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Author Topic: Myroria: Government Dispatches & International Reactions [OPEN]  (Read 527 times)

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Thanelen Sun-Herald
June 30, 1998


In the face of opposition from three Great Houses, numerous independent organizations, and much of the tourist industry in the country, and amid accusations of [REDACTED]* with House Indiotrovth, Sedera Nelvil III Moomintroth and the Council of Great Houses passed a widely-criticized bill banning all non-convert foreign visitors or resident aliens from going to chapels, necropoli, and religious schools.

The bill was passed by a 4-3 vote in the Council of Great Houses late last night and is due to go into effect on August 1. As well as the smaller chapels, cemeteries, and necropoli across the country, the bill also applies to the Chapel of St. Oramyn, the Chapel of St. Llanryn, and the Great Necropolis at Mere-rûn, three of Myroria's largest tourist attractions.

Opposition to the bill in the Council was spearheaded by Councillors Fendrina and Marsilamat Quarrovth of House Quarrovth. Fendrina's father, Sedera Fendrin may-he-be-at-rest, opened religious sites to foreign visitors for the first time in 1983. Houses Vrotrith and Raviroth joined Quarrovth in opposing the bill. When approached for comment this morning, Fendrina simply said that it was a step backwards for Myroria.

Outside Government Hill, the bill was opposed by the Association of Tourist Attraction Managers, the Union of Reform and Progressive Myrorian Faithful, the Party for Modernization, and the Union of Professional Mourners. The Union of Professional Mourners has announced they will begin gathering signatures for a petition to present to the Council of Great Houses, and say that the new law puts an undue stress on foreign-born professional mourners to convert or leave the business.

Accusations of [REDACTED]* swirled around the case following reports that an Ozian family [REDACTED]*

          in exchange for his vote. Nerendan Indiotrovth did not return a request for comment.

*: This passage has been removed on order of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue.
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Re: Myroria: Government Dispatches & International Reactions [OPEN]
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Royal Offices
Letonnasburg, Letonna
June 24th, 1998 11:45 a.m.

   Around a large oval table sat a rather pale, clammy lot of people. Old, stuffy, and  sweating. This is one of the hottest days of the year in Letonna. Humid as well. An opportune time for the central air to be down for maintenance. The group mostly sat in silence, waiting for one more to begin their meeting. Helgla, in her two years in office, has made it a point to show up 20 minutes late to meetings with various ministers, senators and governors. No one really knew why. The joke was often made she ‘had to get her hair and makeup just right.’ but deep down, they knew it was a power thing. ‘I’m queen and you’re not.’ Is really what it came down too.

“She said she’d be here at 11:30. I have a meeting with the Mining Guild chairman at 12. How long is this thing actually going to take?” Minister Tolkis said while wiping the sweat from his brow with a white handkerchief.

“You know the routine Minister, she always does this. She doesn’t care about your schedule. She gets off on the idea of ruining your day. She’ll barge in and start grilling us, just you wait.” Governor Melbraum said with very obvious irritation.

“This is more of a matter for the Senate. Helgla hasn’t been as international as her father. She never comments on political squabbles of our neighbors. The Ministry of Diplomacy and Relations can handle any hiccups that occur.” Prime Minister Erell said, also wiping the sweat from his face.

Before more banter could occur, the guard at the door shouted “Keeper of our Nation, Queen Helgla!” Everyone stood up and straightened their spines and necks while she made her way to her seat. She flopped down and remained silence while she took a headcount.

“So, I assume you’ve all had time to mull this situation over. What are some thoughts we are having?”

Everyone was silent. Despite their hatred of her, they all still feared her, even if they would never admit it to private company.

“Well m’Lady, I served your father for many years in the Ministry of Diplomacy and Relations, we have always been close to certain politicals groups in Myroria. This election is unsettling. It’s the point of view of my administration that we may have struggling relations to come. The Quarrovths were some of our earliest backers when Letonna emerged on the world stage.” Minister Alrun said.

“I worry Moomintroths rumoured extreme agenda and worrying approach to foreign visitors is a danger to us. Many of our citizens visit,  live and work there. The countries close proximity to ours could be troublesome if they descend into political forray. Did you read about the tourism restrictions?” Governor Pilthmen said.

