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Author Topic: Modern Politics in Omsarim  (Read 4065 times)

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Modern Politics in Omsarim
« on: April 27, 2015, 05:04:49 AM »
OOC: In this thread, I will summarize the modern politics of Omsarim from 2005 to the present.  This will take the form of faux news reports, prose, historical summary, and maybe some election graphics of some sort as well.  Send all OOC commentshere.

Quote from: Comedian Uzana Cosporo
To any foreigners who want to understand Omsari politics, here are three rules:
1.  Don't try to guess what political parties stand for from their names
2.  Don't guess if a Head of Government is corrupt or reformist based upon their party, campaign promises, past behavior, or personal characteristics.
3.  No, the political parties' names don't sound more normal in Omsari.

Chapter 1: Outbreak of Scandal

January 11, 2005

"The government of Bevrana Sartanos is the most corrupt in history!  Report after report in the media indicates that Sartanos has made thousands of purchases on the government budget, up to perhaps twenty million Sevrars, and allowing his allies to get away through tax loop holes and..."
"Now Vadara, we simply cannot condemn a government based on anonymous tips given to the media, they could easily be fabrications..."
"That's what everyone said about the Southern Oil Company Scandal, but former Organizer of the Interior Savrane Husraros is currently on trial now.  That's what they said about Kambaros, about the Central Atsaros farming prices... No one can possibly trust this government anymore."
-News commentators Vadara Orsamon and Hastare Nadaros, Silver Star News Network

"DOWN WITH THE GOVERNMENT! The Sartanos government is the worst in history!
Uarsamazirin [Northern Singers] , call upon your party to oust Sartanos from government!  Coalition partners, withdraw from the coalition!  Varstaramalos Karosa Azuron, call for new elections! DOWN WITH THE GOVERNMENT! DOWN WITH THE GOVERNMENT!!"
-Anti-corruption campaigner Tarate Korusa at a rally

"23% of Omsarin polled indicated that they wanted early elections. 40% were opposed to new elections, and 37% had no opinion."
-Omsari Politics Polling

January 12, 2005

"These ridiculous, pompous, idiotic allegations against my government are simply unfounded babbling malarkey and hogwash.  The scoundrels in the opposition, obviously unable to provide a solid explanation for years of strong economic growth, has to resort to psychopathic lies and sociopathic rumors to try and topple my government.  The news media is either biased against the Uarsamazirin [Northern Song], biased against the government regardless of which parties form it, or simply sensationalist.  I would not be surprised if they made it up.  And if there are any cowardly anonymous accusers,  in my government, feel free to spout your silly, stupid lies off in public to my face, rather than hiding behind the media!"
- Vristushalos [Civic Organizer] Bevrana Sartanos

January 15, 2005
"Under-organizer of Finance Harara Aparos has officially revealed that he was the one to leak the story about the Sartanos Administration helping allies evade taxes.  Aparos could "not stand allowing a criminal to destroy this country" any longer.  Aparos has indicated that he is resigning from his position this afternoon"
- Silver Star News Report

"No comment."
-Jarosa Hasos, Press Secretary for the Sartanos government

January 19, 2005
"The Sartanos government is under increasing pressure to resign.   However, the Civic Organizer has refused to acknowledge the "slanderous, obscene, vile, and stupid lies" arrayed against them."
- Rising Moon News Report

"In a joint statement, the leaders of the Anasatumisar (Perpetual Progress League) and the Canastavan (Majority), Casanare Vastiliros and Vristara Asanan have called upon the Varstaramalos (Defender of the Government) to call for new elections, due to the allegations of corruption against the Sartanos government."
- Sea Foam Newspaper

"Mass rallies, lead by anti-corruption activist Tarate Koruso, have erupted across Omsarim, calling for the resignation of the Sartana Government."
- Silver Star News Network

"35% of Omsarin polled indicated that they wanted early elections. 36% were opposed to new elections, and 29% had no opinion."

January 25, 2005

"It is with most profound, overwhelming, and horrifying grief that I announce the discovery of extreme corruption on the part of my Organizer of Finance Husara Orsam.   That criminal, delinquent, thieving, deceptive monster has been fired for his position, for defrauding the government of millions of Sevrars, and I can assure you that the entire department will be thoroughly investigated."
- Statement from Civic Organizer Bevrana Sartanos

"The Civic Organizer had nothing to do with this scandal.  We are confident that a quick clean up will fix the minor corruption without any need of calling for new elections."
-Press Secretary Jarosa Hasos

- Gorosa Hadura, leader of the Ularsamastarin [Growers of Food] and Kalose Ramanon, leader of the Golden Temple League [Harusanatamisar] have indicated that they will continue to remain in coalition with the Northern Song to keep Sartanos in power.  Varstaxalaranin [Guardians Against Revolution] leader Garisa Saranon has confirmed that he is not planning to direct the VL to withdraw confidence for Sartanos's minority government."
-Silver Star News

January 29, 2005
"Everything I did, I did by Sartanos's direction.  He told me who he wanted to get away with tax evasion, and he gave me permission to allow it for anyone I pleased.  I'll testify in court against that bastard."
-Former Finance Organizer Husara Orsam

"Savage, outrageous, anarchistic, baseless, vile, insane, brain-dead, deluded, pointless, evil, despicable, bizarre"
- Civic Organizer Bevrana Sartanos, commenting on Orsam's claims
February 2, 2005

"Three members of the Department of Agriculture have claimed that they were bribed by officials working for Sartanos's office to hide violations of regulations by several farm corporations with ties to Vartana Sartanos, brother to the Civil Organizer."
- Rising Moon News

