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Author Topic: The Winds of Gaea (1400BCE)  (Read 931 times)

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The Winds of Gaea (1400BCE)
« on: September 30, 2014, 07:41:42 PM »
Isle of Apeiros
Fog Season, Ta Cycle 1600

Ako'li stared off at the silver mists playing on ocean waves. The azure beach-sand crunches softly under the feet of his gahk'ell, a gorgeous red crested drake. He was unsure why the Alkahest had ordered the Da'Kavo to patrol this area in the first place. Some superstition about monsters from the fog. Ako'li knew full well the Kelali Reefs were deadly to sail even on the best of days, navigable by kayak but certainly no one was coming from that direction on a day such as this when the mists of Kallisti clung so heavy. He decides to take a swig of Bhaang and sing,
"մե Դա եոը մուէ մէ ակաինշ
Ta you move my soul
սվէէդէսդ մըսիգ ին եոըր պրէադհ
taking in beauty with every breath
էմպրագէ մե ֆլամէ մաե Ի քնով եոըր սոն
embrace my flame may I know your son
Դհէ Հէրմէդիգա իսդ մէին ֆաւրիդէ բրոճէգդիոն
the Hermetica is my every thought"

As the melody dies and the Bhaang sets in Ako'li notices shadows in the fog and a number of gruff voices of some kind. He decides he had better get some backup from the fort just in case it was monsters. So prods the gahk'ell to great speed into the dense jungle to the fort.

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