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Author Topic: Miscellaneous Accounts of the Three Week War (1971-1972)  (Read 896 times)

Miscellaneous Accounts of the Three Week War (1971-1972)
« on: December 21, 2014, 07:40:58 PM »
The following are various accounts of the Battle of Umbragrad in early 1972. The following transcripts are subjective accounts of the event, and do not reflect the beliefs or views of the Confederate News Service.

Initial Confederate News Service Broadcast

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Re: Miscellaneous Accounts of the Three Week War (1971-1972)
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2100hrs, 29 December 1971

It was a cold and snowy night when the reports started pouring in. At first, everyone though it was some kind of joke. The Erovans had been beaten back to their lands centuries ago, and in spite of the rare Erovan clash, we were at peace, and had been for some time. It was the seventies, for Maker's sake. I remember we were all in the common room, huddled around this one prehistoric radio, receiveing CNS broadcasts from the capital. The air was electric, everyone's nerves stretched to fraying. There had been a bombing at Blackwood Hall, and there had been...shortly there after, the OPORDER came down. It was official: war. The boys stared in rapt attention, as the commander rattled off the directive: we were to assault Umbragrad in eight hours. It was unfathomable: our capital, scarred by centuries of conflict, has fallen. The tension was palpable, I remember looking around, and only seeing a sort of stony resolve, some faces more blatant than others. Last thing I remember that night was walking out to the motor pool, looking up and seeing what a brilliantly clear night it was.

-Corporal Minor Sam Tratoro, 57th Mechanized Infantry Regiment.
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Re: Miscellaneous Accounts of the Three Week War (1971-1972)
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0030hrs, 30 December 1971

We had staged our battery to the south east of the city, our guns silent for now. The Erovan Occupation had shut down power in bulk of the city, making it damned near impossible to find any targets. The Air Force had sent a response unit from Felian Air Base down in Southern Amevion; the only lights aside from the ones in our camp were the glare from the roaring jet engines overhead, punctuated by the occasional flash of a successful kill. I've never seen so many planes flying in one place. Some of the younger troops tried to stay loose, cracking jokes and playing cards while we waitied for the opportunity to engage. My tent stank of burnt coffee and tobacco, one of the junior guys, a kid really, had scorched the drink a couple hours ago. Poor kid was shaking like a leaf, I don't think he'd ever left his base before. My radio buzzed on my desk, intermittently snatching Conway's broadcast. From the sounds of it, our guys were getting soundly thrashed. In the morning though, those Erovan bastards will get theirs.

-Sergeant John Cenopf, 551st Artillery Battery