian Theme that Osiris has, any of which sound like a great way for the Culture of Osiris to develop towards. With a great set of ideas like those, there's certainly going to be more culture in Osiris these days, with plenty of stuff to do for those who might not be as inclined towards politics of the military.

Best of luck to both new Scribes!

Trouble in the Courts

After a period of time that it would be hard to call anything but stagnant, the Pschent of the Osiris Fraternal Order has come to life in the past few days, though court action is rarely a positive, and it certainly wasn't sunshine and rainbows this time.

With the resignation of both r3n and Josh Sebastian from the Pschent, the traditionally three-member Court was down to one member. Needing a third member pretty quick, Pharaoh Emeritus Lord Ravenclaw, having recently returned to Osiris, was appointed to one of the spots and promptly confirmed. At this point of the time, the other position on the court is still vacant, but will hopefully be filled as soon as a viable candidate is found.

In the court itself, though, business is booming. So far, two trials have graced its hallowed halls. Osiris Fraternal Order v. Cormac Stark, with the accused charged with Treason, came to a quick conclusion due to the defendants plea of guilty. Sentenced to a twelve-month ban from the region, a six-month ban from the forum, and a fifteen-month ban on citizenship and diplomatic access, along with other limitations regarding a return as a citizen, Cormac chose not to appeal and the sentence has been enacted. Also recently resolved is Osiris Fraternal Order v. Ridersyl, with the accused having been charged with Conspiracy to Forum Destruction. Although the charge for Conspiracy was dismissed, he was found guilty on the charge of Forum Destruction and sentenced to a year-long ban from the region and forum, as well as a fifteen month ban from citizenship, diplomatic status, and cultural gatepass, as well as a few other provisions. Ridersyl has the right to appeal this ruling if he wishes.

Hopefully, with the conclusion of the Ridersyl trial, and resolution of other filed charges, the Pschent may return to its relative peace, as the removal of members of community, regardless of the crime, always holds some pain to do.

Endorsements Hitting New Highs

In a very exciting continuation of events, Pharaoh Tim Stark's endorsement count continues to rise, now sitting around the 130 endorsement mark. Thanks in part to the influx of nations from the dissolved Association of Imperialism, as well as continuous tarting, this number has continued to gradually grow from the 100 endorsement mark reached earlier in February, and will hopefully continue growing! Along with the obvious benefits of having more endorsements, such as a significant increase in the World Assembly power of Osiris, this has allowed for increases to the Security Council endorsement caps of Osiris, which will then allow for even better establishment of nations for the pretty necessary Osiris Influence Security Net.

An enthusiastic Pharaoh Tim Stark had this to say:
Yeah, it's pretty nice. Osiris Delegates have been at the bottom of the GCR Delegates List based on endorsements, and although we're still at the bottom, we're pushing quickly to get out of that and to levels at least equal to the other sinkers. I mean, ideally, the dream is that one day we might hit as much as the Feeders have, but I might be dreaming a bit too much when I talk about that. Still, it's a possibility! Really, I figure I've just got to keep tarting as much as possible, while also yelling at people to join the World Assembly, and eventually it might work out. That's how the professionals do it, right?

As of the time of writing this, the endorsement levels are as follows:

1. SillyString (TNP) - 540
2. Darkesia (TWP) - 266
3. Krulltopia (TP) - 255
4. Tsunamy (TSP) - 242
5. Xoriet (TEP) - 225
6. Solorni (Balder) - 154
7. Stujenske (Lazarus) - 147
8. Unibot III (TRR) - 136
9. Tim Stark (Osiris) - 129

As clearly visible, Tim Stark has been gaining on Unibot's endorsement count, and will hopefully be able to surpass it and continue on to potentially surpass Stujenske and Solorni in the rankings as well.


In an attempt to do something new, we've added "Personals" to this edition... here we go.

"Dear TSP, please give us our drama back"
- Nobody

Dear Feuer Ritter, not taking the time to make an occupation fun because you don't care about anything is so passe.
- Xoriet


Single eyed, white male, seeking collegiate cheerleading squad to assist with midlife crisis.
- Ainocra

Darkfeathered bird, lonely due to long-term absence of Leonine husband seeks nest-mate for tweeting good times.
- Raven


Drunkard looking for AA group. Pukes often, occasionally on children.

Dear Koth, love you~
- Aurum

Thanks for Reading!

Written by Tim Stark
Edited by the Hedjet

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Re: Osiris Foreign Update
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2015, 05:08:38 PM »
Thanks for the update, Timmy!
"I assure you -- I will be quite content to be a mere mortal again, dedicated to my own amusements."

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Re: Osiris Foreign Update
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2015, 03:01:58 PM »
Nice, thanks for the update! The personals section is a fun addition.  :clap:

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Re: Osiris Foreign Update
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2015, 07:22:29 PM »
Your endorsements are still higher than Allama's :P

We'll get to work on that  O:-)
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