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News: Citoyen priority warning: Not reporting counter-revolutionary activities is conspiracy to commit counter-revolution under the Anticivil Activities Act. Penalties go up to and include permanent Ecclesiastical explusion.

Author Topic: Statement from The North Pacific  (Read 819 times)

Offline Haor Chall

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Statement from The North Pacific
« on: October 22, 2007, 12:27:11 PM »

To All Allies and Friends, New and Old, of the North Pacific
Recently, the Delegate of The North Pacific was usurped by the traitor Emperor Matthuis and by invading forces from Gatesville. The government of The North Pacific is resisting this attack on our sovereignty. We stand firm and unwavering in our opposition to foreign oppression and dictatorship in our region.
This is a formal statement asking all friends and allies of The North Pacific for assistance in defeating the forces the puppet Emperor Matthuis has assembled. Help end this unprovoked aggression against us. Help us restore the proper elected Delegate, Great Bights Mum, to her rightful position.
The North Pacific needs your assistance in this, our hour of need.

Pacifican Senator for Diplomacy

"When in deadly danger,
When beset by doubt,
Run in little circles,
Wave your arms and shout."