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Title: Technological Dominion: An Overview
Post by: techdom on April 07, 2008, 09:43:48 PM
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As the name suggests, Technological Dominion, (or Techdom, for short) is a place where technology rules. All other considerations are set aside; albeit not completely.

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Title: Re: Technological Dominion: An Overview
Post by: techdom on April 07, 2008, 09:44:30 PM
At any given time, a large standing military force is ready for action, although any nearby nations need not worry - we have no intention of invading without significant reason.
Keeping in line, with the rest of our nation, TechDom's military is constantly updated with the newest technology available. As TechDom pursues a policy of advancing its borders as far as possible (without breaching another nation's borders), there are many arms of the military. In addition to land and air forces, a large seagoing navy and - more unusually - a growing orbital navy are kept; various independent foreign intelligence, research, and propaganda wings are also considered part of the military.
Weapons of Mass Destruction have been developed; nuclear fission and fusion weapons are the most numerous, with antimatter devices second and chemical weapons a distant third (although some would argue that TechDom's heavily polluted environment constitutes a massive, unofficial combined chemical/biological weapon.
Title: Re: Technological Dominion: An Overview
Post by: techdom on April 07, 2008, 09:49:46 PM
Politics and Elections:

Although the government of TechDom may seem to act without consulting its people, this is actually because all citizens state their opinions using a massive neural network, which allows them to debate for what may seem like hours, but actually is more likely to take a few seconds.
Title: Re: Technological Dominion: An Overview
Post by: techdom on April 07, 2008, 10:05:36 PM
With its rapid development of extremely advanced technologies, it is no surprise that TechDom's primary export is technologically advanced hardware. However, as most tracts of land have been dedicated to technological development or functions which sustain such development, there is little land available to grow food on - even large greenhouses cannot produce all of the food - and a lack of any certain mineral resources mean that food and raw minerals are likely to become the largest imports.

It was long ago determined that environmental conservation was detrimental to the advancement of technology. The result of this is that TechDom's outdoor environment is an environmentalist's worst nightmare: Toxic gasses clog the atmosphere, waste is dumped into waterways, and most wildlife not in the few zoo-like 'preserves' has died out. Massive atmosphere scrubbers and water purification/recycling systems keep the populace inside the cities alive.

Power Generation:
Two main power sources dominate Techdom's market: Sodium Reactors power small vehicles and serve as backup power sources while hydrogen-deuterium-tritium nuclear fusion reactors provide the power necessary to support TechDom's energy-hungry cities.