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St Oz:
I noticed quite a few of us have this game when I checked steam, what's your cities look like?

I guess I've played a lot.

I love the geometries of your cities.

is this a "sim city" game?

St Oz:

--- Quote from: Bustos on March 09, 2016, 04:49:23 AM ---is this a "sim city" game?

--- End quote ---

Yeah it's a different developer than maxis though, lots of sim city elements, but I'd say the game is more geared towards creativity and openness like this, so any hardcore fans of city building games might be disappointed with it.

I mostly do it to world build, or even experiment with different concepts in urbanism, game concepts, etc.

For example this is an extreme example of early German city zoning which was later introduced into America. The ideal being main roads and intersections would have commercial land and inner land would have quiet for the residents.

That project created a lot of traffic jams. So I abandoned it.

The Circle City at the bottom of my original posts is a joke on Howard's City Designs, I called the city "Howardian Hell" . I pretended the city was a cult and that the only way was into a city via a one way road.

My other cities are mostly just old monumentalism, It's just an aesthetic I like. I've been practicing on these triangles near the top so that I can add them but then add organic looking roads into the center. The problem though is that the game only seems to do well with 90 degree and 45 degree angles for intersections. and thus the building placement looks best with that. Any other deviation will create green space that would otherwise be filled.

Too many people in this game obsess with traffic dynamics though, rather than the look of the city, not really understanding that some traffic happens, and that compacting cities might help your citizens commute more. Also they seem to be afraid of mixing zones together for some reason. Most popular streamers would have entire sections of the map devoted to commercial, then others to residential, then others to industrial (thought industrial is understandable, but this game doesn't seem to really have the cims caring about being that near to it just have about 5boxes of separation)

example of these interchange-topias


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