"This is very disturbing, and I hope these allegations are not true.  If they are, we will no longer be able to support the government lead by the Northern Song.  As Organizer of Agriculture, I promise to thoroughly investigate these claims."
UA leader Gorosa Hadura

February 4, 2005

"Did you know that the Civic Organizer has two yachts?  And that's not counting the one he wrecked. Did you know that he's bought ridiculous amounts of jewelry for his wife, probably to appease her for one of numerous rumored affairs?   That he was seen the other night pouring a pool out of expensive wine?   His expenses cannot be sustainable from legal means.  He is obviously being given gifts by his supporters, or funneling illegal money to his brother's corporation."
-News Commentator Vadara Orsamon

"Mr. Orsamon can know that my brother is a completely legitimate businessman, who's been very successful, and if he wants to give me some nice gifts as a brother to another, well that's within his rights.  That brainless, foolish, and nonsensical talking head can go get himself a real job!"
- Civic Organizer Sartanos

"47% of Omsarin polled indicated that they wanted early elections. 33% were opposed to new elections, and 20% had no opinion."

February 5, 2005

"Asara Nemros, an employee of the Civic Mansion, has provided video evidence of prostitutes being secretly brought into the mansion, and of Isare Tasos, employee of the Civic Organizer's office, attempting to bribe him into not reporting the incident."
- Rising Moon News

"An internal investigation by Agriculture Organizer Hadura has confirmed the allegations of corruption within the department of Agriculture.   Many are now predicting that the UA will withdraw from the government"
- Silver Star News

"The Sartana government no longer has the confidence of the Growers of Food.   Myself, and the Zarosa Sazron Organizer of Energy, are hereby tending in our resignations from the Sartana government."
- UA Leader Gorosa Hadura


"That fucking retarded backstabbing hick!" shouted Bevrana Sartanos, throwing a recently emptied shot glass against the wall.  "He thinks he can fucking betray me like that and get away with it?" The Civic Organizer was very drunk, and gesticulating in his standard dramatic fashion.  His black hair streaked with white, normally slicked back, was disheveled. "That level of paramount idiocy is inanely incomprehensible even if that dumb bastard knew I wouldn't go after him."  Press Secretary Jarosa Hasos and Chief of Staff Artoma Zarone quietly listened as their boss ranted.  "That inbred, beast-fucking, uneducated, semi-literate mass of idiotic buffoons that make up the UA are going to get punished by the voters if the government they're part of falls."  The slightly overweight civic organizer had to pause to take some breaths, his somewhat overweight body not used to such intense exertion.

"Certainly," replied Hasos.   "Their polls already show them poised to lose up to thirty seats."

"That unfaithful, fickle, perfidious party of untrustworthy, faithless traitors will lose a lot more than thirty fucking seats if they withdraw from my coalition!   We'll rain Hell down upon them, that's sure.  If we go down, we'll take everyone who betrays us down too."

Zarone spoke up at this time.  "We might still be able to run damage control," he replied.  "Accuse Hadura of orchestrating the whole thing to cover for his own corruption."

Pointing at his Chief of Staff, Sartanos replied, "That's right, dig anything you can up on that yellow-bellied backstabbing bastard, make scandals up if you can't find anything."  The Civic Organizer sat down and poured himself a glass of wine.  "Jarosa, go to the press, tell them that Hadura is lying- don't leave Artoma, I have more for you to do- tell those blood-sucking reporters that it's a plot connected to the Red Farmers.  That'll give Saranon pause.  Artoma, get people on the investigation against Hadura, get some people to interview all of the staff of this place - who th' Hell would take video evidence of prostitutes? - scrub them clean, and send someone over to Saranon.  Tell him I'll reduce immigration if he keeps confidence in the government." 

"Will do," replied Zarone, leaving the room after Hasos.  Sartanos lit a cigar, and began smoking.  You didn't rise to Vristushalos without political skill.  He was confident he'd be able to ride this out. 
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Re: Modern Politics in Omsarim
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Chapter 2: Fall of a Government

February 6, 2005

"The Organizer of Agriculture does not have the legal authority or resources to conduct a proper criminal investigation.  Anything results he gives of his unofficial investigation says should not be considered official.  It is well known that the former Organizer of Agriculture was encouraged by leftists in his own party to withdraw from this coalition long ago."
-Press Secretary Jarosa Hasos

"I can assure you with utmost and total and unconditional certainty that this government will not fall because one band of dopey dastardly dumb defectors has left.  As can be seen, we still have a plurality in the government, and it is likely that as long as the Guardians of the Revolution don't join in any hypothetical vote for no confidence, this government will continue to stand.  That unwise and untrustworthy cat-brained fool Hadura is making up outrageous, ridiculous, and fantastical lies in an effort to destabilize the government.   No doubt he is in league with that lying and stealing despicable criminal Orsam.  Furthermore, while I must regret to admit that prostitutes have indeed been brought into the Civic Mansion, there remains no proof that I was the one to have sex with them, or indeed that any sex actually occurred.  Well, now, I have to go get busy and organize civilization."
-Civic Organizer Bevrana Sartanos

"I am actually speechless.  I actually can't think of any jokes.  Nothing I can say can match the Civic Organizer.  Prostitutes?  That speech?  Did he deliver that speech drunk?  Why do we need comedians when we have politicians?"
-Comedian Uzana Cosporo


"And why may I ask should I withhold my party's votes from a no-confidence motion against that degenerate idiot?" asked Garisa Saranon, leader of the Guardians Against Revolution.  The tall seventy-five year old far-right politician stared down at Artoma Zarone.  While Saranon's hair was pure white and slicked back, his brown skin was not particularly wrinkled for his age.

