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Author Topic: Delfingrado Energy Council  (Read 909 times)

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Delfingrado Energy Council
« on: December 04, 2014, 10:30:12 PM »
Gyoson Hassle
Chapter 2

Delfingrado – March 2011

Part 1

(OOC: I've decided to make this part in another topic)

Nagatomo tries to relax a little bit in his hotel room in Delfingrado before meeting with the Council officials. After sweeping through economic channels he switches over NN and finds a report on the Honto government and meetings here in Delfingrado. There’s the energy council of ministers that Nagatomo has to meet, news about a Honto Delegation meeting as well with nuclear specialists. Hold on, hold on! Those bastards are meeting with every energy consortium? Mahara’s Light is involved? Foreign companies are involved as well, like the Bustian UEC.

He looks for his cellphone and calls the Denryoku Energy Company executive board private number – Yes? Flores darling, connect me to the boss. – waits a bit - Good Morning Mr. Kurosaki, have you seen the news? – listens – Yes, but that means that bastard Kurokawa didn’t keep his word. We’ll have to fight hard for this. – his boss interrupts him – What? You already knew? What I’d expect? I thought we had a deal. Fine I’ll do my best, I know, I know, I understand now why it had to be me. Alright I don’t need that, I’ll be going now.

Nagatomo gets ready and marches out of the room, meeting with the Denryoku team of Delfingrado, composed mostly by lawyers, Nagatomo dislikes working with this team. The company mini-bus arrives and drives them to the government complex. It used to be the place where the Nobles and Royality would meet, palaces of another era, next to the Cathedral of Light. The credential process was getting on Nagatomo’s nerves, so much bureaucracy, security checks, waiting times, so unproductive. Finally, a bunch of secretaries meets and greets us, taking us to the meeting room.

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Re: Delfingrado Energy Council
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2014, 11:35:03 PM »
Somporn Tanaka, Senior Marketing Executive of the UEC, giving his immensely summarized presentation on the nearly 660 paged proposal.

“We, here, at United Energy Corporation, are well aware of the negative image of nuclear power.  Even in the Allied States, it bears an ever-growing stigma.  And with good reason too.  Nuclear power was the answer, 20-30 years ago, when the increasing number of coal, oil, and natural gas power plants were literally choking us.  Nuclear power continues to be a great source of power for today.  However, it's not the answer for tomorrow.  UEC is always looking towards the future.  Believe it or not, the Allied States is in the process of converting to renewable energy sources, albeit slowly.  Let us start at the beginning of our change before we move too far ahead.

As the stockpile of nuclear waste began to increasingly grow over the years, concern increasingly grew on the long term effects.  UEC, with the future in mind, have implemented several changes for today's energy needs as well as tomorrow's.

Many of Allied States' nuclear power plants have been retrofitted to use breeder reactors.  These reactors allow nuclear waste from conventional power plants to be reprocessed and recycled.  What was once unusable waste can now be further used as additional fuel.  Our stores of nuclear waste are being reduced annually.

Of those nuclear power plants that were not retrofitted, most have have switched over to thorium as fuel, instead of the more commonly used uranium.  Thorium is a good alternative because it produces much less nuclear waste and is less suitable for nuclear weapons proliferation.  It is also used in conjunction with uranium and nuclear waste in breeder reactors.

Like coal, oil, and natural gas, uranium and thorium are finite in their supply.  The day will come when these fuel sources are no longer available.  Over the past 30 years, with research and development 60 years deep, the UEC has been working on switching to renewable energy.  The construction of renewable power plants across the Allied States have allowed two conventional nuclear power plants to be decommissioned.  Both of which, we are heavily involved.  We are leading the way to a greener Allied States and, hopefully, a greener Taijitu.

Now, taking inflation into account, the proposed rate increase necessary to pay for the cost of shutting down the plant adds up to $4.4 billion over a 30-year period, or $146.7 million a year.  Based on average monthly electric bills islandwide, this rate increase will cost every customer between $1.20 to $1.37 a month.  And this is only for assisting in the cost of the shutting down the plant.

Shutting down the reactor will also cost jobs.  Lost jobs will lead to lost taxes and lost votes.

If you shut down this nuclear power plant, other power plants will see their demands increase.  Increased demands lead to increased stress and pollution.  Increased stress and pollution lead to increased operating costs.  Increased operating costs lead to increased prices.  Increased prices lead to upset customers.  Upset customers lead to even more lost votes.  Your political leaders do not want to be the people behind shutting down this reactor at this point in time.

Now, having said all of this...

We, suggest, instead of pouring over $4 billion into shutting down a working nuclear plant, to instead invest in the construction of renewable energy plants.  At the same time, retrofit your current plant into a breeder reactor.

These two major projects will lead to many short and long term benefits.

First, the power plant.  It will increase the lifespan of the plant, at least, another 50-60 years, creating more return on your investment from when it was first constructed.  In other words, more money into your coffers.  In junction with thorium, the power plant will eat at away at your current stockpile of nuclear waste.  Reduced waste will lead to reduced space and costs required for long term storage.  In addition, the use of nuclear waste means less money spent on buying fresh uranium and thorium.  In other words, more money into your coffers.

Second, renewable energy plants.  No air pollution.  No nuclear waste.  No long-term, disastrous accidents.  This also decentralizes your production of energy.  You will need more of these power plants in operation.  In other words, more money into your coffers.  On top of creating more jobs, and more taxable income, this safeguards your infrastructure against foreign and/or terrorist attacks.  Take out an old school power plant, beit a coal, gas, oil, or nuclear, and it will dramatically eliminate the availability of power, as well as the inherent damage of such an attack on the surrounding area.  Take out a renewable power plant and the effects are way less severe.  This is the future of energy.

You will have over 60 years of R&D and over 30 years of experience with UEC when it comes to taking this step into the future with renewable energy.

A future where you can shut down, not only, this nuclear plant but, perhaps more importantly, the air polluting power plants across New Delfos.

Thank you for allowing me to come and present our proposal.  I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have at this time.  On page two of the proposal has the phone number, fax number, and email address to my office should any questions arise at a later date.  Again, thank you.  Are there any questions?”
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