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Author Topic: Update Update Update  (Read 1104 times)

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Update Update Update
« on: September 07, 2012, 12:18:01 PM »
this is my edited version... in case people haven't submitted it. I've kept some of the old information in it such as Felasia being in the SC, as he technically was at the time of the update:


[big][big][big]The North Pacific Regional Update: 24nd August 2012[/big][/big][/big]

[big][big]Regional Directory[/big][/big]

Forum: http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/
Map: http://map.thenorthpacific.org/
TNP Wire: http://tnp-wire.tumblr.com/
IRC: irc.esper.net #tnp
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/xMGxYi
Laws: http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/pages/laws/
SC Alerts: http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/pages/sc-alerts/

Register as a Citizen
Join The North Pacific Army (NPA)
Join the Regional Assembly
Regional Assembly Membership List

[big][big]Current Government:[/big][/big]

Delegate: Zemnaya Svoboda (Eluvatar)
Vice Delegate: McMasterdonia

Speaker of the Regional Assembly: Gulliver

Court Justices:
  • Hileville (Chief Justice)
  • Blue Wolf II
  • Funkadelia
Attorney General: Grosseschnauzer

Security Council:
Council of Five: dd0x01
  • Eluvatar (Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs)
  • McMasterdonia (Minister of Defense)
  • KiwiTaicho (Minister of Communications)
  • Romanoffia (Minister of External Affairs)
  • Mahaj (Acting Minister of WA Affairs)

[big][big]Current Alliances:[/big][/big]
[big][big]Recent Votes:[/big][/big]

[big][big]Current News:[/big][/big]
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