"Well, to stop the left-wing agenda and..."

Zarone was cut off by Saranon.  "Sartanos has served my purposes well enough.  But the time for his reformist band of compromiser-makers to fall.  Your party of whores to the North can't stave off the internal anarchists and foreign domination."

"Sartanos has promised to restrict immigration to whatever standards you want," Zarone pleaded.

Saranon bent over the smaller man, forcing him to stare up into his eyes.  "Do you want to hear the truth?  The pro-foreigner media is right.  We aren't going to be overwhelmed by immigration.  I talk about demographics, but that is just to rally the base.  The enemies aren't a bunch of idiots living in immigration ghettos shooting each other.  The enemies are the powers that rule in the North.  The socialist man-killers of Ozia, the corporate overlords of Eluvatar and Bustos, the Tyrant-Queen of Myroria and her corporate lovers ...  they are the true enemy.   Them and the madmen anarchists within this nation, who seek to topple law and order.  The North will encourage them until they revolt and destroy this country, and we become more easily exploitable."

"Now now," interrupted Zarone, "Conspiracy speeches are not necessary..."

"Of course you call it a conspiracy," replied Saranon.   The extremist leader smiled.  "You sing the Northern Song.  Did you really think that our parties could ever be true allies?   We remained in confidence so that I could tell the base that I helped keep in power the government that challenged the corrupt unions and reduced immigration a bit and voted down that trans-freaks enabling bill.  But in the end, those are just distractions.  You work for the true enemy."

"I see we are finished here," replied Zarone, walking toward the door.

"You are finished," called Saranon.  "We have yet to begin."

February 8

"Through procedural moves, the Sartanos government has succeeded in stalling an attempt to call a vote of no confidence against them."
-Silver Star News

"The Protector of the Government is clearly failing to carry out his sworn duty.   We need to increase the pressure on the government.  I call upon all unions in this country to carry out a general strike until we get an honest government"
-Tarate Korusa

"Civic Organizer Bervana Sartanos is clearly stressed out by this scandal.  Look at him in this video, he looks disheveled.  And his wife is vacationing in Khem too, what a time for him to be alone."
-Commentator Azanavre Korusa

February 10, 2005

"Well Hastare, Sartanos has managed to delay the vote of no confidence for another day, even when several members of his own party have defected."
"Vadara, I just can't believe it.  Even with Saranon and the VL marching against them."
"I'll be honest, I hate Sartanos, but I'd rather have another decade of him than allow them to form a government."
"We'll have to see how long he can..."
[a man runs in the room, whispering to the two commentators]
"Something monumental has just been released.  We'll show some footage of the VL march while we see what is going on."
-News Commentators Vadara Orsamon and Hastare Nadaros, Silver Star News Network


"For too long has the Northern Song brought imperial domination unto Omsarim.   For too long have we labored for the northern overlords.   The Ozians stare down upon our men, desiring our castration and enslavement.   The Myrorians and Eruvites and Bustosians desire to exploit us to further their own corporations' profits.  Yet we shall never be overcome!"
"NEVER!" screamed the crowd.   They flew the flag with the black sun.   Many wore black uniforms, with red armbands with the black sun upon them.
"Many among you questioned why I would allow the foul Northern Song to be sung in the halls of government.  Yet I used Sartanos's own desire for wealth to weaken the North's own conspiracy.  We've curtailed the immigrants trying to corrupt our culture.  We've weakened the radical labor unions.   We've stopped the perverted hedonists attempting to destroy the foundations of our culture.   We will never allow these threats to undermine our civilization!"
"Yet now it is clear that the depravities of the North have thoroughly destroyed our government's ability to function.  Now is the time to call for the fall of Sartanos.  The Counter-Revolution is at hand!"
"The Sun Shines Upon Omsarim!"
The crowd began singing the Omsari national anthem at that point, as they marched down the streets of the city, flying the black sun flag.


"And again, I would like to warn everyone that this sound clip contains offensive language."
- Vadara Orsamon

The voice of Bevrana Sartanos played.  "Thank Vanata I have bitches like you to fuck, if not I'd go insane.  Gods damn I don't have enough Morpho to calm myself.   These idiotic, beast-fucking, uneducated, dumbass dirt-diggers.  How could they possibly withdraw from the coalition?   I'll burn their decrepit, poorly built, decaying, shitty ass farms down.   I swear to Vanata I will.  And if those dirt poor thuggish hooligans in those deranged, criminal, radical, psychotic unions dare to go on strike, I'll fucking break them.  Take a leaf from Saranon's book.   I'll wash the streets in their degenerate, STD-infected blood."

"This was given to Silver Star News Network by a prostitute who was invited into the Civic Mansion last night."
-Vadara Orsamon.

"Reports indicate that the Golden Temple League will be withdrawing from the Sartanos government.   Inside sources confirm an attempt to oust Sartanos from his position as Party Leader."
-Rising Moon News

"I should have intervened long ago.   I am sorry to this nation.  The past three years you did not deserve.  It is too late, but I am using emergency powers to dismiss Bevrana Sartanos from his position of Civic Organizer."
- Varstaramalos Karosa Azuron

"I always liked the weather in Letonna better than this overly hot, incredibly humid, excessively rainy, jungle-ridden island.  I can't stand the overly moralistic, patronizing, critical, whining, eternally complaining - I'm fired now, make that eternally bitching - sycophantic, loquacious pack of fools who make up this country's political system.  The cops'll be here soon, I really need to leave.  I guess this is goodbye.  Fuck you Omsarim."
-Ex-Civic Organizer Bevrana Sartanos, shortly before boarding his private jet.
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Re: Modern Politics in Omsarim
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The 2005 Omsari Election

