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Ambassador Request
« on: September 05, 2016, 05:59:33 PM »
Hello! My name is El Fiji Grande, and I started our interregional relationship (International Northwestern Union), way back in the time when Myroria was WA Delegate, I believe. Since then, our relations have become.. strained at best.. due to mysterious circumstances surrounding our embassy here being deleted and our former ambassador INWU Diplomat CTEing. We later informed Taijitu of this officially during an inquiry as to whether or not we should withdraw in-game embassies. To our mutual good-fortune, this incident appears to have been entirely accidental. We'd like to put forth a warm gesture on good faith and return to having an active interregional relationship.

As such, I wish to have dignitary status, and become the new moderator for the INWU forum embassy here in Taijitu. You can confirm this with my NS nation, as well as with our current Minister of Foreign Affairs Albiorix, and our WA Delegate Topsail Empire. We naturally agree to keep the embassy active, with monthly updates at the very least.

~El Fiji Grande