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Author Topic: The Union.  (Read 537 times)

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The Union.
« on: October 13, 2014, 11:52:40 AM »
"'They will be coming for us soon.' A man who was once called president said.
'Dont worry, they wont shoot us just yet!' Replied a second man.
'How could it of come to this?' The former president mused.
'To think sir, two weeks ago we were two of the most powerful men in the world and now... pffft.'
The Old president was unabashed. 'How did we let the damned socialists get so strong?'  He asked.
'You know the answer to that already, they spread like a cancer, we should of stopped them at the Shipyard.'
'What and kill thousands of our own sailors?' The former president snapped back.
'It would of made no difference, so many high ranking military and political people were 'disappearing'!'
'Give it a rest with that Boris, you didn't complain when the shadow Secretary of Defence when on an extended trip.'
'Indeed I did not mourn him, but I mourned for his family.'
'Yes, it was a difficult time.'
Both men paused for a second to think back on the chaotic events of the past 6 months.
'We were both dead when the Army got involved, when the rebellion spread to them, it was only a matter of time before they would spread it to the people.' Boris said ruefully.
'Who would of expected them to move in and protect the Navy, and then the cities.'
'It was a shock to everyone.'
'The cities fell so quickly after the the measures.' The Former president said.
'You still call them measures?'
'What else where they?'
'They were god-damned genocide. You Launched Nuclear weapons on your own damned people.'
'They were no longer our people Boris, they were already gone!'
'How can you be so obtuse about this? The biggest single loss of life in history?'
'You think it was my decision only?'
'But if you remember clearly, I was against it.... not that it matters now.'
The door lock clunked open and two armed soldiers stepped into the room.
'Come Boris.' Said the man who was once President. 'It is time...'"

Taken from the official Report, internal Security dated September 17th 2000. 'The last conversation'. Declassified by State Security, September 17th 2010.