The Make-Up of the Istramalinor (National Legislature) before the election
Parties Formerly of the Sartanos Government:
-Uarsamaziros, UM ("Northern Song", Center-Right): 177 seats
-Harusanatamisar, HN ("Golden Temple League", Right-wing): 66 seats
-Ularsamastarin, UA ("Growers of Food", Agrarian): 57 seats

Parties Formerly Giving Confidence and Supply to the Sartanos Government:
Varstaxalaranin, VL ("Guardians Against Revolution", Far-Right): 62 seats

Parties Formerly in Opposition to the Sartanos Government:
Canastavan, CN ("The Majority" Left): 113 seats
Anasatumisar, AM ("Perpetual Progress League", Left-libertarian): 84 seats
Zamsavazarin, ZV ("Preservers of the Light", Centrist): 32 seats

February 11, 2005
"Under his authority as Varstaramalos, Karosa Azuron has dismissed what remained of the Sartanos government.  He has appointed former administrator of the Tax Administration Karosa Tadanos as Acting Vristushalos until after the elections, scheduled to be held on March 15."
-Office of the Protector of the Government

"I have reason to believe that there is a Karosaist conspiracy within our government against the Omsari people not named Karosa."
-Comedian Uzana Cosporo, remarking that both the Protector of the Government and Civil Organizer are named Karosa

February 13, 2005
The results of the UM Leadership Election:
-Former Backbencher Usara Kovremos: 98 votes
-Former Organizer of Labor Tazene Nadaros: 59 votes
-Former Backbencher Kasara Atazen: 17 votes
-Former Civic Organizer Bevrana Sartanos: 3 votes

"In the end, while Bevrana Sartanos fleeing the country after his firing doomed his legacy, it saved his party.  Had he stayed and fought in the leadership election, he would have surely lost.   The division in the party, between the group which was still loyal to Sartanos even after his exile and the reformists lead by Kovremos, could have very well lead to a party split.  The Northern Song strayed so close to the edge in 2005 that a major split before the election could easily have lead to them falling below the threshold and failing to remain in the Istramalinor.  It is doubtful whether the party could have survived such a defeat."
-Historian Kalose Vristane, three years later

"Former Organizer of Defense Asora Tavros and Former Under-Organizer for Veterans Hanara Hasos have both been arrested on charges of corruption."
-Rising Moon News

February 15, 2005
"Karose Ramanon, leader of the HN, has narrowly survived a leadership challenge.   She was not connected directly to any of the scandals of the Sartanos government, but many in the party blame her.  The inability for the Golden Temple League representatives to rally around any alternative candidate allowed her to stay in the leadership."
-Silver Star News

"Current Poll:
20% CN
17% AM
17% VL
6% ZV
5% UA
5% UM
4% HN

10% other
16% undecided"

February 17, 2005

Leadership Statements

Usara Kovremos, UM:  We must clean out the government of all of the corruption which plagues it.  All corrupt officials must be harshly prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The Sartanos government has demonstrated that our massive bureaucracy will huge amounts of spending is facilitating heinous corruption; bureaucracy and spending must be cut.  We will continue to promote business for the good of the Omsari economy, while also fighting corruption in the private sector.  Clean business is better business.

Karose Ramanon, HN: We must promote Omsari values; Sartanos obviously failed in this regard as seen by his blatant drug use and corruption.  We need to fight corruption, without attacking legitimate business practices.  If we promote traditional religion, it will install better values in our youth and ultimately in our political structure as well.  Cuts to the size of the government will reduce corruption, and are drastically needed after the reckless spending of the Sartanos administration.

Gorosa Hadura, UA
: Corruption is indeed great in the Omsari government.  I withdrew when I discovered Sartanos was defrauding honest farmers out of the subsidies they are owed.  We need to review all government spending, make sure all money set aside for subsidies is going to subsidies, and to compensate farmers who were defrauded out of the money they are rightfully owed.

Garisa Saranon, VL: There is indeed corruption here in Omsarim.  The decadent North is trying to corrupt us.   They corrupt our economy with capitalism.  They corrupt our workers with communist ideas.   They corrupt our streets with drugs and crime.  They corrupt our politics with stooges like Sartanos.  They corrupt our populace with immigration.  Removing Sartanos is like removing the head of the mythic ragasos.  Another head shall grow in its place, fed by the foul broth from the Northern nations.   Only by striking at the heart could the ragasos be killed.  Only by purging our country of all Northern influence will we be free from corruption.

Hevrane Kevranon, CN
: Greed has wrecked our country.  The greed of the wealthy and the parties that represent them.  We must enact strict anti-corruption measures to rein in the national government, and strict regulations to fight corruption in the private sector.  The poor of this country are the ones who are the victims of these scandals.  We cannot talk about cutting services to fix the financial mess that Sartanos has left.   We must raise taxes instead to lower the deficit.

Azure Zavros, AM: Strict anti-corruption measures are necessary to help the nation heal from these scandals.  We must also take a long look at Sartanos's other policies.  His corrupt connections with the oil industry hurt the environment of Omsarim.  His attempts to spread religious rhetoric and to create anti-immigrant sentiments to shore up his support among the poor his party exploits.  We must banish the bigotry stirred up in this land.

Ivrana Nasos, ZV: I split this party away from the Northern Song because I was opposed to the heinous corruption of Sartanos, and I my decision has clearly proved to be the right one.   I promise to crush all corruption and remove all traces of criminality from this government.   We must not fall into ideological extremism at this time; the far left and far right both want to exploit these scandals.  Good government, that strives for the best, most pragmatic solution for the good of the people is what is needed.  Not governments made of officials who strive for their own betterment or for abstract ideology.