“What if they descend beyond political unrest? Surely the Quarrovths wont let this stand. What if one of the houses contests the throne? That could hurt our imports and exports, think of the tariffs they could enact if the Moomintroths decide to shut down relations?” Governor Melbraum said rather panicked.

“Tariffs that will hurt your sketchy timber exports Governor, not our robust economy.” Minister Tolkis snapped.

“Oh how easy it is to boast about the economy when you’re administration is in bed with the Mining Guild.”

“ENOUGH!” Helgla shouted.

“Firstly, I will make one thing clear. I don’t rule like my father. While his legacy is respectable, I have different opinions and motives. The quarrovths are dirty. They always have been. Our relationship worked because the disfunction of our nations proved profitable to all involved. We have changed, almost as much as they have over the years. It is our best interest to be supportive of them, see where their policies take them, and hope we can remain close like we were all those years ago. We are moving into an era where those who hold power will be held responsible for their actions. I suggest we make a statement, send a congratulations gift to Pappa, and see where things go. We clear?”

The boardroom was silent. The group of politicians were silent, all exchanging glances with each other. Helgla sighed heavy.

“Minister Alrun, I hope you’re able to have our embassy in Myroria arrange a congratulation telegraph and a significant gift for Pappa. And include a note from me saying if he ever wishes to chat, I’ll be there.”

“Yes, of course m’Lady.”
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Re: Myroria: Government Dispatches & International Reactions [OPEN]
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Halls of the Non
The Halls of the Stewards
Dewira, Capital of Endinotiromi

"Steward, how can we tolerate an ally saying our citizens are unwelcome to visit their country? How can we tolerate this Myrorian outrage?"

The Presiding Steward, his grey hair receding on his forehead bereft of its usual hat, frowned with furrowed brows at this declaration.

"Friends tolerate each other's foibles. We bore the indignity before Fendrin changed the law, and we will bear it now that change has been undone." Beregond paused. "Our Myrorian friends have tolerated our differences for generations, likewise. Can anyone forget the somber solemnity adopted by the Sedera's entourage at the funeral rites of the late Steward Falastur, who led us through the Great War? Could we fail to note the openness with which Myroria has joined us on the global infonet?"

"Steward, with all due respect today's Moomintroths don't much respect the open infonet or our common history either!"

"The honorable Steward from Ilium will restrain himself to the asking of questions or be removed!" thundered the Acting President of the Hall from his dais.
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Re: Myroria: Government Dispatches & International Reactions [OPEN]
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All of Funkadelia stands outraged at the newest incendiary actions taken by the most royal Nelvil III. This Transitional Executive Council firmly believes that all Funkadelians should be allowed to freely travel the globe without any restrictions placed arbitrarily. However, this blatant racism and utilization of mysticism hardly comes as a surprise from a monarch selected from a group of autocrats who genuinely believe that they have some sort of divine right to rule over their people with no input whatsoever. It is unfortunate that such a collection of fat, rich men has the unbridled ability to poison the minds of their own people in such a manner.

Signed, on behalf of the Executive Council of the Transitional Government of Funkadelia

Deborha Kriros
Co-Chairperson of the Executive Council

Ezekias Tewolde
Co-Chairperson of the Executive Council
Today's date is: Today is Jocidi, 5 Cielidor AR 5 - Day 1770 of the Glorious Revolution.

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The stranger's fate, the curses' bane.
Many touchstones try the stranger
Many fall, but one remains.

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Re: Myroria: Government Dispatches & International Reactions [OPEN]
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As of July 1, 1998, the Ozian government has yet to issue a formal response to the recent Myrorian measures.

Ozipol, Sankt. Ozi, Tower of the Listener
Saeya Iuseph, the High Admivi of Information, pushed her rotting wooden desk to the bay window area of her office. The typewriter and pencil mug on top of the desk rattled as she settled it. A newspaper fell off, a headline in all caps said PARTY SILENCE and a picture of the Myrorian declaration next to it. Three open windows overlooked the Tower compound that housed many forms of Ozian government for the past thousand years. Directly across from her office was the base of the Tower of the Listener, which you had to bend down to see the very top swaying in the sky. Beyond the tower and the mountain, she could see the sprawl of Ozipol rising and falling down hills and mountains into the bay.

Someone tapped the door and said, “Oi, Saeya.”

“Come in, Come in.” Saeya looked behind her, “Oh, Comrade Primav.” She stood stiffer at the sight of Primav Amelia Ostai.

