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Author Topic: Who Gets to Control the Crown? (1350)  (Read 757 times)

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Who Gets to Control the Crown? (1350)
« on: October 11, 2014, 09:54:26 PM »
Albert IV
The King is dead, long live the King! Or...that's usually what happens...and that should've happened, but my beloved mother had decided to take matters into her own hands and declared herself Queen Regnant, on the half-blasted claim of some great-great-uncle or something. Usually that wouldn't matter but apparently some of the nobility felt that she would be a better ruler than me. Granted, I'm only 17 years old, but I'm still in my majority. By all rights I should be king! Of course, in order to solidify that, I would need more than just my uncle on my side as powerful as he was. We needed as many nobles on our side as possible, mostly for their levies. Regrettably, the Duke of Mountbatten had sided with my mother. He would've been a really good ally in this fight.

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Re: Who Gets to Control the Crown? (1350)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2014, 05:33:28 AM »
Beleg Ruisigusugoriar Eluvatumi, first Riar of his name, fourth Riar of the Royal Confederacy of Eluvatar was in yet another dull meeting of his senior advisers.

"When will they stop sending me these petitions to end the migration holiday?" he questioned, angrily. "I have no interest in keeping poor master's fields tilled if they cannot keep their tenants."

"Actually, sire, we have different news," cautiously spoke his cousin Ærin. "The barbarian king of Sovreignry has died, and his queen claimed regency. The boy heir is nearly twenty years of age, and there are suspicions she may not be acting in his interests."

"Ah. Does the Tar-Numen still grumble about the far side of the river?"

"Aretos Coedewigei Cachibum?"

"Hah. Why don't you go find the young man and tell him the Royal Confederacy will challenge his mother if the Numen's riverside villages are returned."

"Yes sire."
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