February 19, 2005

"The parties have agreed to one Leaders debate before the election, on March 1."
- Rising Moon News

"I'll be voting for the Perpetual Progress League."
-Political Commentator Vadara Orsamon

February 20, 2005
"Nearly 20 members of various high-ranking bureaucratic positions have been arrested by order of acting Civic Organizer Tadanos on charges of corruption, destruction of government property, fraud, and perjury..  10 members of the Civic Mansion staff will also be standing trial for distribution of drugs, facilitating unlicensed prostitution, perjury, and aiding and abetting the destruction of government property.  5 current members of the Istramalinor are under investigation for corruption; 8 recently resigned members have been arrested."
- Office of the Department of Law and Justice

February 24, 2005

"Current Poll:
21% CN
18% AM
17% VL
7% ZV
4% UA
4% UM
3% HN

11% other
15% undecided"


"I never liked Sartanos, and I hope that he can be brought back to Omsarim and tried for his corruptions.  The Northern Song does not stand for corruption or the decadence of the Sartanos Administration.  Two of the most anti-corruption Civic Organizers in the history of this country, Rena Ordanos and Panavra Pasos, were of the UM.  Sartanos was an abomination, and I hope to bring this party back to its roots."
-UM Leader Usara Kovremos

March 1: The Debate

Snippets from the debate:

Karose Ramanon: "We must continue to promote traditional Omsari values.  We cannot allow our children to be corrupted by Northern ideas and radical ideas.   Gender-neutrality?  Transgenderism?  Polygamy?  Full sexual relations before marriage?  These just aren't Omsari values."
Hevrane Kevranon: "Omsari values like the corruption your party facilitated? Omsari alues like those practiced by the Civic Organizer you voted for?  Who is anyone from the Sartanos government to talk about values?"

Usara Kovremos: "Sartanos is not the Northern Song.  Sartanos betrayed everything we stood for.  I challenged him for the leadership every leadership election since 1992."
Ivrana Nasos: "I voted for Mr. Kovremos when he stood for the leadership in 1992 and 1996.  But in the end, I saw that almost no one in Northern Song wanted to uphold the legacy of Panavra Pasos.   Corruption in the party is rampant.  Most of the representatives who voted for Kovremos in the last election were content with Sartanos until he was caught."

Azure Zavros: "We will triumph against bigotry.  We will ensure gender equality in this nation by allowing the gender roles to become as flexible as possible.   We will allow people to control and express their sexuality as they see fit, and not feel bound by tradition.  Ms. Kevranon has good goals at heart.  But she wants to bring gender equality by destroying gender expression.  She wants to bring freedom from sexual objectification by ending sexuality.   Restricting freedom is not how equality will be..."
Garisa Saranon: "Your decadent values shall not destroy our civilization, northern stooge!  We shall triumph against the genocidal war against our culture!  We shall..."
Moderator: "Mr. Saranon, you are out of line!  Ms. Zavros, please continue."
Azure Zavros: "People of Omsarim, you see the hatred we are up against.  Come, let us banish bigotry, and create a new, free world for all."

March 2, 2015

Who Won the Debate?
Azure Zavros: 28%
Hevrane Kevranon: 20%
Ivrana Nasos: 18%
Garisa Saranon: 17%
Other/No one: 17%

"The debate showed that the legacy of the Sartanos Administration's corruption hangs over all of the issues.  The parties that were part of the government clearly could not defend their policies very well.  Saranon managed to rally his base, but I don't think he'll be able to draw very many new voters to his party   

Now I try to give a balanced interpretation of the news, but in the interest of disclosing any bias, I'll say that until this debate, I was not sure which party would get my vote.  I now can say that my vote will most likely go to the Preservers of the Light."
-News Commentator Hastare Nadaros

March 4, 2005

"Current Poll:
21% CN
21% AM
17% VL
9% ZV
5% UA
4% UM
4% HN

10% other
9% undecided"

March 5, 2005
"Every other party leader has confirmed that they will not enter into a formal coalition with the Guardians Against Revolution.  Karose Ramanon has stated that she would not be opposed to a confidence and supply arrangement from Saranon's party, like that practiced by the previous government under Bevrana Sartanos.   Mr. Saranon has confirmed that he will not formally enter a coalition with any party, a pledge he has kept in his 39 years of leading VL."
-Sea Foam Newspaper

March 7, 2005
"I would be willing to enter a coalition with any party in the Istramalinor save for the VL.  I hope that a wide-ranging coalition from the center can be formed, to create as non-ideological a government as possible.  Now is not the time to divide Omsarim even further."
-Ivrana Nasos

March 9, 2005
"We have unconfirmed reports that AM and CN are already planning to form a coalition after the elections, led by whichever party is larger."
-Silver Star News

March 14, 2005

"Final Pre-Election Poll:
23% CN
22% AM
18% VL
10% ZV
6% UA
4% UM
4% HN

7% other
6% undecided"

"I just hope that the election goes well and the people get a government they can trust."
-Usara Kovremos

March 15, 2005

"Turnout appears to be lower than usual.   Polls indicated that many Omsarin felt betrayed by their government and no longer trusted the system enough to go vote...
Exit polling indicates that a last-minute surge has occurred for AM, they are expected to be the largest party in the next Istramalinor.  It seems likely that they will be able to form a majority government with only CN needed...
Early results combined with the exit polling shows a rough night for all parties that were part of the formal Sartanos coalition.   It is currently uncertain whether or not HN will be able to make the threshold...
UM will certainly have a presence in the next Istramalinor, but they are taking huge losses.   This could be the first time in history that the largest party went to being the smallest party after a single election since the rise of the multi-party system."
-Silver Star News

