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Hello hunny
« on: September 22, 2016, 02:06:13 AM »
Hi, this is the_hunnish_nations, refugee, honestly, not a savage invader wreaking terror. More later.

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Re: Hello hunny
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2016, 02:27:39 AM »
Welcome to Taijitu!  :)

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Re: Hello hunny
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2016, 07:25:00 AM »
Welcome. I here forthwith gift you with this handy guide :tai:


Finding things can be difficult so here below I have gathered together a quick guide to the things you may wish to find here in our fair region. I do hope such suffices to aid in your endeavors whatever they may be.

Community Guide:

Introductions: is a great place to begin if you have not already done so and an even better place to get to know new folks for those who regard themselves well introduced.

General Discussion: a great place to talk of things both serious and silly.  Go wild!

Real Life: where we discuss the goings on of IRL.  Blogs and egos found within.

Arts and Entertainment: our "culture" section, where Taijis discuss everything from literature to video games to the latest memes.

Games: our most hallowed traditions and silliest pass-times exist in this section, a great place of interaction and raising post-count.

Worldbuilding: Want to write stories set in your nation/the world it shares with its neighbors? Does writing character centric short stories sound like a great way to spend your time? Just want to pretend you understand the effects of hydrology on nomadic cultures but prefer making up the details? Then come join us. I recommend checking out the worldbuilding guide to get you started.

Internet Relay Chat: or IRC for short is a place where we gather in the recesses of primitive internet that we may convey thoughts in real time. Sometimes enlightening always entertaining, aside from when barren of activity...

The University of the Glorious Revolution: a space to offer insights into aspects of the world well known to yourself or to absorb such gems of knowledge for your mind hoard.

The Zocalo: is a place of civic gatherings such as political parties and fraternities.

The Acropolis: is where we enshrine the Church of Almighty PHA all praise be unto his glory!

Government Guide:

Citizenship Application: is the place to begin and grab your space aside your fellow citizens as member of our democracy.

Proposals and Discussions: is where we come up with ideas for laws then argue them into shape until they go to vote. You can join the discussion on ongoing legislative potentials or even submit your own ideas to the Ecclesia.

Legislative and Treaty Votes: is where we do the actual voting on the legislation discussed as well as decide our collective will toward other regions.

Officer Elections: is where we vote upon our elected representatives, from Delegate to Initiator.

Legislative Index: is a record of current laws of our region.

The Revolutionary Calender: because the time after revolution can not be counted by the same system that demanded such glorious revolution and you know calendars are fun.

The Tholos: is the section for executive functionaries to accomplish their tasks. 

Recruitment Center: where we encourage citizens to join us in adding to our collective.

Foreign Service where in one signs up to be our representative to another region or to read updates on our own region.

Citizens' Militia: for if you really like the whole raider/defender part of NS GP.

Citizen-Liaison's Office: the place in which you are reading this. My office of this moment. A place to gather information and encourage cultural exchange. Also see our questions and answers thread.

Embassy Row: is where we find our emissaries from foreign regions giving us propaganda of immense quality. In all seriousness a great place for news on our allies.

Peoples Confederation of Holy Isles of al'Khem
:tai: Persona :tai: Worldbuilding Guide :tai: Nation of al'Khem :tai:

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Re: Hello hunny
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2016, 04:51:52 AM »
Welcome!  :happy:
Today's date is: Today is Jocidi, 5 Cielidor AR 5 - Day 1770 of the Glorious Revolution.

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