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So I see there's this "new" subforum and I just saw this game out of E3 content, still don't know much about it but it looks really great!

No Man's Sky website linky (btw I don't like that links are a different colors from text, please change? Navy looks good kthxbye)


I'm not even sure if this is a singleplayer game, or subscription mmo, or wtf, or what is there to do in the game besides exploring, but there seems to be resources and fauna recognized by UI, idk if there's industry where you'd need to collect those but that'd be awesome. There seems to be space dogfighting as well. Graphics don't look too good in a "next gen" gaming age but it might be gorgeous still. Anybody wants to jump in and talk about their impressions is welcome, maybe we should make an E3 topic if you wish to comment generically.

Another game "like" this is Star Citizen, if you wish to comment about that please make a new topic so we populate this subforum properly.

That does look very shiny. I wonder what it's about.

St Oz:

--- Quote from: Eluvatar on June 19, 2014, 11:41:20 AM ---That does look very shiny. I wonder what it's about.

--- End quote ---

"Will all these features be in post-production?"

"No way! Pressure from the publisher and fans will make us back off on 75% of our promises"

"But we can still do DLC later right?"

"Of course! To make them think we're not EA we'll add some mini-updates where they think we're constantly adding to the game."


I heard it's an independent publisher from England, just watch the videos on their homepage.

trying the flash thingy to see if it works, wasn't there a youtube video code to post on the forums?

Sovereign Dixie:
I tend to be very cynical about games when their trailers are being shown.

I've seen too many beautiful/awesome looking trailers produce games that are just utter piles of shit.

This game looks beautiful... but I'm not gonna get excited yet.


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