Results of the Election:
(Party Name: % of total electoral/% of Votes over the Threshold; # seats (+/1 #))
AM:27.84%/31.24%; (187 list and 2 rounding) 190 seats (+106)
CN: 23.05%/25.86%; 155 seats (+42)
VL: 17.01%/19.09%; 114 seats (+52)
ZV: 12.03%/13.5%; 81 seats (+49)
UA: 5.06%/5.67%; 34 seats (-23)
UM: 4.11%/4.61%; 27 seats (-150)

HN: 3.5% Failed to meet the 4% threshold, 0 seats (-66)
7.4% voted for other parties which failed to meet the threshold, an unusually high amount

(seat numbers are rounded down by the number one by proportion, with leftover seats given to the plurality party)

March 17, 2005

"We are pleased to announce that the Perpetual Progress League and the Majority are entering a formal coalition together in the next Istramalinor.   With 345 seats, this is enough to form a strong majority government.  Azure Zavros will be the next Civic Organizer, with Hevrane Kevranon as Deputy Civic Organizer and Organizer of the Treasury."
-Joint announcement of the AM and CN parties
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Re: Modern Politics in Omsarim
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The Tabula Rasa Press
Republic of Megatridimensional Order
March 17, 2005



We've followed the news in the nation of Omsarim with a sort of rubbernecking common to watching a disaster unfold.  Corruption of the government - or one man, depending on who you ask - moved the already vocal political parties to a fever pitch of name-calling and condemnations of corruption.  But like most Megatrines, you probably just shook your head and tried to imagine living in a republic with other than the three choices our nation was founded on.  It looks like pure chaos, and to an extent, it is.  So in an effort to clarify, we've had our best international experts attempt to give you a visual representation of WTF is going on over in that island nation. 

Size of the party name indicates influence, now that the election results are in.

The higher the name is, the more the party has had past corruption issues.

The further left or right the name is will give you an indication of their political leanings.

The paragraph under each name gives you a quick synopsis.

And if that wasn't enough, our experts have assigned each party a "COC" rating, which stands for "Chance of Corruption" in the future.

(click image to enlarge)
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Re: Modern Politics in Omsarim
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To Form a New Government and Opposition

March 18, 2005

"Since 1991, Omsarim has suffered from perhaps the most corrupt administrations in our history.  Carason and Sartanos wrecked the government standards and drastically increased our debt.   They stayed in power by promoting bigotry, by turning the people against each other.   This destructiveness has humiliated Omsarim on the global stage, and hurt the ability for our government to function. 
However, I believe in Omsarim.   Our system of government has endured worse challenges than this.  Just a month ago was the fortieth anniversary of the election of the Mevrenix government.  We were dragged to the precipice of a communist revolution, and we brought ourselves back.  We can deal with a few corrupt politicians and bigoted leaders, and create a stronger, fairer, more trustworthy government."
- Civic Organizer Azure Zavros

"I am pleased to announce the formation of a new Administration, led by Azure Zavros.  I also recognize Garisa Saranon as Leader of the Opposition to the Administration.  With this crisis over, I must, regretfully, announce my own resignation.  The people of Omsarim have clearly lost their faith in the government, and that is partly my fault.  I failed to protect my charge.   My resignation will be effective once the Congress of Electors chooses the next Varstaramalos is selected."
- Karosa Azuron, Protector of the Government

"We showed that the people do care about corruption, and that the government can be brought down via popular will.  Now, we must continue to monitor the government to ensure they carry out the necessary reforms."
-Anti-corruption activist Tarate Korusa

March 20, 2005

The Organizers of the Zavros Administration:
Civic: Azure Zavros
Deputy Civic: Hevrane Kevranon*
Foreign Affairs: Natora Atros
Finance: Hevrane Kevranon*
Defense: Uzana Vristana
Law Enforcement: Anara Kathrina
Business: Gorose Tyran
Labor: Asrana Hasros
Agriculture: Vanare Kasane
The Interior: Ultare Azanos
Health: Vazra Casos
Welfare: Anara Atovra
Transportation and Infrastructure: Uzane Tellos
Energy: Tasrara Hasros
Education: Usare Pevros
The Post Office: Azara Atane
The Environment**: Lizure Zantosan

* Two positions
** New department, broken away from the energy department

Leader of the AM in the Istramalinor: Tasare Vellan
Leader of the CN in the Istramalinor: Avra Tyran

"I cannot allow the prestige and publicity of the Leadership of the Opposition to remain in the hands of Garisa Saranon.  His party is a foe to democracy, and to civility in politics.   I am reaching out to the Growers of Food to form an Opposition Coalition."
- Preservers of the Light Leader Ivrana Nasos

"The UA will not enter any opposition coalition until we hold a new leadership election."
-UA Party Apparatus

March 21, 2005

"Let fall the New Taijitu Order!  As Leader of the Opposition, I shall use every opportunity I have to denounce this destructive, pro-immigrant, anti-Omsari government.  The North will never conquer Taijitu!  Our sovereignty remains protected, I assure you.  And if internal radicals or foreign agitators try to topple our government, we will take to the streets and fight them.  Over our dead bodies shall Omsarim fall!"
- VL Leader Garisa Saranon at a rally

