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Author Topic: Mister President  (Read 759 times)

Offline Elitestpotato

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Mister President
« on: December 27, 2014, 02:54:21 PM »
Dark, lean suit. Clean, expertly groomed hair. Crisp, convincing speech that could convince an orphan to go to war to protect it's parents. He is the Commander in Chief, leader of Elitestpotato, a free country with lenient laws and a young, optimistic outlook on the world. His hard, experienced face slowly cracks into devilish smirk. The President has been here before. He's commanded an army. He's made executive decisions. He's stroked the metaphorical red button that would forever changed the landscape of the planet. Mister President knows, as he smirks the devil's own smirk, that he could change the fate of the world and everyone in it with just one command. And he loves it. He relishes in that grim fact. As he makes a speech about peace, as he shakes an allies hand, as he sends supplies to a more needy country, all he can think about is raining death and hellfire down upon them and their precious cities. Everyday he puts on his businessman smile and his speaks in his powerful yet calm and collected voice, containing the sadistic mastermind underneath all of his fancy clothes. The question is... can he keep containing it? Can he hold the bloodlust in him? Or will the maniac show itself and plunge this young nation straight into hell, dragging the world with it?

Monsters only become dangerous when they step outside of the closet.