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Title: The People's Summon
Post by: Myroria on August 25, 2007, 08:56:47 PM
The People's Summon.
The official newspaper of Great House Vrotrith - combatting religious fluff five Kolonialreich pfennigs at a time.

Xyraeli capitalists continue to persecute comrades in Easteros and Gallipoli-China.

Great House Vrotrith got word today that Xyrael has declared war on Gallipoli-China to "combat the red tide". At the same time, the capitalist pigs continue to wage a war of attrition in Chinese Loyalist with their minions dear friends, Saletsia. The Chinese Loyalist government in hiding announced it had given the Loyalist mainland to the Imperial Family to deal with. Meneldur declared a cease-fire, but it is unknown if the Xyraeli n'wahs will continue to attempt to rid Easteros of the "red menace".