"Saranon's crazed speech today shows the need for the Opposition Coalition to form.  We can't let him gain even more influence over the population."
"Hastare, an Opposition Coalition is nigh-unprecedented.  There hasn't been one since 1965!"
"I know Vadara.  But the Opposition Coalition stopped the far-left then, and it needs to stop the far-right now."
-News Commentators Vadara Orsamon and Hastare Nadaros, Silver Star News Network

March 22, 2005

"The Growers of Food Istramalinori Caucus has chosen two candidates to be sent to their party members primary: Hastara Vranos and Adara Ulaman.   Vranos is against the Opposition Coalition concept, while Ulaman is for the Opposition Coalition.  In essence, the leadership election will serve as a referendum on the issue."
-Rising Moon News

"I wish that the ZV would invite us into the Opposition Coalition.  I am willing to commit the UM to whatever reforms are necessary.  Alas, Sartanos's legacy has poisoned our chances of cooperating against the madness from the VL."
- Northern Song leader Usara Kovremos

March 25, 2005

"The Zavros government has not enacted any major legislation yet, or indeed any action, other than continuing to prosecute those charged with corruption and attempting to bring Sartanos back to Omsarim.   However, sources inside the legislature tell us that they are hard a work, creating a series of huge reforms to be passed later this year."
- Sea Foam Newspaper

March 29, 2005

UA Leadership Election Poll:
Hastara Vranos: 53%
Adara Ulaman: 47%

March 30, 2005

"Hastara Vranos had a lead in the few polls conducted before the leadership election.   However, his lead was narrow enough that the concept of an opposition coalition was still a likely possibility.  A sane leader of the VL would have toned down the rhetoric during this time, to make the concept of an Opposition Coalition seem less necessary.  Unfortunately for the far-right, Garisa Saranon was no longer the hyper-competent leader from the 1970s and 1980s.  Overwhelmed by his most influential position since the 1973-1976 Istramalinor, he actually increased his controversial rhetoric."
-Historian Kalose Vristane, three years later

March 31, 2005

"Blood will stain the streets of Omsarim before we allow our culture to be annihilated by foreigners!   These degenerate radicals are a stain upon our society.   Their influence must be purged from our culture, their corruption marginalized and hidden, so we can save our country."
- Garisa Saranon

April 3, 2005

UA Leadership Election:
Adara Ulaman: 51.2%
Hastara Vranos: 48.8%

"I am pleased to enter negotiations for the formation of an Opposition Coalition with the ZV, for the good of the nation."
-Growers of Food Leader Adara Ulaman

April 5, 2005

"I hereby recognize my successor, Nasare Lomora, as the new Protector of the Government.  Mrs. Lomora has been a model citizen of Omsarim.   Her scientific advances in the field of medicine improved our healthcare system, her pharmaceutical business is a boon to our economy, and her generous philanthropy has helped millions of people, in Omsarim and across Taijitu."
-Ex-Varstaramalos Karose Azuron

April 6, 2005

"As my first official act as Protector of the Government, I recognize Ivrana Nasos, head of the coalition between the ZV and UA, as Leader of the Opposition."
- Protector of the Government Nasare Lomora

"Thank Vanata"
-News Commentator Hastare Nadaros


"The coalition can't be that stable, we'll do anything we can to break the coalition's unity.  The UA is deeply divided on the issue, it won't be that hard." Orosa Havron, one of the key operatives of the Guardians Against Revolution, was trying to diminish the blow of their loss of the official opposition.   He knew that his rise to power among the Varstaxalaranin was due in no small part to the favor of Garisa Saranon, and he did not want to displease his boss.
"It may be that the people of Omsarim, unused to this concept, will sympathize with us.  Perhaps we can spin this to our advantage in the next election."  Zanavre Saranon, the daughter of Garisa Saranon.  Few had expected Saranon to allow a woman, even his own daughter, to rise to the higher echelons of leadership in the VL.  But Saranon needed an heir, and his son was simply not up to the task...
"Do not fear," replied Garisa Saranon, to no one in particular.  "I am not concerned with our party's future.  The insane degenerate platform of the Perpetual Progress League will alienate the people of Omsarim once it is implemented.   Meanwhile, the Golden Temple League is collapsing, and the Northern Song discredited.  The conservatives will have no choice but to come to us."   Saranon sat back in his chair, fingers interlocked, a smile upon his face.  "Do not worry.  'Progress' will fail."
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Re: Modern Politics in Omsarim
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Rise of Radicalism in Omsarim

April 10, 2005

The rise of the Varstaxalaranin, or Guardians Against Revolution, in Omsarim may have been slowed by recent losses in their legislature, but it has not been stopped. As the Guardians Against Revolution continue to accumulate support popularly, they increase their anti-immigrant and nationalistic rhetoric in a nation still reeling from the effects of the resignation of its head-of-government.

Support for radical beliefs always increases after crises of government - many of our older readers may remember the polarization among the Great Houses following the impeachment of Peté. It became commonplace, even fashionable, for Vrotrith councillors to advocate 100% income tax rates on the wealthiest 25%, and for Moomintroth councillors to advocate the abolition of such services as the Rural Postal Service. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Guardians Against Revolution are seeing such gains in Omsarim.

But what may be surprising is the tolerance of the other parties in the legislature to Guardian rhetoric. As recently as March 31, Guardian leaders were vowing that "Blood will stain the streets of Omsarim before we allow our culture to be annihilated by foreigners!"

The other major players in the new Omsari opposition win gains at the polls, but do little to criticize the bloodthirsty words leaving the mouths of the far-right. By not even addressing such vitriolic shouting, they tacitly endorse its message. One of these days the thugs that make up the Guardians Against Revolution will take an immigrant beating a little too far, and it will be the edge of an unstable, slippery slope. It could be a hate crime today, and a pogrom tomorrow.