“Please Saeya, call me Amelia. I’m tired of conversations turning into Comrade this, Comrade that.” She pointed at her desk setup, “I see you’re ready for the summer desk.”

“It’s scorchin’ today, did you see it’s going to be over 30 all week?”

“Yeah, and last winter we had minus 10 for a month. Thank Gaea we work at the tower for some wind right?”

“Yeah, you want a drink?”

“Shit, already? What do you have?”

“Gin, Aeloert, Akuavit-”

Amelia interupted, “Aeloert? That alley-piss from Rastianav?”

“Yeah, I also have some Myrorian Whiskey.”

“Eugh whiskey. You know what, screw it, time to fight my mother today. I’ll take the Aeloert.”

“Sure thing.” She reached into a drawyer of her moved desk and picked out a recyclable green bottle with a plain lable. She poured the bronze liquid into two different mugs, then handed one to Amelia.

“Vero,” Amelia raised her mug.

“Vero,” they both drank out of the mug, Amelia had a more soured face than Saeya.

“Oh, fuck, how do you drink that?”

“I throw it to the back of my throat so I don’t have to taste it.”

“You enjoy that? Why the fuck would you own a drink where you try not to taste it?”

Saeya shrugged, “I don’t hate it, and I grew up with it, so I have it for my best friends.”

“I’m your best friend?”

“Well, we’ll see.”

Her comment startled the Primav, normally people at all levels of government are prostrating to her. “Well I’m guessing you didn’t think I came here to drink Rastianav’s finest.”

“No, did you need me for this new Myrorian situation?”

“Yeah, what do you know about Nerandam Mirshanith?”

“Whatever his mistress tells us.”

“So you are able to control him? Did you cause this incident?”

“Not really, Yes. Kind of. Not really. It wasn’t our intention.”

“What the Listener does that mean?”

“Our informant, his mistress, she’s gone rogue, and I think she’s playing both him and us. She won’t respond to our numbers station anymore, and we’re still trying to figure out the details.”

“How did she become an informant?”

“She came to us, asking for insurance notes*. A specific amount, 32,500 P.E.I.”

“Did you ask why she needed it?”

“We did, and as usual she said, you have STIA, figure it out dipshit.”

“She sounds charming.”


Pelagis, Myroria, Mirshanith Loft
In the middle of a dimly lit and spacious master bedroom, a gargantuan bed had a middle aged man tied up in the middle of it. Paon, a light skinned woman in tight black leathers snapped a whip on him. She cut too close to his skin, and he shouted in pain “Ow! Stop! STOP!”

“What did you say? You ungrateful bitch.”

“S-sorry, my Queen! That was too painful.”

“That’s good, I’ll give you a break if you, now open up.” He opened up his mouth and she spat in his face, “You’re disgusting.”

“Th-thank you your majesty.”

“Ugh,” she reached back for a bottle of whiskey, it was empty. “Don’t go anywhere.”

She exited the room for the liquor cabinet across and even larger living room. When she reached back to grab a bottle on the top shelf. In the reflection of the bottles she saw a shadowed figure behind her and turned to it. A pair of bright violet eyes behind the barrel of a silenced pistol stared her down.

“Need a torch?” a woman’s voice said in Ozian.

The only weapon she had on her was a whip, but she didn’t know how to use it like that. “Who the fuck are you with? STIA?”

The woman laughed, “STIA? You’re in trouble with them too? No, no. I was sent by the Parpaskis. Where are the titles?”

“I told you, we couldn’t get them for you. I got you the money though right?”

“Yes, yes, they told me. But the Parpaskis want capital, not fucking paper. You need to do better than that to pay off your debts.”

“But I gave them what I owed.”

“I’m not here to negotiate with you. You signed a deal with the devil, not me. So, it seems, you don’t have the titles for them. I’m here to tell you, try harder, and I’ll see you next month if you can’t get them. Also stay in contact, If they don’t like what they hear, or nothing at all, then I might come visit again, and I won’t be chattin’ with you. Understand?”

“Yeah, okay. I’ll do what I can, it’s just asking-”

“I don’t give a fuck, you talk to them. I’m just here to tell you, get to work.”

She stepped out of the dim light and disappeared. Paon turned on the nearest light switch she could, but she couldn’t see anyone around.


She grumbled and grabbed the nearest bottle, “What did I say about shouting?!”
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