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Author Topic: Chopin's Violins  (Read 2089 times)

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Chopin's Violins
« on: September 05, 2014, 12:41:47 PM »
I pasted on IRC with no luck, so I'm pasting here, maybe and gentle soul will hear this and help me.

I'm trying to figure out what music is this on the last jingle of this awesome radio:

Again, I think it's romantic german or newer but I'm not much into violin concerts and quartets. I've been scooping through Bach although he's baroque, bc the jingle kinda sounds like one of these:

The Title: Chopin's violins is a joke, a prominent politician who is now the minister of foreign affairs of Portugal, trying to show his amazing arts knowledge, said something like "-but I also like Chopin's violins", bc if chopin was known for one thing it should be violins.