The governments of the Cefnori Community should be working with the ruling coalition of Omsarim to nip this dangerous radicalism in the bud before the powder keg explodes. The Guardians may foam at the mouth to see blood in the streets of Omsarim, but the common people of the island nation surely do not.


Letter to the Editor: Poison fluoride in County Novrith's Water Supply?

Letter to the Editor: Foxes eating my urban chickens, Little Ozia, Novrith City

Letter to the Editor: Drug test all senior pension beneficiaries now!

Letter to the Editor: Mayor of Novrith doesn't care about Khemish people

Letter to the Editor: Resdayn I predicted today's turnpike mess in 1739!


Teenager found naked in Unity, County Novrith home pleads guilty to three charges

Family restores 150-year-old barn to hold home brewery

Novrith man's run on Camera's Watching You: Annuminas comes to end

Garynstown woman gets 15 days in jail for stealing wrench set from Mega-Mart

"I assure you -- I will be quite content to be a mere mortal again, dedicated to my own amusements."

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Re: Modern Politics in Omsarim
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Navra Asataron woke up to his alarm, cursing that the weekend had to be over.  Making himself and his wife breakfast while she put another load in the laundry, he wondered what the weather would be for today, and turned on the TV.  Rain.  Again.   Navra sighed.  He kept watching TV as he ate, seeing the news announcers come on.   "Today, Civic Organizer Azure Zavros has announced an ambitious new bill aimed at combating discrimination against people due to their gender identity.  'For too long have people been forced to choose between one of two gender options on censuses and job applications,' said a video of Zavros on the screen.  'We will ensure that everyone will be allowed to write in their own identity if it does not fit the binary.'   We have sources indicating that the Majority, whose platform called for the abolition of these questions in most cases, plans to amend the bill to make answering gender questions optional.   As for the..." Navra turned the TV off.  He didn't have to leave for another few minutes, but was tired of the news.

"Why can't they focus on the damn corruption," he grumbled.
"They are prosecuting all of those corrupt officials," his wife Zafre replied.  "Isn't that what they need to do?  Show that no one is above the law?"
"The law needs to be reformed to make it harder to be corrupt," responded Navra.  "A few arrests won't solve the problem forever."
"Speaking of corruption," said Zafre, "Where is Sartanos?"
"Last I heard he was still in Letonna."
"They haven't kicked him out already?  He's been there for two months."

They spent the next couple minutes making fun of Sartanos.  They then left to go to their separate workplaces.  As he drove, Navra noticed the graffiti on the walls of several abandoned buildings.

"Down with trans freaks!" was crossed out, with "Smash the binary!" painted below it.   Someone else had used a stencil to paint a fairly accurate portrait of Civic Organizer Zavros, with the words "Same corruption - different rhetoric" below it.   Navra disagreed with that; his opinion of Zavros wasn't particularly high, but she was undoubtably better than Sartanos (not that that was a high bar to cross...)

As he walked into the bank, Navra picked up one of the newspapers.  Flipping to the comics section, he laughed as he saw a self-portrait of the cartoonist, looking impoverished holding up a sign saying "Bring back Sartanos!"   The caption read "We're the one demographic to want him back!"
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Re: Modern Politics in Omsarim
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August 2, 2005

"After months of deliberation, the Perpetual Progress League and the Majority are announcing a comprehensive reform plan.   They pledge that their reform act will increase transparency in campaign donations, reduce the pay and perks of legislators, and increase the penalties for corruption and fraud by public officials."
-Silver Star News

"The Opposition cannot back this reform bill.  While there are many aspects of the bill that we support, the bill overall is not the right solution.  It increases regulations on corporate and private campaign donations, without addressing union donations, the main source of funding for the Majority.   The reform bill's reduction in politicians' perks and pay will only make them more susceptible to gifts, and the increased penalties will only make it more difficult to prosecute corruption.  Crimes previously punishable by fines now carry prison sentences, which, due to the greater severity of the punishment, are harder to prosecute in our current justice system."
-Ivrana Nasos, leader of the opposition.

August 5, 2005

"This reform is a step in the right direction.   But one step is not enough."
-Anti-corruption activist Tarate Korusa

"Sartanos corrupted our finances, now Zavros is trying to corrupt our souls.  It is time for Omsarim to wake up, and fight back against corruption!"
-Garisa Saranon, leader of the Guardians Against Revolution

August 9, 2005

"Some anonymous sources within the Majority indicate that some members of the party are opposed to the cuts in salary and benefits for legislators, claiming that it will guarantee that only rich people will be able to afford to be legislators.  Whether this will lead to a large enough revolt to derail the bill remains to be seen."
-Sea Foam Newspaper

August 11, 2005

"I assure you, there is no possibility of this bill failing.  Any Majoritarian member of the Istramalinor who defies such an important piece of party legislation will be ejected from the party immediately."
-Majority Leader Hevrane Kevranon

August 17, 2005
"Polls indicate that 49% of Omsari are skeptical of whether or not the reform bill is adequate, versus 44% who have confidence in the bill.  51% feel it is being rushed through the Istramalinor too fast.   I support reforms, but the government needs to rethink how they enact them."
"Wait a minute Hastare, just a few months ago people felt that the government was moving too slowly with reforms, now they think it's being rushed?   This makes no sense."
-News commentators Vadara Orsamon and Hastare Nadaros, Silver Star News Network

August 22, 2005

"I am pleased to announce the passage of the 2005 Civic Reform Act.  May corruption be banished from our nation!"
-Civic Organizer Azure Zavros
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