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50 Shades of UDL
« on: November 15, 2012, 04:55:53 AM »
As Anastasia prepared to leave the region she felt the bravery drain out of her. She knew that Christian UDL would be furious at her for breaking his command, but he made her so … angry with his controlling ways. She shivered as she remembered the feel of his breath on her neck as he breathed into her ear: “It seems, Miss Steele, that I cannot stop you joining the NPA. But I want to make it clear to you that I utterly, utterly forbid you to raid.”

“You cannot tell me what to do, Christian, I never signed your contract. You are not my … master”

“It is true, Ana, that you are not as submissive as I would like. But you are still… mine. You will find that I have few hard limits, but the rule about raiding is one of them.”

As Anastasia recalled the conversation that had taken place only a few days ago, she felt a moist shiver run through her body. Why did she feel this way about UDL? Every instinct she had screamed at her to run, but at the same time she knew that she could not live without him. She had seen the fury in his eyes when she announced, so casually, that she was joining the NPA. But now? What would he do when he found out (as he inevitably would) what she was doing now?

Anastasia shook her head angrily, as if to pull herself together. She knew that if she did not act now she would never be free of Christian UDL. Almost violently she jerked the cursor over the icon marked “Tired of life in the North Pacific?” “Yes!” She wanted to scream. “Yes, I am tired of being controlled by Mr UDL. Yes, I am tired of being told by him what I may or may not do. Yes, I am ready!”

She chose the region with care, and felt her hand tremble on the mouse. She could see his sapphire blue eyes boring into the very core of her being, as if he was in the room with her, standing right at her shoulder. How could he do this, without even touching her. Why did she feel such fear, but at the same time such …. arousal?

It was not just Christian UDL, she admitted to herself ruefully. His chauffeur and bodyguard TITO needed to be taken into consideration too. TITO, so professional and respectful, but also so disapproving when she did something wrong. Did she dare offend TITO too?

Finally, with a shiver, she punched the mouse button. She had done it! She had proved that she was not Christian UDL’s ….slave. She was different from all the submissives he had used and abused in the past. She was Anastasia Steele, proud member of the North Pacific, and the North Pacific army.
Her eyes closed and she gulped. Her breath came in short, shallow gasps as she moved her nation out of the North Pacific. She had done it! Whatever the consequences, she was going to raid
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Re: 50 Shades of UDL
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Anastasia fumed and trembled in equal measure as she sat waiting in the Red Room of Pain. How could Christian UDL be so cruel? So demanding? Hadn't she given up everything for him? She shuddered to think of his anger at her brief rebellion; the raid she had been on. She blushed to her toes as she remembered how he had examined her all over for war wounds, all the while muttering darkly to himself while roughly, angrily running his hands over her body. And then, satisfied that she had raided without injury, he pulled her fiercely to himself and took her quickly, angrily but with a tender cry at the moment of climax, as if love had overcome anger at the last.

She had never dared raid again. And she admitted to herself that UDL owned her completely.

But being owned did not mean that she would submit to his every whim. It was bad enough that he vet the missions she went on with the NPA; but she simply could not believe the curt cell phone call she had taken from him earlier in the day: "Tim will be your next delegate. No arguments." Who was UDL to tell her who should be her delegate? She had fumed at him over the cell phone, but he had been implacable. He had allowed no argument: UDL had chosen her delegate, and as far as he was concerned all she could do was comply.

In the end she had shouted down the phone: "Well, I have already voted, mr Control Freak, and I voted for McMasterdonia - so there." At once she knew that, yet again, she had gone too far. She could almost sense him stiffen, and his voice was cold when next he spoke. "I see, Miss Steele. Once again you insist on defying me. I had reasons of my own for wanting Tim to be delegate. Reasons you may have spoiled. I will see you this evening. Wait for me." "Where do you want me to wait?" Anastasia had whispered in reply. "In the Red Room." UDL had said. Then he was gone.

Anastasia had known at that moment that she had gone too far. UDL had forgiven her raiding, once she had shed her tears and promised never to do it again. But her rejection of Tim as her delegate was too much. So now she waited in the Red Room of Pain, her eyes occasionally flicking to the drawers and racks that lined the wall. She had no idea what her punishment would be; but it would be painful and it would be ... exciting.
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